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A New Smaller UAV for Personal or Commerical Use

MikroKopter - new software tested on October, 2009
GPS control is impressive!
from Holger Buss on Vimeo.

For General and Technical Information at:

For Pricing and Kit/Ready Built Availability Information at: er

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See more of the "DraganFly" UAV Helicopter as Pictured above

Click here to read about Google executive buys 'spy drone'

Google executive buys 'spy drone' amid claims it will be used
for Street View

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August 29, 2007 — Night landing at Aspen, CO as part of the testing of the Gulfstream EVS(Enhanced Vision System).

This is a Gulfstream Corporate Jet on a visual landing to Aspen, Colorado at night.

The right half of the view is the pilot's normal visual path to the runway during darkness.

The left side of the screen is the Forward Looking Infrared(FLIR) which paints the heat signature of the outside terrain for pilots so they can see at night as though it were daytime.

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Quoting WIRED MAGAZINE: "A former F-16 jockey and a skateboard designer collaborate
to design the tiny ICON A5 aircraft to produce

"The Ultimate Flying Machine!"

Go to for more!

The following video was recorded on 10-01-09. It gives an inside view on how the ICON A5 was conceived and how the targeted market was identified. Click on to see the full 38min presentation.

E-LSA Trainer Owners!
archived information for reference

"Owners of E-LSA aircraft used for training, regardless if they are engaging in training operations or not, need to amend their aircraft’s airworthiness certificate by January 31, 2010, or it will expire and cannot be reissued. The process for allowing flight training to continue under an amended certificate has stalled within the FAA; however, owners should not wait for that situation to resolve before amending their airworthiness certificate. If the deadline is missed, the aircraft will NEVER again be eligible for an airworthiness certificate! The amendment process is not a guarantee that an aircraft will be able to operate as previously certificated. The process will remove any allowances for flight instruction or restrictions on maintenance required for flight training operations on the airworthiness certificate. However, the new certificate will allow the aircraft to be flown after the January deadline. This will also make it eligible should a process for allowing flight training operations be issued by the FAA at a later date. Contact EAA at 888-322-4636, extension 4821, 920-426-4821, or for further questions on this process." - See EAA Website

Read this Book online
by F.E.Potts entitled

F.E.Potts' Guide to Bush Flying

Guide to Bush Flying

The T-Bird I - Single Place Taildragger is a very rugged airplane. With tundra tires, floats or skis, the T-Bird I makes for a great Sport Bush Plane.

Also I wrote a mini-lesson in 1998 on How to Fly the T-Bird II Trainer when I was one of the flight instructors for Golden Circle Air in DeSoto, IA.

(Click Play Arrow on Controlbar to Start)

T-Bird Taxi Ground Control
Pressure Back on Yoke/Stick a little(elevator up)
to keep Tail Wheel in good contact with ground.
Steer with Rudder Pedals.

Always be aware of Wind Direction and Speed.
Turn the Yoke or Point the Stick into the the direction of the Wind
to keep Main Wing from lifting
on a Windy Day.

(Click Play Arrow on Controlbar to Start)

T-Bird Take Off
Pressure Yoke/Stick Forward
to get tail up quickly.

Once you feel the Main Wing beginning to Lift
just Release Forward Pressure a little
and Plane will Lift Off.

"Throttle Forward, Stick Forward to Lift the Tail
and Ease Back to Clear the Ground"

(Click Play Arrow on Controlbar to Start)

T-Bird Landing
Keep the Nose Down
when Reducing Power to Land
or when Engine fails always keep Nose Down!

When just a foot or less off of ground,
You may Pressure Yoke/Stick Forward
to make Wheel Contact sooner.

T-Bird I Single Place Specifications
by Lou Rand

Lou's flight experience includes
2000 hours in the Tierra/T-Birds when he was factory flight instructor
at Golden Circle Air

On take-off come to full power. Use forward pressure on the yoke to get the tail up as soon as possible. After lift off at 30mph, fly in ground effect (2-3ft off the ground) until you reach an airspeed of 35-40mph then climb out between 40 and 45mph.

The landing should be a wheel landing. Keep the tach rpm between 3500 and 4000. Those seem to be the magic numbers. However, if you feel you're floating too much, reduce power a little and let the aircraft fly down to the runway. When on the ground, apply forward pressure on the yoke to stay "planted". Cut power and let the tail come down easy. That's it.

When at a safe altitude, maintain a climb with your feet off the rudder and on the floor to see what happens. I think you'll find that you won't have to hold right rudder due to the fact that the T-Bird is a pusher instead of a tractor. In a tractor type aircraft it is natural to hold right rudder due to the prop "corkscrew" effect.

I was the factory instructor for T-Bird for just a little over 10 years. That's how I got so much time in the aircraft. I can make it do everything but cook dinner but I still learn new things every time I fly the aircraft.

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If you were a 50's/60's kid and watched (B/W) television until probably around midnight only to see your local TV station sign off, you'll remember this video clip (produced by the United States Airforce) just before the station played the national anthem. It still gives me inspiration as it did when I was a youngster...

If you would like, you may download this "High Flight" MP4 video File (6386 kb)

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This is one of my favorite Dogfight episodes from the History Channel.

A - Z
Ultralight/Light Sport Aircraft(LSA)

Learn To Fly as a Sport Pilot. Click EAA Logo to Learn More!

Sport Pilot Center of Information

Updated 09-04-16

Click on

Sold Page
Fixed Wing



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Click here to get more News about Ultralights used to Smuggle Drugs

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FISHER FP 101 (W/ 202 MODS, lightweight!) - Single Place - Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale or Trade (04-29-15)

• Enlarged Scrolled View

• A & P Mechanic Owned and Operated
• D-Windows, Open or Enclosed Upper Windows and Entry Door
• Full Cowl, Snow Skiis and Wheel Pants Available

• Fresh, Glossy White Paint and Recent Covering on Control Surfaces.
..(Extra Material included for any Repairs... It's Easy!!)

• Kawi 440a with Tuned Exhaust and Electric Start

• Full Instrumentation including Panel Mounted GARMIN 495
..and Handheld COM Radio with Headset Plug-In in CARBON panel!

• Vinyl Wheels, Independent Brakes and Steerable Tailwheel
• Bungee Gear for those Backyard Landings!

• Meets all Requirements for Ultralight Classification under Part 103
..and can be Registered and Flown as an Ultralight

• "I'm completing my Rutan Varieze and need the hanger space now, so this little gem has to go."


Or Any Reasonable Offer Considered
(Might Trade for the right Motorcycle, Experimental Avionics Bundle, or ??? - I'm Open!)

Contact Brandon Morris at (479)200-9292 (call/text) - Located in Fayetteville, AR
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

AMERICAN EAGLE XL - Single Place - (E-LSA) - For Sale (11-01-14)

• Enlarged Scrolled View

• Zenoah 242cc Two-Cycle Engine
• Weight – 225 lbs
• Length – 15 ft
• Height – 9 ft
• Span – 35 ft
• Pilot Weight Range – 120-240 lbs
• Climb Rate – 850 ftm
• Takeoff and Landing Distances – 125 ft
• Takeoff and Landing Speeds – 26 mph
• Minimum Speed (in ground effect) – 24 mph
• Cruise Speed – 35 mph
• Maximum Speed – 50 mph
• Service Ceiling – 17,500 msl
• Maximum L/D - 7:1
• Sink Rate – 300 fpm
• Conventional Controls with stick and rudder pedals
• Advanced Canard Design
• Folds Compactly, Doesn’t need a Trailer
• Steerable Nosewheel
• Vortex-Control Tip Rudders
• Meets all Requirements for Ultralight Classification under Part 103

• Also, Have One Extra Zenoah 242 cc Two-Cycle Engine for sale and two Extra sets of Landing Gear.
One Heavy Duty, One Light Duty. $500 for all.

$1000 or BEST OFFER!

Contact Ed Knott at (520)225-9707
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

ARNET PEREYRA AVENTURA-1 ULTRALIGHT AMPHIBIAN - Single Place - Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (02-03-12)

• Enlarged Scrolled Views

• Part 103 Compliant
• Rotax 447 Engine
• Completed 2001 - 75 Hrs TTAE
• Good Construction, Always Hangared and Very Clean
• No Hard Landings
• Includes Sporty's Handheld Radio
• BRS Recovery Chute (expired)
• Perfect for Small Lakes; Loads of Fun!


Call Tim Bjella at (218)226-3779 - Located in Minnesota
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

RANS COURIER S-7S FLOAT PLANE - Dual Seat Tandem - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (10-16-12)

• Enlarged Single View

• Rotax 582 Engine with Fuel Mixture
• TTAE on plane 220 hrs
• 3 Blade Warp Drive Prop
• Cabin Heat
• Comes with a Set of Wheels
• Lots of Extra Features
• Always Hangered

$25,000 Firm

Call (250)847-5497

QUICKSILVER MX ULTRALIGHT - Single Seat - Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (08-09-10)

• Enlarged Single View

• FAR Part 103 Aircraft (Two Axis Controls)
• Rotax 503 w/260 hours TT - SCDI
• Needs New Sails, but Structurally Airworthy
• Instrument Housing w/ Altimeter, Airspeed, Dual CHT, Dual EGT, Tach
• Nose Wheel Fairing
• Airfame Assembly Manual
• All Rotax Engine Manuals & CD from New Engine
• Extra 5 gal Seat Tank


Contact John Davis at (803)317-4353 • Located in Catawba, SC (near Rock Hill)
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

1996 HYTEK HURRICANE - Single Seat - Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (07-27-10)

• Enlarged Single View

• Always Hangared
• Had 2 Owners
• 447 Rotax 25hrs SMOH
• TTAE 500hrs
• New Fuel System (10 Gal)
• New Electrical
• Instrumentation Includes: Airspeed, Compass, Altimeter, Dual CHT, Dual EGT, Tach, Turn & Bank Indicator
• Strobe Light
• BRS Recovery Chute
• Sails are in Great Condition!
• Call for more Info and Pics

$8,000 or Best Offer

Contact Megan Cummings, Owner at (541)788-3778 • Located in Bend, Oregon

AVENTURA AMPHIBIAN - Single Seat - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (03-13-10)


• 582 Rotax Engine
• Full Instrument Panel
• Radio
• Fully Enclosed with Removable Side Windows
• Take Off or Land on Water or Land
• Needs New Wing Skins

$10,000 or Best Offer

Call Todd Barton at (904)588-6364 or (904)402-9833
Or Email Inquiries/Offers to

M-SQUARED - QUICKSILVER - Dual Seat - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (12-07-09)

• Enlarge to Scrolled View

• Quicksilver MXLII like w/heavy duty Struts
• Fully registered Experimental Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) N8090Z
• Built with Rotax 912 80HP
• 301.8 TT on engine
• New Stainless Exhaust by Aircraft Exhaust Inc.
• EIS Engine Monitor
• 3 Blade Warp Drive Prop w/ Metal Leading Edges
• BRS Parachute
• Includes: ELT, Strobes, Hydraulic Brakes and Intercom with two Helmets
• Holds 22 Gal of Fuel
• "Fly’s Beautifully, Always Hangared or Covered."
• "I have all manuals, logs, FAA paperwork."
• "Fly or ship to you negotiable."


Contact Bryan Harmon, Owner - Located in Perris,CA USA. • Tel (714)315-1555

FLIGHTSTAR PIONEER - Single Seat - Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (07-04-09)

• Enlarged Single View

• Complete Rebuilt Airframe
• 503 Rotax Engine TTE only 12 Hours Since New
• 3 to 1 Belt Drive
• New Prop
• Pod
• Windshield
• Brakes
• Tires
• Complete Custom Paint
• Headlight and 3 Strobes Lights
• And a lot of more stuff!

$7,600 (no trades)

Call (805)807-4192
Or Email Inquiries/Offers to

1993 KOLB FIRESTAR - Single Seat - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (11-19-08)

• Rotax 340 Engine
• Ground Adjustable Brand New 3 blade IVO Prop

$4,000 or Best Offer

Call Tom at (928)699-2570

QUICKSILVER SPRINT II - Dual Seat - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (05-11-08)


• Rotax Blue Head 582 Engine w/ Electric Start
• TT on Engine 61 Hours - TT on Airframe 120 hours
• Includes Brakes with New Tires and Metal Wheels
• Recovery Chute
• Warp Drive Prop
• Full Set of Instruments and Intercom
• Ready to Fly!
• "Health forces sale. My baby has got to go."

