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Listed 03-12-10 - Sold 03-26-10

I sold my Skycycle Light Trike listed on A-Z Ultralights back in March of 2010.

Thanks a bunch,

SKYCYCLE - LIGHT TRIKE - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (03-12-10)

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    • This Trike Runs Like New and has been Maintained Properly.
    • 25 hp 172 cc Black Devil Engine
    • It was made by Michael Theeke at Flyhard Trikes.
    • DOES NOT come with the Wing.
    • I can get you a New or Used Wing if you want.
    • That’s what I do at Bay Area Hang Gliding.
    • I can also Provide Training.

    Will Take Best Offer

    Contact Michael D. Jefferson - BAY AREA HANG GLIDING
    Owner - Located Mountain View, CA USA • Telephone: (408)656-6799

    Listed 09-08-15 - Sold 09-14-15

    The ppc sold so fast, I can't believe it. I appreciate your service and would be happy to give you a "birddog" fee for your help if you would let me.

    Thx so much

    2002 BUCKEYE DREAM MACHINE - Two Place - For Sale(09-08-15)

    • Enlarge to Scrolled Views

    • Rotax 582 Blue Top Rotax Engine
    • TTAE 85 hrs
    • 500sqft ιlan Chute
    • Electric and Pull Start
    • Taskem Electronic Gauges
    • Two Saddle Bags
    • Line Trimmers
    • Chute Bag
    • Line Covers
    • Plane Cover
    • Car-Mate Custom Trailer

    -- with Cabinets
    -- Fold Down Double Bed
    -- Sink with on-demand Water Pump
    -- Insulated with AC/Heat
    -- 12volt Lighting and Winch
    -- Spring Assisted Fold Down Rear Door with Flood Lights
    -- Tool Box on Hitch with Electric Jack

    Immediate Sale - $10,500 for Both

    Call Mike at (573)406-8206
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 05-1-13 - Sold 05-22-15

    Just a quick note to move the Excalibur N200GE to the solds area.

    Thanks for your service.
    Gary Eisert

    EXCALIBUR - 2 Place - For Sale (05-11-13)

    Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 07-21-14 - Sold 10-02-14

    The plane has been sold. I appreciate the help. I'm recommending you for advertising help to an acquaintance whom contacted me with the hopes of finding someone to buy their plane or help sell it.

    Thanks Again!

    EASY-FLYING QUICKSILVER SPORT 2S - Dual Place - (E-LSA) - For Sale (07-21-14)

    • Enlarged Single View

    • A&P Built, Flown & Maintained
    • Flew November 2009
    • 82hrs TTAE
    • Large Tires
    • 4hr Flying Time Tank Capacity
    • Elevator Trim and MORE!!!
    • In FLight Video

    $15,500 or BEST OFFER!

    Contact Brandon Morris, broker at (479)200-9292 - Located in Fayetteville, AR

    Listed 03-08-12 - Sold 09-05-14

    I sold my Kolb firefly project.

    Thanks for your help.

    KOLB FIREFLY - Single Seat - Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (03-08-12)

    • Unfinished Project
    • Covered but no Engine or Instruments
    • Part 103 Ultralight
    • Unregistered

    $5,000 or Offer

    Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 09-30-10 - Sold 06-08-12

    Sold it in 2012...


    1988 QUICKSILVER SPORT I - Single Seat - Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (09-30-10)

    • Enlarged Single View

    • Rotax 377 Engine
    • New Sails
    • New Down Tube and New Axle Tube and More


    Call Kelly at (480)347-9149
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 07-31-13 - Sold 02-06-14

    Please remove Para Plane Wind Dancer from classifieds.
    It has SOLD!

    Ben Miles

    PARA PLANE WINDANCER - Single Seat - For Sale (07-31-13)

    • Enlarged Scrolled Views

    • Instrumentation Includes: Tach, Engine Temp and Altimeter.
    • Kawasaki 440 Engine TTE 60 Hours.
    • Equipped with Strobe Light.
    • The Chute and Trike are in Excellent Condition.
    • Original Owner.
    • Very Easy to Fly and a Real Blast!


    Contact Ben at (716)597-4615 near Buffalo, New York
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 06-12-11 - Sold 12-29-13

    My 1999 Phantom that I advertised on your website has sold.
    Please remove the ad from your classifieds section.
    OK to post on your “sold” page.

    Thx, Blane

    1999 PHANTOM X1E - Single Seat - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (06-12-11)

    • Enlarged Single View

    • 503 Rotax Engine with Manual Start, Dual Carbs and Oil Injection, TTE 277 hours
    • 10 Gallon Gas Tank
    • IVO 3 Blade Ground Adjustable Pitch Prop with Chrome Prop Hub
    • In-flight Adjustable Trim
    • 750# BRS Emergency Recovery Chute(expired)
    • Hard Wired for Pilot Radio and GPS to Run Off Coil with Mounted Antenna
    • Dual EGT & CHT, Sensitive Altimeter, Tachometer, Hobbs Meter, Bank Indicator, Keyed Switch
    • JHP 500 Radio with Helmet/Mic, includes Wall Charger and New Battery, Push-to-talk Button on Stick
    • All Paperwork for Plane, Engine, Radio and BRS Chute
    • A & P Maintained and Hangar Kept
    • "This plane is too heavy and too fast to meet FAR 103. It was originally registered with an “E” number. I’m the second owner. It is currently unregistered. Very strong and well maintained plane."
    • "Stored in my garage with wings removed. Could be flying in 1 ½ hours. Easily transported via flat bed trailer."


    Call Blaine at (214)995-2896 • Located near Dallas, TX
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 05-21-12 - Sold 05-01-13

    The Kitfox II ad can be deleted that was submitted by Don P.Henderson
    has been sold. Thanks for listing the ad!

    Don P.Henderson

    KITFOX II - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft Experimental (E-LSA) - For Sale (05-21-12)

    • Enlarged Single View

    • Homebuilt/Experimental/Sport Pilot Rated
    • Licensed in 2000 as N670DH
    • BLue/Silver Colors
    • TTAE 260Hrs
    • Rotax 582, 65 HP Engine
    • Drooped Wingtips for better STOL
    • Wings Fold/Detach
    • Takes Off in 200-300 ft.
    • Lands in about 300 ft. Stall Speed 25-30mph
    • With One Person, Cruises 75-80mph
    • "Flies Like an Eagle!"

    $12,500 US

    Call Don at (740)397-4140 or (740)504-0161

    Listed 09-09-12 - Sold 09-11-12

    Thank you very much Phil,
    I also posted an ad on Craigslist on Sunday.
    I sold the PPC today to a man that lives an hour away from me...
    What's the chances of that!
    Thank you for your awesome service to the ultralight community.


    2001 EAGLE'S WING SCOUT - Powered Parachute - Single Seat Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (09-09-12)

    • Enlarged Single Views

    • Engine - Zenoah Z50 45 Hp 488cc 2 Stroke Engine - w/Electric and Pull Start - Runs Great!
    • 192Hrs. TTAE
    • Apco 400 Sq Ft Parachute in Excellent Condition
    • Nav-Com Avionics Radio and Helmet w/Headset
    • New Magellan Touchscreen GPS (400.00 value)
    • Strobe and Landing Lights
    • Custom Cover
    • Custom Trailer Included!
    • Located in Raleigh, NC


    Call (919)272-4974
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 04-03-12 - Donated 05-01-12

    Hey Phil,
    Please pull my add as I have donated my VP1 to EAA 382 for their flight program, it's no longer for sale.
    Thank you very much for your help.
    Keep the blue scene above !!

    Jack W. Ayers

    VOLKSPLANE VP-1 - N14657 - Single Seat - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (03-29-12)

    • Enlarged Single View

    • Revmaster R2100D Engine 68hrs TTE Hand Start
    • 7 Gallon Fuel Tank
    • Throttle Body Injection
    • Instrumentation Includes: Air speed , Tach , Altimeter , Oil Pressure , Oil Heat Throttle & Carb Heat
    • New Lexan Wind Screen Available; Old Cracked One Removed
    • Always Hangared in Garage with Wing Panels Removed
    • 45 Minutes to Remount Wings on Fuselage
    • Pics Show Inspection Holes Open, for Illustration Purposes
    • New Paint and Decals for "Experimental" and N# NOT Applied
    • Buyer Option to Re-Register Personalized "N" Number
    • "It's a great flyer especially with the Revmaster engine."


    Located in Toledo, OH
    Email Jack for Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 01-06-07 - Sold 02-29-12

    We sold our ultralight. Please remove this advertisement from .