$12,500 or Best Offer

Email Inquiry/Offer to

1981 FISHER AERO FP KOALA 101 - Single Seat - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA)- For Sale (03-11-08)

• Enlarged Single View

• Project Plane-Dismantled for Storage
• Needs Work to Finish
• Wood Framed
• Fabric Covered
• Yellow and Black Coloring
• Kawasaki 440 Motor
• Full Instrument Panel
• Brand New Prop
• Located in Illnois
• Will Send More Photos on Request

Best Offer Considered

Email Inquiry/Offer to Brian at

CHALLENGER I - Single Seat - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (03-05-08)

• Enlarged Single View

• Short Wing with Dacron Covering
• White Polyfiber Paint with Blue Trim
• Fiberglass Nose Cowl, Full Windshield, Doors
• Strobe Light, Hydraulic Disc Brakes with Micro Lock
• Dual EGT, CHT, Tach, Air Speed Indicator, Fuel Guage
• Turn & Bank Indicator, Icom Radio, Garmin GPS
• NEW Rotax 503 with 20 hrs. 200 hrs. on Air Frame
• Always Hangered in Dark Hanger. No damage. Needs nothing
• Ready to fly


Call (918)793-2511

1993 QUICKSILVER GT-500 - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (08-31-07)

• Enlarged Scrolled Views

• "Aircraft comes with removable doors. Picture shown is with doors off."
• Blue Head Rotax 582, 65 hp, Water-Cooled, “E” Gearbox, 75 hrs w/ Electric Start
• Airframe 360 hours TT with Complete Inspection
• GPS, Transceiver and ELT included
• BRS Parachute 1050 (Repack Due in '08)
• Instruments: ASI, VSI, ALT, Tach, H20 and HR
• Oversized Wheels & Tires with Disc Brakes
• Ground Adjustable 3-Blade Warp Drive Prop
• Strobes
• 18 Gal.Fuel Tank

Will Take Best Offer

Call Todd Ellefson at (507)208-0111 Rochester, MN
Or Email your Inquiry/Offer to

2001 QUICKSILVER GT-500 - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (08-16-07)

• Enlarged Single View

• TTAE 81hrs
• Rotax 582 Engine w/ Electric Start
• 3 Blade Ground Adjustable Prop
• Cleveland Brakes
• 2 - 8 Gal.Wing Tanks
• Strobes
• Intercom
• Color Black
• Always Hangared

$19,950 or Trade for PPC + Cash

Call (585)409-4623
Or Email your Inquiry/Offer to

HUMMINGBIRD TWIN ENGINE - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight Aircraft - For Sale (08-05-07)

• Fabric/Airframe in Excellent Condition
• Engines have less than 3 hours Total Time
• Many Extras

For Sale OR Will Trade for Flightstar without Motor or Partially Built

Email for More Info and Photos to John at

CHALLENGER II's - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale, Trade or Swap (08-05-07)

• Located in DeRidder, Louisiana
• Health Forces Sale

Please Call for Price

Contact John Ernst at (337)396-6003

1980's MIRAGE - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight Aircraft - For Sale (08-05-07)

• Enlarged Scrolled Views

• Cuyuna 430 Engine
• Double Surface Wings
• New Prop
• Instrumentation Includes: EGT, CHT, ASI, ALT, Tach and Compass
• Plane located in St.Louis, MO Metro Area


Contact Mark at (636)566-8101
Or Email your Inquiry/Offer to

MID 80's QUICKSILVER MX - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (04-03-07)

• Cuyuna Engine
• 2 Blade Prop
• Extra Fuel Tank
• Also have a 4 inch thick book on how to assemble the plane and covers basic flight
• Includes Altimeter, 2 Airspeed Indicators and CHT Gauges
• Plane also has Strobe Lights
• Used a 20ft enclosed trailer to transport this aircraft. You could put it in the back of a truck but recommend using an enclosed trailer.
• There is No BRS. You can buy a 800lb for this plane for around $2,500.
• "Recommend taking some flight lessons at a flight school or going up with a ultralight instructor before flying this thing."
• Quicksilver is still in business and based out of Temecula CA. Checkout there site.

Will Take Best Offer

Email Inquiry/Offer to

CHALLENGER II AULA - 2004-05 - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (02-13-07)

• Composite View

• ROTAX 503 DCDI w/ Electric Start - 150 hrs TT
• Long Wing with Fiberglass Wing Tips
• Low, Wide Cabin with Extended Width Back Seat
• Doors and Heater
• Interior is Vinyl Lined and Dash is Black Matte Aluminum
• All Factory Options (excluding wheel pants)
• 15 gal.Long-Range Turbulence AV Tank
• Cargo Belly Bag (48"x20"x6")
• 6" Aluminum Rims w/ TUNDRA tires and Brakes
• Incl.ICOM A5 Radio, Intercom, Headsets and Lawrence Airmap
• 500 GPS
• If in Canada - will Include Training for ULPP (Ultralight Private Pilot)

$26,500 CDN

Email Inquiry/Offer to

AVENTURA AMPHIBIAN - Single Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (01-11-07)

• Enlarged Scrolled Views

• 50hrs TTAF Hirth 2704 43HP Single Carb Electric Start 10hrs TT - Max at 5000 RPM, Cruise at 4000 RPM
• Power Fin Three Blade Prop 10hrs TT
• BRS 5 Rocket Chute System - Just Serviced by BRS Jan 2007
• Airplane is in Great Shape and Always Hangered
• Sails are Like New with Clear Aerothane
• Flies Great!


Email Inquiry/Offer to

2000 BEAVER - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (10-11-06)

• Only 25 Total Flight Hours
• 503 Rotax Engine with 50 hp
• Instruments include: ASI, Tach, EGT/CHT, ALT,Compass, VSI and Hour meter
• Upgraded Wings with Solid Tubing and Cables
• Pushrod Ailerons
• Elevator Trim
• Includes Helmet with Radio
• Good Condition
• Easy to fly
• Manufactured by Spectrum Aircraft located in Los Angeles, California.


Contact Craig at (626)905-2973
Email Inquiry/Offer to

ZENITH 701 - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (04-02-06)

• Rotax 912 80hp 4-Stroke Engine
• Involved in Mishap. Can be repaired or used for Parts.
• Pictures and Information provided upon request..

Will consider any offer over $12,000

Please Call Richard at(928)359-2448
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

ROTEC PANTHER 2 Plus - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (03-21-06)

• Tandem 2 Seater with Dual Controls
• Rotax 532 60 Hp - Low Hours
• Adjustable Pitch IVO Prop


Contact Randy Johnson in WI at (608)784-6444 daytime

T-BIRD II - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (09-20-05)

• Rotax 582 Engine w/TT 49hrs since complete rebuild
• "C" Gear Box with Clutch Drive
• Includes Electric Start
• Warp Drive Prop
• Instrumentation Include: ASI, ALT, EGT, CHT, Tach and Water Temp
• Spun Aluminum Wheels
• Hydraulic Brakes
• 12 Gallon Tank
• In-Cockpit Trim Control
• I have started to repaint tubes and have taken the plane partly apart needs some TLC.
• Also have floats and tricycle gear extra. Call for pricing.


Call (580)772-5100. If no answer call (580)819-1399

SPITFIRE II - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale or Trade (08-25-05)

• Scroll Views

• Rotax 582 Engine w/TT 10hrs on Factory Rebuild
• Includes Electric Start
• Warp Drive Prop
• 11 gal.Fuel Tank
• Instruments Include: ASI, ALT, Tach, EGT and Water Temp
• Hydraulic Brakes
• Flaps
• 1 year on sails
• Factory Tested to +6-4Gs
• Very Simular to Flightstar II
• Always Hangared

$12,000 or Trade for Single Place
$7,000 w/o Powerplant

Contact Ben B. Bell - located Broussard, LA USA • Telephone: (337)316-1013

P51 REPLICA - 1989 Model - Single Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (07-17-05)

• Rotax 582 Engine
• Retractable Landing Gear
• All Wing and Tail Feather Surfaces Covered
• 80% Complete
• All Parts to Finish Available


Contact Richard at (352)689-0072
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to
Also see Long Easy, Gibbo Trike and Libelle 201 Glider Ads by same Party

1998 JAVELIN - Capella Aircraft - Single Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (06-13-05)

• Scroll Views

• New Rotax 477 Engine w/"B" Gearbox - 20hrs TTAE
• Sails are in Excellent Condition
• Part of Estate Sale. Has not flown in 4 years. One Owner Aircraft.
• This Ultralight was built by a certified auto mechanic. By all accounts he was very meticulous in his craftsmanship and documentation.
• Have all plans, manuals, and documentation from the factory. Sold as is and with the recommendation that an entire disassembly, inspection and re-rigging take place after purchase (which is also recommended in the Operator’s Manual)


Design Gross Weight: 575#’s
Design Limit Load Factors +4g, -2g
Normal Takeoff Weight 440#’s
Empty Weight (w/Rotax 277) 240#’s
Wing Span: 28’
Wing Area: 112 sq.
Aspect Ratio: 7:1
Aircraft Length: 18’
Aircraft Height: 6’
Interior Headroom: 41”
Fuel Capacity: 5 US Gallons (30#’s)


Velocity Never Exceed (Vne) 85 mph
Maximum Maneuvering Speed (Va) 63 mph
Cruise Speed: 60-70 mph
Indicated Stall Speed (Vs): 26-33 mph
Runway Usage: 75’-150’
Rate of Climb: 400-700 fpm


Output Limits: 25-35 hp
Weight Limits (including propeller re-drive units): 55-80#’s

$5,900 or Best Offer

Call Ed Hartley (317)697-2400 Indianapolis, IN
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

CHALLENGER - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (06-02-05)

• Rotax 503 55hp Engine w/Electric Start and Electric Fuel Pump
• 169hrs TTAE
• Includes Stearable Nose Wheel and Fiberglass Wingtips
• Instrumentation: Compass, ASI, ALT, VSI, Dual CHT, Tach, Fuel Gauge and Hour Meter
• Dual Strobes
• In-Flight Adjustable Trim and Hydraulic Brakes
• Will consider a single place Quicksilver for trade. Please e-mail me for pics.

Will Take Best Offer

Contact Gary at (423)543-8151
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

2000 AERO SPORT 103 Aero Works Inc. - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (05-30-05)

• Single View

• Rotax 447 40hp with 10hrs TT
• Orange Dacron Wing Covers
• Equipped with Emergency Chute (500lb SoftPac)
• Instrumentation includes: ALT, ASI, CHT, EGT, Compass and Tach
• Tubular Aircraft Aluminum Construction (No Structural Cables)
• Full Three Axis Flight Controls (Rudder, Elevator, Ailerons) including 0-30 deg flaps
• Dual Wing Strobes
• Delivered New September 8, 2000 and Kept in Hangar
• Includes Original New Manuals
• Can be Trailered in 1 hour by Two Workers


A Real Sacrifice from New Price of $14,698

Contact Phillip at (803)321-6156 home, (803)945-2173 Office or (803)944-1623 cell
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

Aero Works Inc. website

1986 PELICAN - Club Air Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (04-28-05)

• 240hrs Total Time on Airframe
• Rebuilt EA81 Subaru Engine with a Rees Belt Reduction Drive with Approx 80hrs
• Comes with Snow Skies, Good Radio and Intercom
• 22gal Wing Tanks (Burns 3 to 3.5 gal.per Hr.)
• Two Good Heaters for Winter Flying
• Plane is in Good Condition


Contact Jerome Friesen at (306)922-0135 res. or (306)960-9484 located at Prince Albert, Sask, Canada
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

1999 RANS S5 COYOTE - Single Place Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (04-03-05)

• Single View

• 240hrs TTAE
• Rotax 503 w/Dual Carb and Electric Start
• New Tires and New Flap Panels
• Instrumentation includes: Dual CHT, Dual EGT, ASI
• 3 Blade IVO Prop
• Climbs 600fpm, Cruises 65mph
• BRS Recovery Chute
• 2 - 5 gal Tanks
• Elevator Trim
• Includes Books, Manual/Tools/Radio
• Interested in Trades. Will consider Land Rovers/Military Vehicles.
• Appraised at $12,000 and Paid $9,000


Contact Walt at (707)545-8097 Santa Rosa, CA
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

RANS S-12 - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (03-10-05)

• Scroll Views

• Rotax 912 Air/Water Cooled 4 Stroke Engine w/ 3 Blade Warp Drive Prop
• Color Blue and White
• Low Hours, Hydraulic Brakes, Full Enclosure, New tires and Tubes, Heater and Deluxe Seats
• Extras Include: Custom Sticks with Push-to-Talk Toggles, Electric Aux Fuel Pump and Wing Tip Strobes
• Full Instrument Panel: ALT, ASI, VSI, Compass, Turn and Bank Indicator, EGT/CHT, Tach, Voltmeter Oil Pressure and Temp, Water Temp, Hour Meter, Master Switch and Breakers and 12 Volt Aux Plug
• Plane is Always Hangared and Ready to Fly!


Email Inquiry/Offer to

KOLB FIRESTAR KX - Single Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (02-24-05)

• Rotax 477 Air Cooled Engine W/ 260hrs TT
• Includes ASI, ALT, Tach, Compass, Dual CHT and EGT gauges
• Aerothane Paint (Clear Coat on Fabric)
• Great Flyer for around the Patch or Cross Country
• Extended Cockpit for 6+ foot Pilot
• Must Sell to Build Two Place
• Located New Orleans Area

$7,500 or Best Offer

Email Inquiry/Offer to

KOLB FIRESTAR I - Single Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (12-27-04)

• Rotax 503 DC/DI 50hp Air Cooled Engine
• Instruments Include: ASI, ALT, VSI, EGT and BRS Recovery Chute
• Easy and Fun to Fly Taildragger with Nose Wheel for Easy One Person Ground Handling
• Hangared at Brian Ranch, Llano, CA
• "Need to sell; Daddy Needs New Avionics for the PA-28"


Email Inquiry/Offer to
More Info at

1986 ADVANCED COBRA "A" MODEL - Single Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA)
For Sale (08-17-04)

• Scroll Views

• Full 3 Axis Control Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA)
• 45 hrs TT on Airframe and Engine
• Center Mount Stick for Elevator and Spoilerons
• Rudder Pedals to Operate Rudder
• Double Surface Fabric on All Sail Surfaces
• Tube Supported Tail Section
• T-Handle Throttle Lever
• Cushion Soft Tricycle Landing Gear
• Steerable Nose Wheel
• 430cc Cuyuna ULII Engine
• Cruise Speed 56MPH
• AZUSA Aluminum Wheels and Brakes
• Instrument Pod Includes ASI, EGT, CHT, Tach, Hobbs and Turn/Bank Cord
• Airplane is in Excellent Condition!