    Joseph Neibich

    QUICKSILVER FIXED WING WEIGHT SHIFT - Single Place "True" Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (01-06-07)

    • 17x5 Wingspan
    • 15hp Yamaha Go Cart Racing Engine (Worth over $1,000 by itself) • Several add-ons included:

    	_Special Motor Mount
    	_Landing Gear
    	_Engine Upgrade
    	_Drive Shaft
    	_Special Prop Hub


    Please call 480 580 3837 and ask for Jerry – Serious Inquiries Only
    Or Email Pat with your Contact Info at

    Listed 06-12-11 - Sold 02-25-12

    We sold our ultralight!!! Thank you so much for your help.

    Joseph Neibich

    QUICKSILVER MX ULTRALIGHT - Single Seat - Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (06-12-11)

    • Enlarged Single View

    • Yamaha 2 Cycle 15hp High Performance Engine
    • 34 Foot Wing Span
    • Does need some work
    • Located in Gilbert Arizona just South of Phoenix


    Please Call us at (480)963-5908

    Listed 09-04-09 - Retained 01-31-12

    Please remove the ad in the TRADE section for the 1941 Aeronca Chief, dated 9/4/09. I’m going to hold on to it and continue working on it. Thanks for running it.

    Chris Murray

    1941 AERONCA CHIEF PROJECT - Dual Seat Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Trade(09-04-09)

    • 1941 Aeronca Chief Example Photo 1941 Aeronca Chief Similiar Project Layout

    • Will Trade 1941 Aeronca Chief Project for Flying Fixed Wing Part 103 Ultralight
    • N-Numbered - N31986
    • Fully Certified - License is in Normal Category
    • Plane Registered with FAA and State of AZ
    • All parts and Materials Available Plus Extras (Does not include Covering, Prop or Windshield)
    • Continental A-65 Engine with TTE 600Hrs
    • Rather have a Fixed Wing Ultralight
    • Located in Central Arizona

    Taking Offers

    Contact Chris • Telephone: (480)792-6710
    Or Email Inquiries/Offers to

    Listed 08-01-11 - Sold 11-19-11

    Flightstar has been sold as of 19 nov.....thanks

    FLIGHTSTAR II - Dual Seat - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (08-01-11)

    • Enlarged Composite View

    • Total Hours (TTAE) 335 hrs; Rotax 582 Engine Torn Down at 220 hrs
    • Full instrumentation and GPS
    • Air to Ground Radio with Best Lynx Headsets
    • Ballistic Chute just Repacked
    • Three Blade Prop - Ground Adjustable Pitch
    • "Excellent Shape, Always Hangered at my Farm. Hanger and Spare Parts/Tools included."

    $10,000 or Best Offer

    Call Roger at (704)221-1926 • Located in Monroe, NC

    Listed 05-31-10 - Sold 11-07-10

    My engine sold ...

    1945 5 CYL RADIAL ENGINE - For Sale (05-31-10)

    • Enlarged Scrolled Views

    • Made by Lawrence
    • Weighs 80lbs
    • 37 hp rating
    • Magneto Ignition
    • "This APU engine would make a nice engine in an ultralight/sport aircraft."


    Contact Michael at (810)964-2298 • Located in Michigan
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 09-19-10 - Sold 10-28-10

    Hi, I have been notified that the sale was made. Thank you very much.

    Larry Parlett

    SKY RAIDER - Single Seat Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (09-19-10)

    • Enlarged Single View

    • Excellent Condition
    • 503 Rotax Engine
    • High Wing
    • Yellow & Red

    $7,000 Or Best Offer

    Contact George at (607)273-7932 • Can be seen at White Birch Airport, Hancock, NY

    Listed 07-16-10 - Sold 10-08-10

    Cancel Cayuna Motor Ad with Gear Box for $400.00. It was Sold.

    Thanks, Ron

    43O CUYUNA MOTOR - For Sale (07-16-10)

    • New Top End, New Piston Rings and All New Gaskets
    • Pull Start complete with Dual Carbs
    • Includes Brand New 3 to 1 Gear Reduction Box (Would Consider selling Gear Box Separately)
    • Engine will need some Run-Up/Break-In time


    Call Ron at (641)990-8139
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 09-06-10 - Sold 09-11-10

    Thank you – we just sold it today! Appreciate the help.

    QUICKSILVER MXII SPRINT 1993 - Dual Seat Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (09-06-10)

    • Enlarged Single View

    • Rotax 582UL DCDI(Dual Carb/Ignition) Water Cooled Engine w/Electric Start - Approx.TTE 210hrs
    • Engine Equipped with Bing Carbs, Breakerless Ignition System and Oil Injection
    • Equipped with BRS Recovery Chute
    • Includes Instrument Panel

    $6,000 Or Best Offer

    For Serious Inquires, Please Call (509)220-1029

    Listed 05-06-09 - Sold 09-02-10

    Please remove my add for the Raceair Skylight as it has been sold.

    Thanks again, Bruce

    RACEAIR SKYLIGHT - Single Seat True Part 103 Ultralight - Parts Plane - For Sale (05-06-09)

    • Enlarged Scrolled View

    • Open Cockpit, Parasol, Taildragger
    • 3 Axis Control
    • Cuyuna/2SI 460 Laps 40HP Engine (needs Engine work or to be replaced)
    • New Mikuni VM32 Carb
    • Needs New Prop
    • Instrumentation includes: DUAL CHT-EGT, ASI, ALT, TACH, COMPASS and HOBBS HOUR METER
    • Strobe Light
    • Cockpit Adjustable Elev Trim Tab
    • Spun Alum Wheels With Brakes
    • Always Hangared
    • One Owner
    • Has it's own Trailer, Designed to Haul this Aircraft

    $3,800 - Cash Only At Time of Delivery

    Call (734)426-8660 Near Ann Arbor, MI
    Or Email Inquiries/Offers to

    Listed 05-01-10 - Sold 08-10-09

    My 503 rotax engine is sold.

    Thank you, Richard

    ROTAX 503 ENGINE - For Sale (05-01-10)

    • Enlarged Scrolled Views

    • 503 SCDI(Single Carb Dual Ignition) Engine with Zero Time
    • Includes Bing 54 Carb & Exhaust Muffler
    • New Pistons and Rings
    • Crankshaft - All Bearings OK - Inspected by AP Mechanics
    • Case Head Sand Blasted and Coated with Stainless Polyester Resin Coating and Clear Coat
    • Test Run - 1 Hour Continuous
    • Ready to Install!

    $2,300 Or Best Offer

    Email Inquiries/Offers to Richard at

    Listed 08-16-09 - Sold 11-08-09

    Hello Phil!
    I have sold my Teenie Two. Please remove it from your list. Thank you very much for your assistance in selling it.

    Sincerely, John Masslich

    TEENIE TWO Project - Light Sport Qualified Experimental(E-LSA) - Single Place - For Sale (08-16-09)

    Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 11-15-08 - Sold 07-12-09

    1984 QUICKSILVER MX - Single Seat - Light Sport Aircraft(E-LSA) - For Sale (11-15-08)


    • Cuyuna Engine
    • Also Includes Spare Engine
    • Two Props with one Variable Pitch
    • Both Control Axis on the Stick
    • "This plane was built by the person who builds for Kolb in Kentucky.
    • He built it for a person who could not use his legs. Can be converted back."


    Contact Jack (734)334-6828 Romulus Michigan (Near Detroit)

    Listed 09-18-08 - Sold 05-31-09

    Hello Phil!
    Please remove airbike and airbike tandem plans. They are sold.


    AIRBIKE TANDEM PLANS - For Sale (09-18-08)

    • DRAWING SIZE: 24" X 30"


    AIRBIKE SINGLE SEAT PLANS - For Sale (09-18-08)

    • DRAWING SIZE: 30" X 36"


    Email Request For Pictures or your Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 08-25-08 - Sold 05-31-09

    Hello Phil!
    Please remove LePelican plans. LePelican plans are no longer available.


    A SET OF 80's PELICAN Part 103 Ultralight PLANS from Sun-N-Fun Fly-In - For Sale (08-25-08)

    • Enlarged Single View

    • All Dimensional Plans.
    • Builder/Designer Jean Rene Leagen


    Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 08-10-08 - Sold 05-31-09

    Hello there!
    Please remove SuperCat Part 103 Ultralight aircraft. It is SOLD!


    1998 SUPERCAT - Single Seat - Light Sport Aircraft(LSA) - For Sale (08-10-08)

    • Enlarged Scrolled View

    • 377 Rotax ... New Condition - Rebuilt in 2005
    • 68" New Wood Propeller
    • BRS-900 Chute
    • Includes Engine Cowling, Muffler and Exhaust
    • Full Instrumentation
    • New Windshield Installed ... not shown in pics
    • 4130 Steel Cockpit Canopy Frame
    • New Wheel Assembly
    • A Set of Plans
    • Ready to Paint your own Color
    • Located in Northwest Florida


    Or Trade for 18-20 foot Bass Boat with 75-115 HP or Beaver or Flitplane Part 103 Ultralight Aircraft
    Email Inquiries/Offers to

    Listed 04-19-09 - Sold 05-19-09

    Hi Phil,
    SOLD! Thanks for putting up our ad...we had so many calls within the first few hours even!
    It is listed for Christopher Plummer in SC, a two-seater ultralight and we were $12,000...
    Thanks again for your site!