• 2003 Improvements Include:
- Every Bolt Replaced with AN Grade Hardware
- New Clear Coated Sail Surfaces
- New Wheels, Brakes and Tires
- New Carburetor
- All Lower Wing Cables Were Replaced
- Upgraded Instrumentation
- All New Rubber, Engine, Carb
- Original Build Manual and Engine Manual Included

$4,800 or Best Offer

Please Call (407)832-1119
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

1984 KOLB ULTA STAR - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (07-14-04)

• This is a partially built brand new Classic Kolb Utra Star kit with everything in original factory boxes
• It was stored in a "gentlemens" garage all these years when I bought it
• Fuselage was factory welded at the KOLB factory
• Engine was still in it's orginal box and is already mounted on fuselage frame
• Cayuna 36hp Engine with New Wood Prop broken-in with now 3.5 hours TT
• Starts on first pull
• Everything is here to complete the kit
• Wings are built and plane is on its landing gear
• All Poly Brush and Poly Tack are with kit and all the stitts fabric you'll need to cover and paint plane
• Health Forces Sale

First $3000 Takes it home

Call Wayne at (334)445-0931 evenings or (334)308-5432 cell for details

EASY RISER "Twin Maximizer" - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (07-12-04)

• Two Chrysler Powered "Bee" Engines
• Zero Hours on Airframe and Engines
• This is a properly stored and freshly built kit just last year
• Colors are Brillant Orange and Red
• No reasonable offer refused as hangar space is now a problem

Will Take Best Offer

Contact Tim at (262)844-4545 - Sullivan, WI
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

SKY RAIDER 150 - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (05-13-04)

• Rotax 447 Engine with Electric/Pull Start
• Basic VFR Instruments
• Includes Complete Cover and Trailer
• Newly Constructed and Never Flown

Invested $28,000 - Asking $14,000 or Best Offer

Call Marv at (480)232-0610 - Chandler, AZ

1996 TITAN I - Single Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (04-06-04)

• 20ft All Metal Cantilever Wing
• Rotax 532 Engine - 100hrs TT
• Includes: Strobe, Wing Lights, ASI, VSI ALT, Compass, EGT, Volt, Temp and Hobbs Hour Meter
• 3 New Tires

$12,000 US

Call Dan at (506)372-9766 - Located in Eastern Canada - New Brunswick
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

QUICKSILVER SPRINT - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (02-28-04)

• Rotax 447 Engine
• Engine, Instruments, Strobe and Light Wheel Pants in Very Good Condition


Contact Steve Wallis at (662)327-5035 Columbus, MS
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

KOLB FIRESTAR I - Single Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (02-11-04)

• Scroll Views

• 190hrs TT on Airframe and Engine
• Rotax 377 Engine
• 2-Blade WarpDrive Prop
• 5 Gallon Tank
• Drum Brakes
• Basic VFR Instruments
• 4-pt Shoulder Harness
• Antenna for Aircraft Radio
• Strobe
• Red with Blue Trim Stits PolyTone Paint
• Plane is in Good Condition and is flown regularly
• Well Built and weight is very close to UL legal
• Excellent Climb Performance
• Built light for Maximum fun
• Not an airshow winner but definitely not a "Hangar Queen"

$6,500 firm

Contact Bruce Harrison at (803)808-3653 Lexington, SC (803)771-6844 Fax
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

1996 HURRICANE HP - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (10-02-03)

• Right Front View
• Left Front View

• Rotax 503 Engine, Dual Ignition, Dual Carbs w/Primer
• 830hrs TT 600hrs SMOH
• Rated Aerobatic (7pos 6neg G's)
• After Muffler Silencer with Protective Coating on Both
• 10 gal Fuel Tank
• Prince Aircraft Co. 68/29P Propeller with Leading Edge Protector
• Balanced Engine and Prop
• Instruments Include:Dual EGT/CHT, Compass, Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI), Air Speed Indicator(ASI), 3 Pointer Altimeter w/Kollsman Window, Slip Indicator and Hobbs Hourmeter
• BRS-4 750lb max Recovery Chute
• 18 amp Sealed Battery with 12 volt Accessory Plug in Panel
• 3 Bright Star Clear Lens Strobes
• Radio Mount with External Antenna
• Boom Tube Carrying bag
• Air Brushed and Sealed Flying Dragon Nose Art
• Oversized Polished Aluminum Wheels
• 3 gal.of Ultraviolet Protective Coating on Sails
• One Owner Always Hangared!

$8,000 Negotiable

Call Ken at (413)237-0896
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

SORRELL HIPERLIGHT SNS-8 - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (09-18-03)

• New Sails
• Molser Motor
• Wheel Pants
• Nice Instruments
• Sport Prop
• 10 Gal Tank
• Plane is in Excellent Condition!


Email Inquiry/Offer to

TALON XP by Sport Flight Aviation - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (04-22-03)(06-23-03)

• Front View

• 1996 Airframe 70 hrs
• Rotax 582 Engine, 65hp Zero Timed
• Dual Key Ignition w/Electric Start
• 54 Bing Carbs with Primer, B-Gear Box
• Composite 3-Blade Adjustable Warp Drive Prop
• Tundra Kit, Polish Wheels and Heagar Brakes
• Dacron Sails, Good Condition, Always Hangared
• BRS Chute - Good until Jan, 2005
• Includes Tach, Water Temp, Altimeter, Airspeed, Compass, Slip Indicator and Dual EGT
• 2 Seat Tandem, Dual Controls
• Elevator Trim and 3 Position Flap Control
• All Anodized Aluminum with AN Hardware
• Extruded Hi-Perf Struts
• Take Off Distance 75-150 feet
• Cruise Speed 65-80mph
• Climb Rate 1550fpm
• Stall Speed 32-35mph
• Ready to Go!

For Sale by Owner... Now Asking $14,500 from $16,500

Contact Mark Misener at (541)621-5376 Medford, OR
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

2002 AEROWORKS AEROLITE 103 - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (01-19-03)

• Rotax 447 w/Electric Start
• 41.3 Hours TTSN (Total Time Since New)
• 4 Blade Ultraprop
• 10 Gallon Fuel Tank w/Primer Pump
• 750 LBS BRS Softpack Recovery Chute
• Streamline Struts and Wheel Pants
• Wingtip Strobes and Landing Lights
• Red/Blue Dacron Sails
• Always Hangared with Complete Building Records and Pictures
• "This plane is currently flying (turn key)!"

$17,000 or Best Offer (Will Accept any Serious Offers)

Email Inquiry/Offer to
Go to to see this Plane on the front of the website

NEW SPORTLITE 103 - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (01-05-03)

• Rotax 503 DCDI w/"B" Gear Box, Coated Exhaust and Dual CDI Ignition Switch
• 64" 3 Blade IVO Prop
• 8« Gallon Fuel Tank
• Includes a Larger Pilot Seat
• All Required Structural Upgrades have been done to the Airframe to be converted into a two seat SP Trainer. (Second Seat, Belt and Cover are Included)
• Instrumentation Includes: ASI, ALT, Dual CHT, Dual EGT, TACH and Hour Meter
• Extras Include: Dual Drum Brakes, Fuel Primer System, Optional Covering and Windshield Installed.
• "Since the wings can be removed to allow for transportation to and from the airfield, I will include a 16'flat bed trailer."
• "This aircraft is ready to fly, no building required. The only thing you have to do is hook up the hour meter and balance it."

$7,500 for Everything Including Trailer

However will sell w/o Trailer, Engine, Prop and Instruments for much less.
Also will consider Trade for PPC

Call (410)519-9122

T.E.A.M 1100R Mini Max - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (01-03-03)

• Scroll Views

• Rotax 503 free air cooled
• Tennessee Prop
• 5 gallon tank
• Instruments include: Airspeed , EGT, CHT, Compass, Digital RPM/Hour Meter
• Struts Covered with Streamline Tubing
• Always hangered!
• Excellent Flyer!


Call Evenings at (479)925-2581
Or Email for Photos or Inquiry/Offer to

GENESIS AIRCRAFT - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (12-29-02)

• Engine and Airframe - 110hrs TT
• Rotax 618 w/ "C" Box
• Warp Drive 72" 3 Blade Prop
• Icom A200 in-dash Radio and Full Instrumentation Plus
• Poly Fiber Fabric - 1 1/2 Years Old
• 13 Gallon Fuel Tank
• Cruises about 80 mph
• Plane Fly's Great!

$22,000 - the lowest published price on a flying Genesis on the web!!

Call Tommy at (337)855-2701 after 5pm CST
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to
See Photos on Left and Scroll down to Bottom at

QUICKSILVER MXL2 SPORT - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) Trainer
Moving Sale (06-16-02)

• Engine is a Rotax 503 DCDI with Warp Drive Prop
• Airframe is like new - Very Low Hours
• Sails are in Good Shape (Fabric)
• Instrumentation Includes: TinyTach, Commtronics Intercom w/headsets
• BRS Recovery Chute - (Needs Repack)
• **NEW** Pod Ready to be Built
• Clean as a Pin!


Call Steve Wilson at (920)217-2188 located in Green Bay, WI USA
Email for Photos and Inquiry/Offer to

1999 QUICKSILVER MXL I - Single Seat - Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (05-02-02)

• 42hp Rotax 477
• Steerable Front Wheel
• Front Brake
• K&N Air Filter
• Rudder Brace Kit
• Includes Instrument Pod


Please Call Marcin at (715)344-0976
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

1993 CGS HAWK CLASSIC - Single Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (04-03-02)

• Reburbished in Summer of 2001 - "Labor of Love"
• Kawasaki 440 Engine
• Many New Parts: New Tubing, Wiring, Hot Box, Strobes, Com Radio w/New Headset
• New Wing with Upper and Lower Batons,Flaps,Ailerons and New Fuselage w/Hard Smoked Tinted Windows and Much More
• All Needed Gauges:CHT,EGT,Tach,Alt,VSI, Compass and more...
• New Tires and Tubes
• "Loosing our hanger must sell or put in storage. Hate to store a wonderful bird like this."
• Ready to Fly to You!

$8,500! US Dollars

Call (740)942-4404 M-F 4-10pm (EDT) or Weekends Anytime in Southeast Ohio

QUICKSILVER GT-400 - Single Seat Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (03/27/02)

• Super Nice Plane - Single Place that Flys Great!
• Rotax 503 Engine with Dual Carbs, Dual CDI w/Electric and Pull Start - TT 200hrs
• Chromed Exhaust and Dual Fuel Pumps
• Warp Drive 2 Blade Prop
• Full Instrument Panel: ASI(Airspeed), ALT(Altimeter), VSI(Vertical Speed Indicator) Tach, Hobbs Hour Meter, Compass, Slip(Turn and Bank Indicator), Dual EGT, Dual CHT ans Icom Radio
• 13 Gallon Tank
• Full Fairing, Hydraulic Brakes, Ballon Tires, Ballistic Chute, Flaps and Stits Covering
• I also have a Full Lotus Float with Landing Gear that can sell with Plane or Separately

$11,500 for Plane Only or $14,000 with float kit

Call Bruce Wade at (408)243-7230 in Stockton, CA
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

QUICKSILVER MX - Single Seat - Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (03-02-02)

• Rotax 377 Engine
• New Sails
• Stearable Nose Gear
• Instrumentation includes: EGT/CHT, Tach, Altimeter and Airspeed Indicator
• Fiberglass Floats with Retractable Wheels

$4,500 or Best Offer

Please Call (209)847-3471 Central California..I can transport the plane
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to


SUPERFLOATER - "Spirit of America" - Single Seat Glider - For Sale (09-05-11)

• Enlarged Composite Scrolled Views

• Custom Built for the EAA Fly-In in 1976 and Took First Place.
• It is definitely one of a kind!
• Comes in it's own Self-Contained Aluminum Trailer.
• 32' Wingspan
• Two can set it up in about 10 minutes
• Can be Towed Behind an Ultralight Aircraft.
• Skin is a Permanent Fabric that will never need to be replaced.

Will Entertain any Reasonable Offer

Contact Renny Kuhlman at (715)723-1645
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

LIBELLE 201 - 1969 Model - Single Seat Glider - For Sale (08-14-05)

• High Performance 38/1
• No Damage History
• Retractable Landing Gear
• Instrument Panel Includes: ASI, ALT, Compass and Two Variometers
• Annual last March
• Has Very Good Road Worthy Trailer


Contact Richard at (813)716-6773
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to
Also see Long Easy, Gibbo Trike and P51 Replica Ads by same Party


2005 AIRBORNE AUSTRALIA OUTBACK (N441A) - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft
(E-LSA) - For Sale (09-02-15)

• Enlarge to Scrolled Views

• Wizard 3 Wing
• Tundra Undercarriage
• Bombardier Rotax 582
• Microair Radio System
• Lynx Intercom System
• 130 Hours TTAE
• Always Hangared
• Flown & Maintained by FAA Pilot


Please call - (610)329-5726
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

SABRE TRIKE - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (05-06-10)

• Enlarge to Scrolled View

• 14 Meter Northwing Wing
• Rotax 503 Engine with approx.20 hours TTE
• Includes "Tundra" Tires for Smooth Landings
• Needs Work on Starter and Electrical Systems
• Has been Stored Under Cover or in a Barn
• Includes Rocket Rocovery Parachute (needs repacking)

Will entertain any Reasonable Offer

Located near Modesto California (Central Valley)
Email Inquiry/Offer to

JUNKERS PROFLY - Dual Seat Light Sport Trike - For Sale (08-07-09)

• Total Airframe Hours - TTA only 10 hours
• Rotax 582 Water Cooled Engine w/Electric Start
• Pico 15 Meter Wing
• Instruments: Altimeter, Airspeed Indicator, Compass, Tachometer, Hour meter, Chronometer, Variometer, Intercom and Radio
• Never been damaged and Always Kept in Hangar!

12,000 Euro

Call • Telephone: +40723-649107
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to


• Manufactured in June of 2005 with TTAE 45 hours
• Flies 30-65 mph


Call John Ritter at (850)643-8700 in Bristol, FL

AQUILLA TRIKE (1998) - Two Place Trike Trainer - For Sale (09-26-06)

• Rotax 582 Engine w/4 to 1 Gearbox
• 14m Solo Wing
• 6 Blade Prop
• Trailer Included


Call Gary at (727)460-1095

NORTHWING CONTOUR 14.5 METER WING - For Sale (09-06-06)

• Excellent Condition with only 20 hours TT, Kingposted

• I also have a Airborne Edge Trike Keel Bracket for the Fairing

• Also have Rear Instructor Foot Steering Bar for a Air Creations Clipper
with the Throttle Control Cable and Lpedals. (These are expensive accessories)

Will Take Best Offer

Email Inquiry/Offer to

2001 SEAWING AMPHIBIIOUS TRIKE - For Sale (06-15-06)

• Rotax 503UL DCDI 50 HP w/ "E" Box
• 4 hrs on Engine Rebuild
• 3 Bladed Prop
• EIS Computer(Engine Gauges)
• Standard Exhaust Muffler Installed
• I also have a Stainless Steel Hi-Performance Exhuast Muffler if you wish to install it.
• Full Lotus Floats - MODEL# FL1220
• Wing is a NORTHWIND MUSTANG 17.5
• The Trike is Always Hangered and Always Covered.
• Includes Storage Wing Cover.
• Also Wing Cover When Wing is completely up to protect from the sun.
• Open Trailer Included.

Total New Cost $18,885 - Asking Price $9,000

Call (573)347-2720 - Lake of the Ozarks, MO
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

AIR CREATION TRIKE - Two Place Trainer - For Sale (04-27-06)

• Scrolled Views

• Approx 75 Hours TTAE
• Rotax 582 Engine w/Triple Carbon Fiber Props
• Full Pod with Addtional Pod under Engine
• Soft Pack BRS Installed in the Rear Pod
• Upper and Lower Strobes
• Lynx Micro Intercom System with Two Helmets and Lynx Headsets (nice two-helmet travel bag too).
• Mount for GPS and Installed Icom AC-A5 Radio.
• Trike Custom Cover Included. Beautiful Machine and Flies like a Dream with its Kiss Wing…
• The Trike is Always Hangerd and Always Covered.
• Mint Condition!


Contact Rob Blochinger - Sparta, NJ USA • Telephone: (973)729-6638 • Fax:(973)729-9887

TRIKE WING - for Single Seat Trike - For Sale (07-24-05)

• Composite View

• Less than 100 Hours since New
• In Very Good Condition
• Gorgeous White with Red Trim
• 90% Double-Surface with Trilam UV-Protected Top Surface
• FAST! VNE - 90MPH!!!
• Includes Wingtip-Mounted Airband Anrtenna and Cable
• Located in Southern California
• Will Ship Worldwide, You Pay Crating and Shipping Costs


Contact Bill at (626)812-8661
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

GIBBO TRIKE - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (07-17-05)

• Single View

• 16 Meter Single Surface Wing w/30hrs TT on Wing
• Rotax 447 Engine w/"B" Gearbox
• Tennessee Prop
• 10 Gal.Tank
• Full Frontal Fairing and Wheel Pants
• Instrumentation: EGT, CHT, Tach and Hour Meter
• Dual Rear Drum Brakes w/Parking Brakes
• Rear Suspension and Rear Seat Steering
• Folding Mast, Glove Box and Foot Throttle
• 35MPH Cruise Speed, 45MPH Max Speed
• Great to Learn on or Just Crusing for Experienced Flyer!


Contact Richard Good at (352)689-0072
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to
Also see P51, Long Easy and Libelle 201 Glider Ads by same Party

HAPPY VALLEY TUKAN - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (07-01-05)

• Rotax 503 Engine w/Dual Carbs, Dual Ignition and Hand Throttle
• 70 hrs TTAE
• 12 Gal.Tank
• BRS Chute
• Instrumentation Includes: CHT, EGT, ALT, Tach and Hobbs Hour Meter
• Side Bags for Storage
• 70% Single Surface Wing
• Stall Speed 29mph, Cruise Speed 49mph, Top Speed 70mph
• 2nd Seat can taken off for Solo Trike


Contact Ty at (812)339-1616, (812)325-9130, (812)825-6858 or Jacque at (812)325-9986
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

See Picture at

COSMOS PHASE II - Two Place Trike w/ Wizard II Wing - For Sale (06-09-05)

• Single View

• Rotax 503 DCDI
• 10 gallon Fuel
• 3 Blade Warp Drive w/ spare set of blades
• Nose cone fairing w/ wheel pants
• Dash w/ Instruments: EGT/CHT, Altimeter, Fuel, Tach
• Strobe Light
• Soft Pack BRS
• More pictures available. Less than 50 hours TT. Will help work out transportation logistics.

$10,995 or Best Offer

Contact Jerry at (406)288-3626 home, (406)495-2821 Work or (406)459-0604 cell
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

2001 AIRBORNE EDGE TRIKE WITH STREAK WING - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (12-28-04)

• Single View

• "Top Selling Trike" - USUA
• 582 Rotax with "E" Box Engine
• 4 Blade Brogala Prop
• Electric and Pull Start
• Full Instruments
• 900 BRS Recovery Chute
• Smart Strobes from Rob Rollison
• 180 hrs TTAE
• One Owner and Always Hangared (now in Garage for Winter)
• Located in Westfield, MA in Excellent Condition - Never Crashed!

Extra and not Included in price:
• 2 Comtronics Helmets with Intercom Box
• ICom A-22 Radio
• Custom Open Trailer
• Can Possibly Help with Delivery South to Western S.C. in Jan-Feb 2005
• Can Also Possibly Provide Flight Instruction at your Place (1200ft min required) or at an Airstrip

First $10,500 Takes

For More Pictures and Questions, email Inquiry/Offer to

2002 AMPHIBIIOUS SEAWING TRIKE - For Sale (11-10-04)

• Single View

• Rotax 582 Blue Head with E-Box
• Warp Drive Prop with Custom Anodized Hub
• EIS Computer
• Full Lotus Floats
• Trike is Stainless Coated including Exhuast
• Large Butterfly Wing
• Powder Coated Rims
• Brakes
• Total New Cost was 26k
• Includes Custom Trailer and Custom Wing Rack


Call Joe at (425)222-5175
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

2003 BB TRIKE 2-Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (07-26-04)

• Composite View

• Rotax 503 SCDI Engine with Electric Start and Ceramic Coated Exhuast
• 5 hrs TT on Engine and Airframe
• BRS Recovery Chute (Manufactured March of 2004)
• Instrumentation includes: ASI, ALT, Hour Meter, Tach, CHT and EGT
• Does NOT include Wing
• Open Trailer included


Call Tom at (541)-390-8990

2001 SABRE 340 - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (04-28-04)

• Kawasaki 35HP Single Carb Single Ignition Engine with Pull Start
• 20Hours TTAE
• Sabre Single Surface 16 Meter Wing(Blue and White)
• Cruise Speed 35mph and Stall 22mph
• Instrument Console Includes: ALT, Tach and CHT (Bobble Tube ASI)
• Metal Storage Travel Tube for Wing
• Refitted with 4 point harness for front seat
• Rear Seat is removable for Legal 103 Single Seat
• Front and Rear Suspension with Front Wheel Brake
• Hand and Foot Throttle
• Will Personally Deliver in the Western States with a Reasonable Deposit
• This Trike is Extremely Portable and is in Excellent Flying Condition!

$6,500 or Best Offer

Contact Thomas at (541)218-8680
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to
Pictures of the Sabre Trike are at

POLARIS MOTOR FLYING INFLATABLE BOAT 2002 - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (02-18-04)

• Rotax 582 With Electric/Pull Start - TT 27hrs on Engine
• Silenced Exhaust and Intake
• New Model 19 Meter Wing and Upgraded Hull Design

Asking Only $19,000 - Willing to Negotiate Price and Transportation - Must Sell

Contact Kevin at (252)646-4359
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to
See Pictures at

2000 NORTH WING APACHE TRIKE - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (10-08-03)

• Take Off View

• Rotax 582-E Engine w/Oil Injection and Electric Start.
• Engine Overhauled at 325hrs. Clock now at 75hrs SMOH. (Fully Loaded and Well Maintained with Log)
• Warp Drive Prop w/Nickel Inserts for prop protection
• Topless Mustang II Wing
• Dual Steering and Training Bars
• 12 gal Fuel Tank
• BRS Recovery Chute
• Dual Rads, Gauges, Strobe and Aerotow Hook
• Will Train!

Invested $25,000 US - will sell complete $17,000 US or less with your choice of accessories.

Call Barry at (204)781-0025
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

COSMOS BISON TRIKE - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (05-08-03)

• Chronos 16 Wing
• Rotax 503 DCDI Engine
• EIS Engine Monitor
• Side Bags
• Tundra Tires
• Plane has less than 200hrs TT
• Dependable, Safe and Sturdy

$6,900 w/o Chute - $7,900 w/ within-date BRS 750

Contact Allen Shugg at (623)376-0711 - Phoenix, AZ

AEROS 14.8 TRIKE WING - For Sale (11-17-02)

• This wing has very Low Hours and in Perfect Shape


Email Inquiry/Offer to

XP 12 WING - For Sale (11-12-02)

• XP 12 Wing Shown - Need 2 Place Wing for this Trike - Photo

• XP 12 Wing has only 18hours TT with Trim and in Excellent Shape - New at Sun'n Fun
• I need a Replacement Wing for 2 Place. Have BFI

Email Inquiry/Offer to

THE "TRIKE THROTTLE SYSTEM" - For Sale (10-09-02)

• The trike throttle system consists of a Dual Throttle Mixer, a serrated handwheel cruise throttle and a cable splitter for dual carburetor installations.

For more information, call Joe at (714)754-1708

Joe Rovan
2740 San Carlos Ln
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Or Email Joe at
See Detailed Drawings at

FLOAT TRIKE - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale or Trade (03-27-02)

• Seawing with 90hp Rotax
• 17.5 meter Northwing with Factory Cover and Bags
• Water Temp Gauge, EGT, CHT and Hobbs Hour Meter
• Includes Custom Trailer and BRS 900 Recovery Chute
• Plane and Engine has 70 hours Total Time

$15,500 or Best Offer

Call Bob at (803)407-2338 in Chapin, SC USA
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to


DFS SPARTAN POWERED PARACHUTE - Dual Place - For Sale (02-19-13)

AIR WOLF - Powered Parachute - N774GC - Dual Seat - For Sale (05-24-12)

• Engine - Rotax 912 ULS 100HP

-- Stainless Exhaust
-- TTE 66 hours
-- Painted Valve Covers
-- Chrome Blue with Silver Brackets

• 15 Gallon Tank
• 5 Blade Prop
• 500 Sunriser Chute
• Quad Shocks
• Disc Brakes
• 2 Side Bags
• Rock Guard
• Fuel Sending Unit
• Gasolator
• Rudder Trim Locks
• Prop Spinner
• Color GPS
• 3 Helmets
• Lynx Intercom with 2 Headsets
• ICOM A6 Radio


Email Inquiry/Offer to

2004 COYOTE - Dual Seat "N" Numbered Light Sport Air Vehicle - For Sale (06-02-09)

• 2004 Coyote

• 65hp Hirth Air Cooled Engine
• 72" Prop
• 500 Red, White and Blue Sunrise Chute
• All Welded body
• Stratomaster Instrument Pod w/ Fuel Gauge and Much More
• Windshield
• 10 Gallon Aluminum Fuel Tank with Another Gauge
• Set Up with a Smoker for Leaving Trail of Smoke
• Always Garaged and Covered when not in use
• Only Flown 40-60 Hours; Purchased New
• Can Take Off and Land in 600' (without a passenger)
• Helmets and Radios sold seperately


Call (417)830-0887 Located in Southern Missouri

• Also have 34' Gooseneck Toy Hauler with 20' Living Quarters and 14' Garage - For Sale
• Will Make Package Deal on Both Hauler and Aircraft
• See Pictures at

2001 DESTINY - Dual Seat - For Sale (09-27-08)


• Bought New, Built a House, Lost Time to Pursue
• Logged 12hrs
• Stored in Climate Controlled Shop
• Fuel Stabilized and Changed Periodically
• Started and Let to Run Periodically
• Rotax 582 Liquid Cooled, Blue Head
• 3 Bladed IVO Adjustable Prop
• Need to Make Room
• Selling for Half Price


Call (724)541-3506
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

SIX CHUTER SR5xp - Dual seat - For Sale (05-11-08)

• Enlarged Scrolled Views

• N Numbered and Like New
• Storage Bag, Log Books, Manuals and a New Case of Oil
• Chute, Helmets, Intercom, Built in Headsets and Radio

	• 582 Rotax
	• Electric start
	• New gas lines, primer and filter
	• New oil lines and filter
	• New gear box oil
	• New coolant
	• New oil
	• Carbs overhauled
	• New oil & coolant reservoirs
	• New battery installed

	• EIS (Inc: CHT, EGT, RPM, ALT, VSI, 
	  and Hour meter, Volt meter gauges)

	• Front brake
	• Pull start 
	• Storage side bag
	• Manual

	• PD 500
	• New lines
	• New brake lines
	• Carry bag
	• Line socks (new)
	• Manual
	• Batman logo on the bottom
	• Two small patches

	• Comtronics intercom box 
	• 2 x Comtronics helmets
	• PTT switch
	• Radio adapter
	• Radio

• TTAE 53 Hrs
• Runs VERY smooth & Like New!


Contact Richard (813)716-6773 in Ocala, FL
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

2002 SIX CHUTER PROWLER - For Sale (06-20-07)

• Red with Multi Color 500 Sq.Ft. Wing
• Rotax 503 w/ "B" Drive
• 80 hrs Total Time on Airframe, Engine and Chute (TTAE)
• Comes with Custom Trailer
• I have Flight and Aircraft Manuals and N number Paperwork started
• "I don't have time to fly it right now; my loss is your gain."
• I will E-Mail pictures...Aircraft is located in South Mississippi

$9,000 or Best Offer

Contact Steve (678)549-9726 leave voice mail
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

LA MOUETTE PARAMOTOR - For Sale (01-09-07)

• Model SR210GH W/Electric Start
• Dependable Solo 210 Engine
• Comes with ITV "Jade" 30 Meter Wing and Removeable Trike Frame
• Dual Magneto ("and all the Standard Gizmos included")
• Never Crashed or Damaged
• Ready to fly
• Have all Manuals and Videos and Extra Prop
• Located in Cottonwood, AZ

$3,200 or Best Offer

Call Scott at (928)821-1352
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

SOUTHERN RAPTOR - Powered Parachute - For Sale (06-13-06)

• TTAE 47hrs
• Rotax 582 UL
• Dual coil shocks either side
• Hand brake*
• Dual Ceramic Exhaust*
• 3 blade Ivo Props
• Adjustable front seat
• 10 gallon tank
• EIS & Pod
• 500 PD Sunriser*
• Tundra tires
• 4 point seat belt
• RAD headset & helmet system* (Over $700 for this extra)
• Dual throttle*

• This model comes with: (* indicates extras put on this machine which are not standard)

Retail: $19,840
$17,500 - SALE PRICE
(Save on tax and buy direct from the owner)

For Specs click here -

Fly By Ranch ** 10476 C.R 237 ** Oxford, FL 34484 ** Office: 1 352 689 0072 ** Cell: 1 813 716 6773

PEGASUS 912 - Powered Parachute - For Sale (06-08-06)

• Just broke in at 137 hours in mint condition!

• With all the luxuries of the Pegasus-Spacious-comfortable and loaded with extras, the 912 gives you unbelievable reliability and power.Manufactured by Rotax this 4 cycle work of genius has a 1500 hour Time Before Over-hall (TBO) which is 5 times that of a 2 cycle. Fly in awe as the 912 thrusts you upward with a feeling of.......well nothing, as the 912 runs so smooth and incredibly quiet, you'll think the engine is switched off.

• This is the grand daddy of all machines, if you like a smooth ride, you gotta try this! Spacious-comfortable and loaded with extras the Pegasus and Pegasus Deluxe are the head of the fleet. Not forgetting the four point chromed seat belts-side bags-engine computer and choice of powder coat color, the Pegasus and Pegasus Deluxe has less airframe connection points than any other PPC on the market resulting in superior strength.

• This PPC is truly in a class of it's own with its extra passenger room and added goodies!

• Powerachute Pegasus Rotax 912 Engine
• Strobe
• Spinner*
• Oil cooler
• Dual carb
• Saddle bag
• Disc brake
• 10 Gal tank
• Tundra tires
• Rock Guard*
• Line guards
• Dual ignition
• Dual throttle*
• Spinlock trims*
• 500PD Sunriser
• Fuel sensor probe*
• 5 blade Powerfin prop
• E Drive (electric start)
• Stainless stell exhaust
• Dual quad shock option*
• Dry Cell Oddyessy Battery
• Quick disconect wiring harness
• 912 throttle quadrant with choke
• Yellow w/chrome brackets powder coat
• Water/Oil cooled (Evans NPG waterless coolant)
• EIS (Tach, EGT, CHT, ASI, altimeter, H20 temp, Hour meter)

• (* = Extras which come with this machine; $2,500 was added to this Pegasus in extras)

Retail: $33,559 (+Tax)
$25,500 - SALE PRICE!!! (+Tax) Make us an offer, you may get lucky!

For Specs click here -

PEGASUS 582 - Powered Parachute - For Sale (06-08-06)

• Spacious-comfortable and loaded with extras the Pegasus and Pegasus Deluxe are the head of the fleet.Not forgetting the four point chromed seat belts-side bags-engine computer and choice of powder coat color, the Pegasus and Pegasus Deluxe has less airframe connection points than any other PPC on the market resulting in superior strength.

• This PPC is truly in a class of it's own with its extra passenger room and added goodies!

• Rotax 582 65HP
• 3 blade Powerfin prop
• Fuel sensor probe*
• Ceramic Exhaust
• Dual ignition
• Oil injection
• 10 Gal tank
• Dual carb
• E Drive (electric start)
• EIS (Tach, EGT, CHT, ASI, altimeter, H20 temp, Hour meter)
• White with black brackets
• Dual ignition
• Quick disconect wiring harness
• Dry Cell Oddyessy Battery
• 500PD Sunriser*
• Spinlock trims*
• Dual throttle*
• Saddle bag*
• Strobe
• Comes with Commtronics Helmet and Headset Combination

• (* = Extras which come with this machine)

Retail: $22,523 (+Tax)
$17,500 - SALE PRICE!!! (+Tax) Make us an offer, you may get lucky!

For Specs click here -

POWRACHUTE SKY RASCAL(Late '04 Model) - Powered Parachute - For Sale (06-08-06)

• This single seat sportster may look petit, but it has all the quality and comfort you have come to expect from Powrachute. Boasting a 447 or 503 Rotax, this little devil can reach climb rates of up to 1000 fpm. The sleek front fuselage bars flow into the powder coated frame which is supported by lightweight aluminum spun wheels. To finish off The Rascal gleams a ceramic coated exhaust and a three blade composite prop.

• Rotax 447 or 503
• 3 Gal Tank
• CHT & tach
• Powder coat
• Front fender
• Weight 232 lbs
• 4 point seatbelt
• Speed 30-32mph
• 3 blade Powerfin
• 500 fpm Climb rate
• Max payload 300 lbs
• 400 PD Barn Stormer
• Rear single Coil shock
• Ceramic coated exhaust
• Alluminium spun wheels
• Non standard paint colour
• Only 5 hours TT. Immaculate condition all round!

Cost New: $12,500 (+tax)
Asking: $11,000 (+tax)

For Specs click here -

FLY PRODUCTS GOLD 130 PARAMOTOR - For Sale (04-12-05)

• This is Like New in Perfect Condition
• 28hp Simonini Engine
• The Parachute is an APCO Aviation Fiesta Model, Size Large
• TTAE 2hrs

Will Take Best Reasonable Offer

Email Inquiry/Offer to

PARALITE SKYCRUISER STANDAND - For Sale or Trade (12-08-04)

• Top 80 Motor with 9hrs TT
• Genie Slow Flying High Lift Wing with 3 hrs TT
• Reason for Selling, Leg injuries
• Will Consider Trade for Ultralight Fixed Wing, Trike or Rotorcraft


Call (239)482-6556 Florida
Email Inquiry/Offer to


• Genoa 25hp Engine, Chute and Bag
• Like New, Never been Flown
• Breaks Down easily to take in your car
• Also has Harness to fly with Parachute Alone


Call (708)-532-8237 Illinois

For Sale (06-23-04)

• Composite View

• Colors are Gold with Purple Trim
• Purchased new last year for over $7,000
• It's "Fly Time" is only 20 minutes!
• Also included is a practice/training harness and a reserve chute just recently packed. Both items are worth over $600.
• Everything is in excellent shape as it has only been flown for 20 minutes!
• I'll work with interested parties to ensure that this is the right unit for you.
• I'm getting out of the sport because of a lack of time and space to fly.

Will Take Best Offer

Call Mike at (419)994-5054
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to


• Includes PAP 920 PPG Cage Minus Engine and Prop
• Good for PPG or Foot Launch
• Less than 10 hours TT
• Excellent Condition


Email Inquiry/Offer to

2001 HARMENINGS HIGH FLYER - Powered Parachute - Two Place Trainer - For Sale (11-27-03)

• Front View

• Two Seater
• Deluxe Model
• Hirth 55 hp Dual Ignition, Dual Carbs with Primer
• 50 Hours TT
• Protective Coating on Muffler
• 6 Gallon Fuel Tank
• IVO Prop
• Dual EGT and CHT, Altimeter, Radio and GPS Mounts
• Push to Talk on Stick
• Oversized Canopy Bag
• Line Socks
• Canopy Colors are Red, Blue and Aqua
• Flight Instruction thru Solo from ASC/BFI Included in Price!
• Will Consider Trade for Fixed Wing of Equal Value
• This Unit is Like New!

$9,900 - Negotiable

Call Eddie at (910)287-4944
Email Inquiry/Offer to

PARACSENDER FRAME - For Sale (04-25-02)

• Just Needs Motor and Chute
• Live in Utah


Email Inquiry/Offer to

TREKKING RYTMO 2 - For Sale (04-25-02)

• Wing for Powered Paraglider
• Minimum Weight - 75 Kg - Maximum Weight 95 Kg Capacity
• Colors are Blue, White, Violet
• Has only 40 hours of Flying Time
• Nice Wing for Beginners
• Excellent Condition
• Located in Philadelphia, PA


Email Inquiry/Offer to

2001 POWERED PARACHUTE HOMEBUILT FROM PLANS - Two place - For Sale(03-03-02)

• Steel Contruction, Strobe and 8 gal tank
• Rotax 618 Engine
• Flight Concept 520 Chute - one year old


Email Inquiry/Offer and/or pictures to Kevin Johnson at


• Reprints of my 38 page article "So, you want to Build your own Powered Parachute"
• This article tells of my Experiences building several Powered Parachutes from Scratch.
• The article sells for $5.95 + $1.50 postage
• I am currently completing Plans for the Homebuilt Powered Parachute.
• I hope to have the plans available for sale by August 1999. These plans will sell for $25.00 + $2.00 postage.

Email Inquiry at


WANTED - USED ROTAX 912S ENGINE - (03-10-12)

• Ready to Install

Email Inquiry/Offer to

WANTED - N-3 PUP WINGS - (10-28-10)

• N-3 Pup Wings with Ailerons
• OK with or without Fabric
• "Please Email me if you have N-3 Pup Wings and Ailerons or Just Incomplete Wings and Ailerons or Unused N-3 Wings."

Email Inquiry/Offer to Richard at


• Would like Wing with NO King Post.
• "I'm without an aircraft. Sold my Powered Parachute a month ago. I've been flying Powered Parachutes for the past 15 years and would like to graduate to a Trike. Thanks."

Contact Edward Neff • Telephone: (217)228-2053 Home or (217)653-8911 Cell
Located in Quincy, IL
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to


• 15m North Wing M Pulse
• With or Without Trike
• Complete or in Parts

Contact Peter Elias • Telephone: 204-745-2897
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

WANTED - Part 103 Trike Flex Wing Legal Aircraft - (01-11-07)

• Looking for a Used , Part 103 legal , Trike Under $10,000
• Must be recent, Low hours and "Topless" winged

Email Inquiry/Offer to jeanfrancois31@

WANTED - Part 103 Fixed Wing Legal Aircraft - (10-05-06)

• Looking for a 103 'basically legal' aircraft for a new novice pilot.
• Would prefer (I think) a Quicksilver, Aerolite or Hawk.
• I live in South Central Utah.

Email Inquiry/Offer to Brokenrope@Cliffhanger.Com


• Scroll Views of Engine

• Need a Right Hand 3 blade, Ground Adjustable Warp Drive Prop approx 72” with Wide Cored Blade (tapered tip will not work)
• Will your prop work well on my plane? Do you know anyone that has this prop for sale?

• Also need twin Mikuni Carbs for the Subaru EA81

Contact Doug W. Stanaland - Located Calabash, NC USA • Telephone: 910-579-9595
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

WANTED - I-XESS WING - (06-16-06)

• I am looking for an I-Xess Wing for my trike.
• I am having a hard time finding one.
• They want too much at Air creation.

• I'm looking for a Good Used or Slightly Damaged One.

• Any Help?

Contact Nick at (864)641-1029

WANTED - Part 103 Ultralight or Experimental Aircraft - (02-13-06)

• I am a disabled veteran trying to get into the ultralight or experimental aircraft. I am looking for one that might be financed. I don't care if it needs a little work as long as it can be fixed. I live in southwest Utah about 120 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Email Doug at


Email Bryan Wallin at

WANTED - B2RD in good condition - (11-05-05)

Email Inquiry/Offer to

WANTED - Plantary Gear Reduction - (08-12-05)

• Planetary Gear Reduction for Cuyuna 430
• I'm also looking for information to where I can find Parts/Service for rebuilding one..

Email Inquiry/Offer to

WANTED - CHINOOK PLUS 2 - (10-01-04)

• I would like to buy a used Chinook plus 2 in good condition.

Email Inquiry/Offer to


• Airborne Wizard II wing for an Airborne Edge X Classic

Email Craig Purdy your Inquiry/Offer to


• Maincase and Gearbox for Rotax 912

Email Inquiry/Offer to


• Electric Start Kit for Rotax 503

Email Inquiry/Offer to

WANTED - BRS 500 OR 750 (04-30-04)

• BRS 500 or 750 Recovery Chute

Call (262)694-1338
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to


• For Rans S-6 Coyote
• Please Include Pictures with your Offer

Email Inquiry/Offer to


Call Cliff Cooper at (845)331-7197 - Kingston NY

Or Email Offer/Inquiry to

WANTED - AN Part 103 Ultralight (03-26-04)

• Want an Ultralight. I'm located near Saginaw, Michigan
• Also, looking for someone to give me training/lessons.

Email Offer/Inquiry to Gus at


• Need 277 Rotax Engine including Gearbox for my 1100r Minimax
• Please no Junk

Email Offer/Inquiry to


• Need Right Wing for Challenger II

Contact Dice Harper at (304)335-6208

Or Email Offer/Inquiry to

WANTED - QUICKSILVER MX - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight (10-10-03)

• Must be in Flyable Condition
• Would also be Interested in Trailer
• Mid Atlantic States for Minimal Travel

Email "re:ultralight ad" to

WANTED - Rotor Blades for a Bensen Gyrocopter (06-27-03)

• No Damaged Blades, Please
• Also Engine Mounting Kit or Parts

Contact Brian Falk at (716)257-5370
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

WANTED - Gyrocopter Lessons (06-19-03)

• I live in the Dallas, Texas area
• Are there any Instructors or Schools in this area?

Email info to Ronnie Mitchell at

WANTED - Powered Parachute Backpack with Chute New or used (04-10-03)

Email Inquiry/Offer to

WANTED - BRS CHUTE and HELMETS/INTERCOMS for Quicksilver MX2 Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - (01-18-03)

• I am currently starting flight training operations in the Monument Valley
• area on weekends and summers, and I also teach 5th Grade at Kayenta
• Community School and minister to Navajo children (I'm the Children's
• pastor at Dine(h) Family Outreach Center). I am in the process of building
• the hangar, and rebuilding the Quicksilver from the ground up (including
• new sails, AN bolts, etc.). At the moment I don't have a lot of extra
• funds due to the cost of the hangar and rebuild, but wonder if there are
• any comfortable payment arrangements that would allow me to purchase and
• install a BRS Chute before first test flight after rebuild (I do have
• great references and collateral such as the ultralight itself and a 30
• ft. Coachmen RV worth over $6000). I didn't realize the cost of
• constructing a hangar, and need both the chute and helmets/intercoms to
• begin flight operations (I am a former CFI, military trained pilot, and I
• am commercially rated in single and multi-engine aircraft) Thanks for
• COMFORTABLE WITH.... Sincerely, Glenn Mengason,

Call Glenn at (928)679-3294 Northern Arizona
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to Glenn at

WANTED - Handheld Radio (11-10-02)

• I need a Decom 960 or?? What to you have?

Email Inquiry/Offer to

WANTED - PLANES (10-06-02)

• L'il Buzzard
• Kitfox Lite 2
• Maverick
• Rans Coyote II (S-6)
• or Similar Two Place Plane

Email Inquiry/Offer and Photos to


• Would like 1999 or Newer Models on either Airplane
• With No More than 100 to 200 TT on Plane and Engine
• Preferably Equipped with Full Lotus and Amphibs
• And Composite Prop
• Please Send Pictures

Email Inquiry/Offer to

WANTED - MOSLER 1/2 VW Engine for Parts (08-27-02)

Call Dan at (918)569-7681
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to


• looking for TACHOMETER as below:
-9,000 RPM Carbon Fiber Pro Stock Tach (part number 6835).
-11,000 RPM Carbon Fiber Pro Stock Tach (part number 6836).
-10,000 RPM Shift-Lite Tachometer Lunar Series (part number 4299).
-10,000 RPM Shift-Lite Memory Sport-Comp (part number 3906).
-10,000 RPM Shift-Lite Memory Sport-Comp 3911(part number 3911).
-10,000 RPM Shift-Lite Tachometer Phantom 5" MONSTER SHIFT-LITE TACHOMETER (part number 5899).

1.Would you send to Indonesia?
2.Would you accept credit card payment?
3.Could you dispatch my order by Postal Services,if yes please calculated with quote shipping for my order?

Looking forward to doing more business with your company.
Thank you for your prompt cooperation.

Email Inquiry/Offer to


Call Guy at (504)897-1845
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to


• Perferably Airbornes Brand but others brands considered.
• Wing must be airworthy. clean and tidy with "no crash" history
• Price paid will depend on suitability, age and condition

Please Call Peter in Zealand at 64 3 313-2713 or 64 3 327-7522
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

WANTED - Weedhopper Parts (04-25-02)

• Just picked up a Weedhopper cheap
• Need a complete Exhaust System; Manifold to Muffler for an Older Rotax 277
• If you have anything, please include Price

Email Inquiry/Offer to Chad at

WANTED - Powered Parachute Frame (04-10-02)

• Frame Only - Bare as Possible
• Prefer a Single Seat Frame but will consider Two Seat Models
• Damaged and non-completed kits are great too
• The Barer, the Better!

Email Inquiry/Offer to Chris at

WANTED - Good Running Used Ultralight Engine (03-03-02)

• Engine for a PPG Project
• Must be complete with Muffler, Carb and Air Filter
• I would prefer a good Konig 3 cylinder SC430 Radial Engine
• Second Choice would be a Kawasaki 340 with Belt Redrive
• Third Choice would be a Rotax 277 with Belt Redrive
• I'm also looking for a used Belt Redrive that fits a Kawasaki or Rotax Engine
• Any Help is Greatly Appreciated!

Email Inquiry/Offer to David Wilson at

WANTED - 618 Rotax Engine (02-19-02)

• Don't need the gear box. starter or intake silencer

Email Inquiry/Offer to Harry at


103 LEGAL - For Trade (08-06-11)

• 2005 Yamaha 4x4

• "I need to fly! Just stopped 30 years of skydiving! Ex-Airforce."

Call (863)838-0334
Or Email Inquiries/Offers to

LAND IN ONTARIO CANADA - For Trade (06-24-05)

• 171 Acres for a 2 Seater with all the Bells and Whistles
• Or buy for $35,000 U.S. Dollars
• I live in Grand Rapids, MI

Email Inquiry/Offer to

110 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium - For Trade (03-24-05)

• Dual Overflows
• VHO Lighting
• Ocean Clear Canister Filter
• Double Helix UV Sterilizer
• All of the Plumbing and Pumps complete with a Stand and Canopy
• Just add Water and Fish

Will Trade for a Two Place Quicksilver MX

Email Inquiry/Offer to

TEAM MINI-MAX EROS - Single Seat - Part 103 Ultralight - For Trade (11-03-02)

• New Rotax 447 Engine W/ 35Hrs TT
• Award Winning Bird

Will Trade for 1995 or Newer GL1500 Goldwing Motorcycle

Email Inquiry/Offer and for Photos to

CATAMARAN HOBIECAT-16 Sail Boat with Trailer - For Trade (02-14-02)

• Would like to Trade for an Part 103 Ultralight
• Hobiecat-16 and Trailer includes both Sails and all the gear needed to Sail!
• All in Excellent Shape! Not a scratch on her hull!

Hobiecat-16 is worth about $3,500 but will consider any Offer to Trade

Email Inquiry/Offer to Michael at


NEW 1/2 VW ENGINE - For Sale (01-20-15)

• 41 hp @ 3600 rpm
• Cyl heads by Scat
• Bought new a few years back for $3500
• Still in the Shipping Crate


Call Krista Ingram at (770)584-5274

ROTAX 377 - For Sale (08-02-12)

Click this 'Picture AD' to email

Email Inquiry/Offer to

KAWASAKI 440 - For Sale or Trade (10-13-11)

• Enlarged Composite View

• In "A-1" Condition
• Air Cooled Engine
• New Belt Reduction Drive (2.67 to 1 ratio) Installed
• Zero Hours Complete with Operating Manual
• New Carburetor
• Air & Fuel Filters
• Fuel Pump
• Complete Exhaust (Tuned Pipe with Manifold, Adjustable Flange and New Springs)
• New Spark Plugs
• Total Cost for the Engine and Components was $2200.00 Earlier this Year
• "Lay off forces the sale of the project and this great engine."


Call David at (770)713-4741
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

ROTAX 377 - For Sale (08-12-11)

• Enlarged Composite View

• Red and Black 377 Rotax Engine removed from Quicksilver MX
• It will need New Pistons, Rings, Gasket and Carburetor
• Pistons, Cylinders, Fin Cylinders, Crankshaft, and Crankcase are still good
• Shaft Drive will go with 377 Rotax Engine
• You Pay Shipping in USA; about $50-$75


Email Inquiry/Offer to Richard at

HIRTH F-30 120 HP ENGINE - For Sale (05-04-09)

• Brand New Hirth F-30 AIRCRAFT Engine which has never been started or operated.
• It's Hirth F-302c 110FAG W/G40 2:03:1
• Engine was Upgraded from the Standard 110hp 2 carb Version(F-302c)to the 120hp 4 Carb(F-304c).
• This Engine has never been run and is in Perfect Condition.
• I am willing to trade this for a nice 4x4 Jeep.


Contact Duane Davis located San Antonio, TX USA • Telephone: (214)727-5354


• Gearboxes: (B)for $588 (C)for $988 and (E)for $1,488
• Rotax Electric Start $588
• All Engines Brand New
• Rotax Engine Rebuilding
• Crankshaft Rebuild Center
• Quick Turnaround
• All Parts in Stock


ENGINES Starting at $100 - For Sale (08-05-06)

• Rotax, Kawasaki, Hirth, Cuyuna, Solo, Zenoah, KFM, JPX, Koenig & Others
• Single, Twin, Three, Four Cylinder, Opposed & Rotary - New, Rebuilt and "As-Is"
• Parts, Repairs, Carbs, Tuned Exhausts, Starters and Props
• 10 Different Styles of Reduction Drives.

Contact "J-Bird" at (262)626-2611

ROTAX 503 ENGINE - For Sale (06-07-06)

• Composite View

• Rotax 503 DCDI with 40hrs TT Since New
• Includes Bing Carbs, Fuel Pump & Muffler (Last Mounted on Tukan Trike)
• Manual Start with 2.58/1 Gearbox

$2,200 plus Shipping FIRM

2SI 460 F35 - For Sale (06-07-06)

• Composite View

• 2si 460 F35 with 10hrs TT Since New
• Includes Bing Carb, Fuel Pump & Muffler (Last Mounted on Quicksilver)
• Manual Start, NO Gearbox

$600 plus Shipping FIRM

Contact Rick Henderson for One or Both Engines at (205)375-2480 from 12pm-8pm
Or Email Inquiries/Offers to

ROTAX 377 ENGINE - For Sale (04-14-06)

• Air Cooled Engine with Ducati CDI Ignition System and Dual Carb setup
• Compression is Excellent at 135psi and Dead Even on Both Cylinders
• Approx 20 hours TT
• Pictures are Available by Request

$950 - Complete Engine Only - No Drive or Prop

Email Inquiry/Offer to

2SI 460L-46 ENGINE - For Sale (02-22-05)

• 2si 460L-46 Twin Cylinder Liquid Cooled Engine.
• Includes Electric Start, Carb, Exhaust, Radiator, 2.5:1 2si Cog Belt Drive.
• 64" IVO Ground Adjustable Three Blade Prop.
• Purchased new 18 Months ago with only 17hrs TT.
• This is used as a Pusher.
• I need more power.

$2,500 or Best Offer

Contact Mark (330)638-3188 N.E. Ohio
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

ROTAX 583 - For Sale (01-14-05)

• Rotax 583 93hp Dual Carb Water Cooled Engine
• Weighs 91 lbs and just rebuilt with 0-hrs with "E" Gearbox 2.62 ratio
• Very Clean and looks like New
• You don't see them like this very often!

$3,500 U.S.

Email Inquiry/Offer to

CUYUNA 430 - For Sale (10-03-04)

• 430cc 35hp Cuyuna Engine w/ Carb
• Have Planetary Gear Reductioin Drive w/ Three Blade IVO Prop Included

$500 or Best Offer

Call (706)245-4171
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to
Also see Products/Parts for another Ad by same party

ROTAX 377 AND NEW CUYUNA 430 ENGINE - For Sale (07-05-04)

• 430cc (ul1102) 35hp Cuyuna Engine w/o Carb and Muffler NEW in the Plastic Wrapped Factory Box
• Have Direct Drive Prop Hub and could make you a prop
• Also Rotax 377 with Gear Box For Sale

$800 OBO for Cuyuna and $1,600 for Rotax 377 OBO

Call (936)568-0000 or (936)569-2702
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

KAWASAKI ENGINE - For Sale (04-06-04)

• 436cc Kawasaki Two Stroke Engine with 127 hrs - TT
• Liquid Cooled with Oil Injection
• Delivers 60-62hp at 6700rpm and 40-50 foot/lbs of Torque
• Chrome Bore Nickasel Cylinders
• Running Single CDI Nippendenso Ignition with Single Plug Heads
• Mag Output is 165 watts with both Lighting and Charging Coils
• Weight is 65 lbs, Dimensions are 12" High x 16" Long
• Includes Heavy Duty Crank and Bearings
• Engine comes with Two Mikuni 36mm Carbs, Two Stage Fuel Pump, Exhaust "Y" Pipe, Throttle Quadrant Cables, Radiator, Reservoir Tanks and New Set of Spark Plugs
• This Engine is in Excellent Running Condition


Email Inquiry/Offer to

GEO METRO ENGINE - For Sale (01-12-04)

• See Plane after Tornado hit.

• Engine is for sale due to Destruction of Airplane by Tornado
• 62 hp, 4 Stroke Geo Metro with Ravenredrive and 3 Blade Powerfin Prop
• Engine is completely Rebuilt with New Pistons, Wrist pins and Valves and 20hr Runtime
• Includes Temp, Water Pressure, Oil, Tach Volt and Amp Meters
• Also Includes Odyssey 12 Volt Dry Cell Battery and Ultrastart-red 12volt Battery and Multi Battery Switch (one battery didn't provide enough cranking power)
• Includes Throttle Quadrant Mounted to Center Console with Engine Gauges
• Fuel Pumps Mounted in Two 8 Gal Tanks with Gauge Senders

$4,000 plus shipping

Phone (337)460-2098
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

For Info and Price on these Redrives for the Geo Metro Engine
See Ravenredrive

ROTAX ENGINE - For Sale (11-12-02)

• Freshly Rebuilt with dual carbs and 8 hrs of runup time
• Non Provision with Cog Belt Drive and clutch - 2.25:1 ratio
• I can convert to 2.5:1 or 3.1:1 if desired
• Many Extras Included
• Very Nice Engine!


Email Inquiry/Offer to

AIRCRAFT ENGINES/PARTS - For Sale (07-28-02)

• 1 - 430 Cuyuna Engine and Reduction Drive - $500
• 1 - 400 Kawasaki Engine - $200
• 2 - 650 Hirth Engine - $150/ea
• 1 - VW Engine - $500
• Disassembled Parts from N3PUP Aircraft which was modified to Parasol Wing. All parts to finish.
• New Spars for Wings and Dacron Cloth to Cover - $1000

Call H.D.Slaton at (334)875-5411/875-6767 Home or (334)412-1195 Cell Selma, AL
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

MILITARY CUYUNA 215 CC ENGINES - For Sale (05-01-02)

• I have 14 Military Cuyuna 215CC engines, in the military crates. They look
to be new, though I'm told they were completely rebuilt by Cuyuna when the
military went to an engine that could burn JP5.
• Ity's a neat looking little engine, a few of which I'm going to put in go-carts for the kids.
• I'm also thinking of doing a Really giant scale R/C plane as well. Just
too cool to pass up.

$350 each + Shipping from Central Texas

Please Email request for Pictures
Email Inquiry/Offer to

CUYUNA 430 ENGINES - For Sale (09-23-01 ongoing)

• Two Engines in Good Shape
• Includes Muffler

$250 Each

Email Inquiry/Offer to

WANKEL ROTARY ENGINES - For Sale (08-23-01 ongoing)

• 45hp Wankel Rotary Engines with Vertical Shafts
• Electric Start
• Fan Cooled
• These Engines are New in original crates

$3,500 ea. or all Seven of them for $7,500

Call (801)295-9154
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to


CHOPPY HELICOPTER - Single Place - For Sale (10-06-08)

• Choppy Helicopter

• Do not know the Year
• No Tail Number
• Has Original Motor, Blades, etc.

Asking $850.00 Or Best Offer

Please Call (218)348-8983 - Located in Duluth,MN

SPARROW HAWK II GYROCOPTER - Single Place - For Sale (02-04-09)

• 20 hours TTAE
• 2 Years Olds
• Always Hangared

$65,000 USD

Email Inquiry/Offer to John at

1998 582 AIRCOMMAND SPORTSTER - Single Place - For Sale (04-13-08)

• Prerotator
• Rotor Brake
• Brake System
• Instrument Pod
• 9 Gallon Seat Tank
• 25' Rotordyne Rotor Blade
• Will send photos

Taking Offers

Please Call (541)856-3361
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

GYRO BEE AIRFRAME - Single Place - For Sale (02-26-07)

Click this 'Picture AD' to email

Email Inquiry/Offer to

RAF2000 GTX SE 1996 Gyrocopter - Two Place Trainer - For Sale (02-12-03)


• 16 hours TT on Engine and Airframe
• Heated Cab
• Dual Controls
• Custom Paint
• EA-82 Subaru Engine
• Intercom
• Rotor Blade Covers

$19,500 or Best Offer

Will Consider Trade for Small High Wing Aircraft
Email Inquiry/Offer to

RAF 2000 GYROCOPTER - Two Place - For Sale (08-02-02)

• 1994 GTX SE with 27hrs TT
• Two Place Enclosed Cockpit with Heater

$14,000 US

Please Call 1(888)892-1897
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

DOMINATOR AUTOGYRO - Single Seat - For Sale (04-25-02)

• Rotax 532 Engine w/ Fresh Rebuild
• 24ft Dragon Wings
• Large Tires and Tailwheel
• Test Flown by Designer
• Meantime, I'm Looking for a 2 Seater

$9,500 or Best Offer

Please Call (480)595-9214 Cave Creek, AZ

TWO NEW AIR COMMAND ELITE - Single Place Gyrocopters - For Sale (02-15-02)

• They include all factory options
• 2706 FI Hirth Engines
• White Finish
• New Radios and Helmets Included
• Instruction and Delivery Available
• These are Brand New with only test flight times of 3 hrs each
• Factory Price of over $19,000 each

$17,500 each or Trade for new HD Electraglide Classic

Call Bob Miller at (330)532-2575 in Ohio
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to


ZENITH 701 - Dual Place -
(E-LSA) - For Sale (09-04-16)


• N2701 Mfg: 2015
• AWC: May, 2015
• Annual Condition Inspection: July 2016
• 8 hrs.Total Hours on AF
• 10 hrs.Engine SMOH by Rotax Rick
• Engine Rotax 582
• 2.58 B-Gearbox
• 2-Blade. gnd. adj. 70" IVO Prop
• Elect.Start/Trim
• Microaire Transceiver and X-Ponder
• Lowrance 1000 GPS
• This is a very short video of the first flight take off
• This is the taxi for first flight
• This is a typical landing

$22,950 Now Reduced to $18,950

Contact Cliff Stripling at (830)693-2386 - Located in Marble Falls, TX 78654
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to
For More Pictures and Specs

RANS COURIER S-7S FLOAT PLANE - Dual Seat Tandem - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (10-16-12)

• Enlarged Single View

• Rotax 582 Engine with Fuel Mixture
• TTAE on plane 220 hrs
• 3 Blade Warp Drive Prop
• Cabin Heat
• Comes with a Set of Wheels
• Lots of Extra Features
• Always Hangered

$25,000 Firm

Call (250)847-5497

1999 PHANTOM X1E - Single Seat - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (06-12-11)

• Enlarged Single View

• 503 Rotax Engine with Manual Start, Dual Carbs and Oil Injection, TTE 277 hours
• 10 Gallon Gas Tank
• IVO 3 Blade Ground Adjustable Pitch Prop with Chrome Prop Hub
• In-flight Adjustable Trim
• 750# BRS Emergency Recovery Chute(expired)
• Hard Wired for Pilot Radio and GPS to Run Off Coil with Mounted Antenna
• Dual EGT & CHT, Sensitive Altimeter, Tachometer, Hobbs Meter, Bank Indicator, Keyed Switch
• JHP 500 Radio with Helmet/Mic, includes Wall Charger and New Battery, Push-to-talk Button on Stick
• All Paperwork for Plane, Engine, Radio and BRS Chute
• A & P Maintained and Hangar Kept
• "This plane is too heavy and too fast to meet FAR 103. It was originally registered with an “E” number. I’m the second owner. It is currently unregistered. Very strong and well maintained plane."
• "Stored in my garage with wings removed. Could be flying in 1 ½ hours. Easily transported via flat bed trailer."


Call Blaine at (214)995-2896 • Located near Dallas, TX
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

A COMPLETE SET - (06-21-09)

• N-3 Pup Plans - $100.00

• Airbike Tandem Plans with Instruction Manual and a Full Size Rib Pattern - $225.00

Email Inquiries on One or Both to Dwight at

CAVALIER SA102.5 - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (09-08-07)

• Enlarged Scrolled Views

• TTA 1500hrs
• 67hrs on 0290-d2 135hp Engine
• Split Flaps
• 24 gal.Wingtip Tanks
• Icom A-6
• Artificial Horizon
• New Tires and Brake Pads
• Cruises at 130mph and Lands at 55mph
• 200lb Useful Load Solo
• "An absolute delight to fly. Easy for low time pilots, a blast for high time. Cosmetically, a 7 out of 10, but more than makes up for it in spirit and performance."

$22,000 CDN or Will Trade for 2 place Amphib such as Coot, Volmer or Aventura

Call Chris at (807)468-7817 - Located in Kenora, Ontario, Canada.
Or Email for More Pics and Info to

2004 AVENTURA II - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) (N785RM) - For Sale (06-06-07)

• Scroll Views

• TTAE 83hrs
• Rotax 912 100hp Engine
• Becker AR4201 Transceiver
• ATC 4401 Transponder
• Garmin 296 GPS Color Map
• Warp Drive Prop
• 18 Gal Fuel Tank
• Heavy Duty 12V.Battery
• Tinted Glass
• Extended Rudder Peddles
• Intercom System
• Lights & Strobes
• Elec.Fuel Pump
• Mag.Compass
• Engine Gauges
• Digital Altimeter
• Artificial Horizon
• Airspeed indicator
• Directional Gyro

Will Take Best Offer

Email Ron with your Inquiry/Offer to

2002 RANS S-9 - Single Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) (N813MB) - For Sale (01-16-06)

• Single View

• 100hrs Total Time on Airframe(TTA)
• Rotax 670 w/"C" Box - 10hrs TT on Engine (TTE)
• 3 blade warp drive prop
• Novi Pumper Carbs
• R&D Pipe
• Dual Wing Tanks with Header Tank
• EIS Engine Monitor and G-Meter
• Wheel Pants
• Weighs 480lbs with half tanks
• Death forces sale
• Located 30 miles South of St Louis, Missouri
• Very Fun and Exciting to Fly!

Around $19,000 Invested. Make Offer

Please Call(636)931-4700
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

More Pictures Available at S-9.html

LONG EASY 1983 Model - Experimental - For Sale (07-17-05)

• 90% Complete
• Needs New 3 cylinder Geo Metro Engine Installed
• Lots of Extras
• Six Instruments All New

$20,000 or Best Offer

Contact Richard at (352)689-0072
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to
Also see P51, Gibbo Trike and Libelle 201 Glider Ads by same Party

MINI PIET - Two Place Experimental - For Sale (05-11-05)

• 80% Professionally Built by A&P friend
• Excellent Work; Wings and Tail Feathers Complete
• Airframe on Gear and Most Cables Built
• 1/2 VW Parts and Plans
• No Covering, Instruments or Prop
• Extra AC Plywood and 6061 T6 Aluminum for Lift Struts per Drawings
• Really Nice - First Class Workmanship
• Photos Available upon Request
• "Too lite for me. I am a home builder, but this one is just too lite for my taste. One owner builder prior to me. Always kept in climate controlled area during construction. Each glue batch had samples for destruction testing. Resin glued."
• No Shipping, Cash Only.

$500 or Best Offer

Email Inquiry/Offer to

1992 AVID FLYER - HEAVY HAULER - Two Place Experimental - For Sale (06-07-04)

• Composite View

• Rotax 582 Liquid Cooled w/Electric Start
• 140 Hours TTSN
• 2 Blade Prop
• 2 Wing Tanks - 21 US Gallons Total
• Stol Aircraft w/ folding wing
• Extras Include: Wing and Tail Covers, Windsheild Cover, ELT, Intercom and Skis and Wheels

$30,000 or Best Offer

Call Jim at (250)392-7377 - Located at Williams Lake, BC
Email Inquiry/Offer to

MINIMAX 1600R - Single Place Experimental - For Sale (05-22-04)

• Scroll Views

• First Flown in July 2002.
• Total Hours less than 20 hours due to owner lost medical.
• This Aircraft is perfect and needs nothing more to fly.
• Full Poly Fiber Silver and Paint.
• Rotax 447, Powerfin Prop, free air with fan still in place.
• Above Composite View shows tanks and cowling removed
for annual inspection May 2004
• Would sell or trade for 103 (or close) ultralight of similar value


Call Bob at (724)368-3770 - Located in Western PA
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

KITFOX MODEL I- Two Place Experimental - For Sale (08-06-03)

• New Rotax 582
• New Fabric
• Full VFR Panel
• Nav Lights and Strobe Light
• Includes Trailer and Tow Bar

$15,000 firm or Interesting Trade

Email Inquiry/Offer to

KITFOX MODEL IV 1050 - Two Place Experimental - For Sale (07-26-03)

• Side View

• Yellow Stits Finish
• Yellow Powder Coat Frame
• Blue Interior Fabric with Skystar Logo
• 6 Gallon and 13 Gallon Wing Tanks and 1 Gallon Rear Header Tank
• Rotax 582 with E-Box - 65hrs TTSN Engine and Airframe
• Val 760 in-dash Radio with Built-in Intercom
• Tow Bar and Wing Supports with Trailer Registration
• Cometflash Tip Strobes
• Always Hangared and Flys Straight with no Trim Tabs

$24,000 Canadian Dollars

Email Inquiry/Offer to

QUICKSIVER GT500 N5XY - Two Place Experimental - For Sale (04-21-03)

• Rotax 912 Engine
• 40hrs...Loaded


Call (507)292-0690 for More Details
Email for Pictures to



• Enlarged View

• Paid $1200.00
• Will Sell Both, Still in Box
• New, Never Used

$700 Reduced to $500

Please Call or Text Patrick @(910)620-3383
Or Email Inquiries/Offers to

CORBEN BABY ACE/A-75 Project - For Sale or Trade (01-04-15)

• Plane Needs to be Reassembled and Conditional Inspection
• It is N-Numbered
• Have the Wings Off and Stored in my Garage
• Trade for UL Type of Plane, Plowtruck, Car, Motorcycle, Snowmobile etc...

Please Email Inquiries/Offers to

ROTAX 912 EXHAUST - For Sale (12-22-12)

• Stainless Steel Over the top of the Engine
• 4 into 1 with Silencer
• Less than 10 hrs
• No Cracks! Great Condition!

$350 Or Best Offer

Contact Tharon Judd - Orem Utah at (801)224-4428

MINIMAX - Single Seat - Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (08-26-12)

• Enlarged View

• Bolt on the Wings and Prop
• Add Your Own Engine
• Air Speed Indicator and Compass are Included
• Ready to Fly after Assembly
• Located in Bucyrus, OH

Will Take Best Offer

Contact Tim LaRue at(419)569-8730 or (419)562-3082 Evenings or Weekends.

MX SPRINT PARTS - For Sale (10-30-11)

• Many Tubs of Parts for a MX Sprint with Ailerons
• If you need parts call and ask for the parts you need.
• Low price on everything. Just want to get rid of it. Need to make space.
• I would like $350.00 for the 440cc Rotax Engine, Low Hours.

Everything Must GO

Call John at (802)353-7970

ULTRALIGHT PROP - For Sale (07-18-11)


• 48" dia X 20" Pitch, 6 Hole 2 1/4” Bolt Circle dia with One Inch Center Hole
• "Clockwise Turning Viewed from the Backside, Pushing Wind in your Face."
• Excellent Condition, Never Flown!

$95 or Best Offer

REDUCTION UNIT for Yamaha 100cc engine - For Sale (07-18-11)


• Two Different Pulleys (6” and 8”) for Different Reduction Ratios
• Dimensions for Prop Back Plate and Hub is (6 hole 75mm Bolt Hole Pattern)
• "You could use a different engine, but you would have to make a different driver pulley (2.125”) as this one is made for the Yamaha."

$100 or Best Offer

ULTRALIGHT RECOVERY CHUTE for Ultralight Aircraft - For Sale (07-18-11)


• 22 Gore, Never Used
• Excellent Condition with Cable

$150 or Best Offer

For All Three Items - Together or Separate
Contact Rick at (541)480-3637
Or Email Inquiries/Offers to

CHALLENGER II AMPHIB PROJECT - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft - For Sale (07-24-10)

Enlarged Scrolled Views

• With N-number (Click on picture link above)
• Rotax 503 DCDI with Tall Drive and 60x44 Prop
• Currently on Fiberglass Gear. Also have Amphib Puddle Jumpers that are Rigged for the Plane
• Very Simple and Clean Panel. Plane is Wired using Mil.Spec Wire.
• 10 Gallon Fuel Tank
• Has Flaperon Option
• Tall Sides on the Fuselage
• "I'm currenly working on it every day, so as it gets closer to completion, my price will go up.
• I found a new interest and would like to sell this project ASAP!"

Will Take Best Offer

Call Ben at (337)322-3154 • Located Broussard, LA USA
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

TAYLOR MONOPLANE PROJECT - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (07-16-10)

• Despite really wanting to build and fly a Taylor Monoplane I have decided that I have too many projects and the Taylor must go.

• This is a really nice project with first class workmanship - please follow the link at the end of the ad to see for yourself.

• The Taylor was Specifically Designed for the VW Engine but other Weight/Power Equivalent Engines will work. Has the following: Built Rudder, Tailplane and Elevators, Ailerons, Flaps, all Wing Ribs, beautifully built Landing Gear as per plans, Tailwheel, Center Section Spars (front and rear)and Rear Spar which is one foot shorter for the shorter wing. You would have to splice on one foot to bring up to the regular span. Although the rear spare is for the shorter wing, the flaps and ailerons are for the full size wing and are regular dimensions. Also all wingspar straps both front and rear have been made.

• Control Stick Assembly complete as well as other bits and pieces including Brakes. Much if not all Wood and Ply to finish from plans. Very few metal parts need to be made and all are very easy to make!

• I purchased this project from a gentleman up north (I am an A&P) and was extremely pleased with everything I received. Will be sorry to see it go!

$2,100 or Best Offer - pick up only from Austin, Texas

Email Inquiry/Offer to

See Detailed Pictures of the Project at


COST $460.00, WILL SELL FOR $250.00

Telephone: (715)763-3238
Email Inquiries/Offers to


• Dual Helmets & Headset Systems
• Sport Link Communications
• Dual Dynamic Set with Intercom
• XXL and XL Size Helmets (same as most XL & L).
• Numerous Cables and Accessories
• Excellent Condition


Email Inquiries/Offers to

A COMPLETE SET - (06-21-09)

• N-3 Pup Plans - $100.00

• Airbike Tandem Plans with Instruction Manual and a Full Size Rib Pattern - $225.00

Email Inquiries on One or Both to Dwight at


• For Rotax 914 and Other Engines
• Bing Part Number 64/32/418A and 64/32/419A
• Carbs are NEW and Have Never Been Used!

$550 or Best Offer

Email Inquiry/Offer to Skypilot at

1981 FISHER AERO FP KOALA 101 - Single Seat - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA)- For Sale (03-11-08)

• Enlarged Single View

• Project Plane-Dismantled for Storage
• Needs Work to Finish
• Wood Framed
• Fabric Covered
• Yellow and Black Coloring
• Kawasaki 440 Motor
• Full Instrument Panel
• Brand New Prop
• Located in Illnois
• Will Send More Photos on Request

Best Offer Considered

Email Inquiry/Offer to Brian at

CHALLENGER TAIL KIT - For Sale (08-24-06)

• Covering is Poly Fiber

• Material has been put on frame work, glued, taped, shrunk and has first coat of fabric prep applied

• Purchase includes tail section, remaining material prep to get it ready for paint and assembly instructions for entire plane [Challenger II]

• Tail kit is same for both 1 & 2 place planes

• DOES NOT INCLUDE any additional fabric or tape, MEK based glue, paint, or AN hardware

• The hardware can however be easily and affordably purchased thru Dave at the Quad City UL factory, your local Challenger dealer. Or contact Don Zank at Zanklites. He's the ultimate Challenger guru and will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

• If you're considering a Challenger, this will save you several hundred bucks and about 8-12 hours of time depending on your work dedication, speed, and ethic.

• The Challenger is a great flying affordable 'lil plane. I personally have 400+ hours in Challengers. Time referrenced is 1 and 2 place + long and clipped wings. Beautiful flyers!

$500 or Best Offer + Shipping - Mike Filbrandt in Sparta, WI 54656

Email Inquiry/Offer to

TITAN II PARTS - For Sale (12-14-05)

• Scroll Views

• 23 ft wing with electric flaps
• Boom with strake, fin and rudder
• Main gear with 6x6x15 tires and pants
• Fuel tank and mount with electric boost pump
• Seats and safety belts
• Throttle assy, brake and rudder pedals and joystick assy
• Not a complete plane. Would prefer to sell all rather than individual parts.


• Also have 80 hp volks engine with 127 hours TT
• With Bing altitude compensating carb with mixture control and carb heat
• Scat dual plug heads
• Stainless steel exhaust and muffler
• Dual DYNA capacitor discharge ignition system
• Engine converted from 1900 cc to 2300 cc at 121 hours with larger new pistons, cylinders and valves
• All instruments mounted in panel with complete wiring harness connected
• Located in Hammond,IN

$5,500 for engine, prop and mount, instrument and wiring

Email Inquiries/Offers to


• This is strictly a parts plane with everything except Sails (Sails not included)

$500 or Best Offer

Call (706)245-4171
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to
Also see Engines for another Ad by same party

ZODIAC 601H PROJECT - Two Place Experimental - For Sale (06-02-04)

• Project is 80% Complete
• Professionally Built
• Includes Brand New Rotax 912S Engine never been run and still under Factory Warranty
• Will Consider Selling Engine and Airframe Separately
• Located near Heber, AZ

Contact Dave at (800)514-6953
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to


• Reduction Drive (New) for 3 Cylinder 4-Stroke 62hp GeoMetro Engine (total engine weight 135lb)
• Raven Model UL-1000
• Proven Design
• Lightest Available
• Torsional Dampner
• Outboard Bearing Support
• Complete Kit with Bed Engine Mount
• Free $50 Conversion Manual and Lightened Flywheel

Original Cost $2,200 - First $1,500 Gets It!

Call Richard at (352)307-9009
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

PROPS FOR SALE - For Sale (05-26-04)

• 3 RH 3 Blade Ultraprops
• 1 RH 2 Blade Ultraprop
• 1 RH 2 Blade Tennessee 36x68 Wood Prop
• Never Used

Will Take Best Offer

Call John at (615)644-4399
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

TWO RAPTOR HELMETS - For Sale (02-11-04)

• Scroll Views

• Can be used with Lynx or other Headsets
• Brand New in Original Box and Packing, never used
• Helmets are Kevlar/Fiberglass and Extremely Light
• Two Helmets, both white and Extra Large size with Flip Down Visors,
• Air Dam Visor Extensions and Soft Carry Bags

$475 for both Helmets - Will send UPS ground free of charge.
Also, you can pay using credit card to my PayPal C.Chandler account

Call Charles at (207)782-8036
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

RAGWING PIET PROJECT - For Sale (06-12-03)

• I have changed hobbies and have built 3 Projects and Materials to sell.
• Includes Ragwing Plans, Builders Manual, Videos and Wing Rib Stock
• and Fixtures(2)
• with 10 Ribs Built and lots of Wing Rib Wood.
• Also have a Stock of Metal for Fittings and the Fuel Tank,
• I also have other Plans:
• Team Z-Max Plans and Wing Rib Fixture
• and Corby Starlet (VW Powered Experimental)

Accepting Offers

Email Inquiry/Offer to

CHALLENGER II LONG WING PROJECT - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (02-22-03)

• Includes most Factory Options
• Rotax 503 DCDI Engine
• Fiberglass Landing Gear Legs with Hegar Hydraulic Brakes
• Tinted Lexan
• Polyfiber Fillers Included
• Project is 80% Complete

$14,900 or Best Offer

Contact Dave at (800)514-6953
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to


• White with Visor - Jet helmet Look
• Size - Large
• Excellent Condition

$150 - A Good Price!

Email Inquiry/Offer to

THE "TRIKE THROTTLE SYSTEM" - For Sale (10-09-02)

• The trike throttle system consists of a Dual Throttle Mixer, a serrated handwheel cruise throttle and a cable splitter for dual carburetor installations.

For more information, call Joe at (714)754-1708

Joe Rovan
2740 San Carlos Ln
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Or Email Joe at
See Detailed Drawings at

CHALLENGER NOSE CONE - For Sale (07-25-02)

• New in Box
• Can be Shipped Insured for $50

Retails for $330 - First $200 Takes it

Email John at


• 3 Blade 72inch Ground Adjustable Pitch RH Prop
• Like NEW Condition (not even dirty) - No Nicks or Damage
• Only 1 hour running time on Quicksilver GT-500 with a Rotax 582 w/3:1 ratio Gearbox
• 2" Diameter Heavy Duty Blades and Heavy Duty Hub that fits the Rotax Bolt Pattern
• Blades have 1/16" thick Laminations (about 32 laminations/blade) - no damage
• This is really a Great Prop! I have had this type on many different
planes and have always been satisfied with the quality and the performance
of Propeller Engineering propellers. I will accept moneyorders, Ebay
(Billpoint) payments and even Paypal. The shipping and packing will be a
flat charge of $17.00 for Priority Mail Shipping.

Paid over $450 +

See Ebay #1824570626


• Brand New never been worn and still in box
• Features Include:
- Altitude/Time Function
- Pilot function (Total vertical ascent/descent, number of thermals flown, etc.)
- Weather Function
- Timing Function

"I'm looking to sell this puppy for around $160-$179 Canadian Dollars...Any Bites?"

Call Stephen Maksymetz at (614)549-6694
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Please contact Mike Theeke at (423)364-9379

                                                • 103 Legal - SKY CYCLES - For Sale
                                                • 2011 Models at a Reduced Price
                                                • These are Ready-to-Fly, Complete with Wings
                                                • Prices Range from $10,000 to $18,000
                                                • Please Call (423)364-9379 or Email for more information
                                                • Training is Available

Michael (Mike) Theeke, CFIS
Fly Hard Trikes, Inc.
Weight Shift Control Flight School
Home of the award winning

Phone (423)364-9379
P.O. Box 138
Wildwood, GA 30757

Please contact Mike Theeke at (423)364-9379

                                                • 103 Legal 2011 - SKY CYCLE - FIRE FLY - (above photo)

                                                • This soaring machine is our lightest model
                                                • It is equipped with Zenoah 24 HP engine
                                                • Other features are:
                                                   - 4 point safety harness
                                                   - 6 inch tires
                                                   - 2 blade wooden prop with Eurolite leading edge
                                                   - small gauge pod
                                                   - gauges
                                                   - front wheel cover
                                                   - back wheel covers
                                                   - fairings
                                                   - front brake
                                                   - aluminum wheels
                                                   - hand throttle with primer
                                                   - strobe light with power supply
                                                   - side bags with 24 gore hand deployed parachute
                                                   - ceramic coated muffler
                                                   - Airborne Sting 174 wing

                                                • Demo Hours are all that's on this Trike

Asking $10,500

Michael (Mike) Theeke, CFIS
Fly Hard Trikes, Inc.
Weight Shift Control Flight School
Home of the award winning

Phone (423)364-9379
P.O. Box 138
Wildwood, GA 30757

Please contact Mark D. at (321)225-0234

New and Used DFS Spartan Trikes and PPC's Single and Dual Seater's
North Wing Trike's /PD canopy's for PPC's
With Rotax 503's and 582's!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Email Inquiries to

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To reply to any ads in the PDF file, contact:

Victoria Payne
Adminstrative Assistant
5223 Bucktown Rd.
Cambridge, MD 21613

ENGINES Starting at $100 - For Sale (08-05-06)

• Rotax, Kawasaki, Hirth, Cuyuna, Solo, Zenoah, KFM, JPX, Koenig & Others
• Single, Twin, Three, Four Cylinder, Opposed & Rotary - New, Rebuilt and "As-Is"
• Parts, Repairs, Carbs, Tuned Exhausts, Starters and Props
• 10 Different Styles of Reduction Drives.

Contact "J-Bird" at (262)626-2611

ongoing (6-18-05)
• ACCEPTING ORDERS......................................

• Specializing in wood propellers
• Made to fit the customers needs from one end of the spectrum to the other
• Many profiles to choose from, including SCIMITAR
• We offer BLACK WALNUT in our Wood Choices
• And ALL of our woods are HAND CULLED w/special attention given to the demands of prop making!!
• Friendly, personal service...
• Please email or call for a Price, more pictures, etc.
• If we don't have what you need, we can cut it for you......

• Also available straight out of the Replicator in the Rough for those who like to do their own
finish work and Save a CHUNK of $$$Money$$$

PRICES start as low as $95.00

Jay Anderson
Comanche TX 76442


Or Call (325)356-2810


60 Inch Long Winsock with S\S Swivel

$15 for 1 or $25 for 2

• Bright Colors of Red, White and Blue Combo
• Easily seen from Ground or Air
• No such thing as too many Windsocks!

$15 for 1 or $25 for 2

Includes the Priority Mail Shipping to You
Send Check, Cash or Money Order to:

Steve Beatty
7308 West Griffin Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85303

Also see Engines for Rebuild/Repair


• New, Used, Rebuilt Rotax, Cuyuna, Kawasaki, Solo and many other Engines,
Redrives and Exhaust in Stock.
• C.D.I. conversions for all Rotax Engines still only $275 after 14 years and more than 900 installed.
• Rotax Crankshaft Rebuild Center using GENUINE Rotax Parts and All in Stock!
• Complete Engine and GearBox Overhauls. Quick Turn Arounds!

Call Steve at AIRSCREW PERFORMANCE (623)842-3902.

Also see Winsocks for Sale

(12-07-04 ongoing)

Good Quality Video

$25 2hr VHS Tape Sample Frame from Video

• Two Hours of Video Flying in a CGS Hawk Classic
• Lots of Take-Offs and Landings
• Summer and Fall Colors
• Mostly from Inside the Cockpit

$25 Shipping Included
Email Requests to

AUTO-BIRD Part 103 Ultralight AIRCRAFT - For Sale (02-03-03)

• TRUE Part 103 Ultralight
• STREET LEGAL: Drive it to and from your home. gas station, etc.
• Max. Level-Flight Airspeed:62 mph
• Stall Speed: 26 mph
• Empty Weight: 239 lb
• Gross Weight: 505 lb
• Useful Load: 235 lb
• Fuel Capacity: 5 gal.
• Range: 250 mi.
• Take Off Roll: 195 ft.
• Rate of Climb: 335 fpm
• Aerobatic Airframe
• Current Delivery Delay Estimate: 4 months

Pre-Production Price: $5,975
(50% Discount: Post Production Price is $11,950)

For information or to Reserve you Place in the Queue:
Write to: Auto-Bird Aircraft
P.O.Box 70
Horseshoe Bend, ID 83629

Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

CHALLENGER KITS ASSEMBLED - For Sale (12-15-01 ongoing)

• I have built over 20 Challenger Kits in the last 11 Years
• So you know it will be done with highest level of Accuracy and Completeness

I get $2,500 Ready for Primer and Paint
Or $4,000 with Plane Paint finished and Stripes.
You Supply the Paint

Call Ray at (602)370-5954 in Arizona
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

NEW!!! EXCALIBUR - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) Trainers - For Sale (ongoing)

• Rotax 503 Engines
• Shock Cord Landing Gear System
• 64 Inch Prop Loads

Call Tom Karr at (941)471-0099
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to
For More Info, check out our Website at

ROTAX GEARDRIVES - For Sale (05-19-01 ongoing)

• Rotax Geardrive for Subaru EA-81 Engine Complete
• Has Provision for Starter
• Also New "C" Gearbox.....$800

Call Randy Beachler at (502)225-0477 in KY
Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

NEW SINGLE SEAT AIRFRAMES - For Sale (05-15-01 ongoing)

• New Single Seat Airframes Unlimited Powered Parachute Airframe....$1,995!
• Go to the Website Below for more info/photos

Click here to See Products


• These Airframes are Ready for your Engine and Canopy!
• Be in the air in 2-3 hours!

Click here to See Products

ROTAX PARTS - For Sale/Trade (08-01-01 ongoing)

• Rotax 447, gearbox, prop, tach & EGT $1,000 US/$1,500 CAN
• Rotax 447/503 pusher exhaust $150 US/$225 CAN
• Prop shroud for pusher $50 US/$75 CAN
• Paraflight 2 seat trike frame (no wing or wheels) $200 US/$300 CAN
• Rotax 503 oil injection system $100 US/$150 CAN


• 2 or 3" Rate of climb indicator suitable for Ultralight
• Prop spinner Tractor/Rotax hub
• Tight 750 floats

Call Rick Hardy at (705)785 3884 or fax (705)785 3084 Soo,Ontario,CAN
Email Inquiry/Offer to

BLUEPRINT PLANS - Long Eze (ongoing)

• Long Eze Blueprint Plans
• Includes Templates


Email Inquiry to Richard at


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