    AIRBORNE EDGE X 2000 - Two Place Light Sport Aircraft(LSA) - For Sale (04-19-09)

    • Enlarged Scrolled View

    • Wizard Wing
    • 582 Rotax Engine
    • 4 Blade Aero Fiber Industries Prop
    • Electric and Pull Start
    • Full Instrument Panel
    • Smart Strobes System
    • Wheel Pants included; not shown in picture
    • LOW HOURS - Only 64 hrs TTAE
    • One Owner; stored in garage
    • Located in Columbia, SC in Excellent Condition
    • EXTRAS Included in price: 2 Comtronics Aero Pro Helmets with Intercom Box
    • Custom Open Trailer


    Call Chris at (803)865-8092
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 04-06-09 - Sold 04-19-09

    Hi Phil,
    I sold the Rans S-14 to a local pilot. I did receive a few inquires from your web page.


    RANS S-14 AIRAILE - Single Seat Sport Plane - For Sale (04-06-09)

    • Click to Enlarge File Photo

    • 100 hrs TTAE
    • Rotax 503 DC/DI with Intake Silencer
    • Dual EGT/CHT Gauges
    • Dual 9 Gal Wing Tank
    • Warp Drive Ground Adjustable Prop
    • Electric Start
    • Long Wing 31 Feet
    • Clear Coat on Sails
    • Toe Brakes
    • Tinted Full Enclosure
    • Oil Injection
    • Radio W/ Head Set


    Contact John (575)382-9121
    Or Email Inquiries/Offers to

    Listed 10-28-08 - Sold 03-09-09

    My 1996 flightstar is SOLD!!!


    96 FLIGHTSTAR SPYDER - Single Seat Light Sport Aircraft - For Sale(10-28-08)

    • Enlarged Scrolled View

    • N – Numbered as Experimental Light Sport Aircraft
    • Good Condition
    • Rotax 503 Engine with Dual Ignition
    • 245 Hours TTAE
    • Instrumentation Includes: ASI, ALT, TACH, Dual EGT-CHT and HOBBS HOURMETER
    • Dual Elevator Control
    • 10 Gal Tank
    • 3 Blade Prop
    • Folding Wings
    • Enclosed Cockpit and Rear Fairing
    • Always Hangared
    • Garmin GPS 111 and Delcom Radio Included
    • Portable Hanger Also for Sale for $8,000
    • "An extremely forgiving, easy to fly, short take off and landing plane."

    $8,000 - Shipping Available

    Call David Crider at (970)381-3094 in Fort Collins, CO

    Listed 10-14-08 - Found 02-21-09

    Hi, I did find the A box gear I had placed a want ad for and no longer need this ad posted.
    Thank you for the service.


    WANTED - 2.58 TO 1 ROTAX "A" GEARBOX (10-14-08)

    • I Could Also Use Just the Drive Gear
    • I Believe it is 19 Teeth on the 2.58 Box

    Email Inquiry/Offer to Mark at

    Listed 01-07-09 - Sold 01-29-09

    N43865 Aeros Venture trike is sold.

    2000 AEROS VENTURE - Two Place Trike - For Sale (01-07-09)

    • Enlarged Scrolled View

    • N-Numbered
    • Airborne Streak-1 Wing
    • In-Flight Trim Adjustment
    • 80hp 4-stroke VW Engine with Valley Engineering Prop Speed Reduction Drive
    • 2.5 gal/hr
    • New Ivo 3-blade 66-in.Ground Adjustable Prop
    • Also have 7x12 V-nose enclosed cargo trailer with 20-ft tube on top for wing storage.

    $2,500 for Trailer, contingent on selling trike.(Click above Thumbnail for Photos)

    $10,000 for trike

    Call Bob Sundquist at (913)557-9026 (H) or (913)440-2100 (W) in Paola, KS for more information
    Or Email Bob at

    Listed 09-10-08 - Sold 10-21-08

    Please remove the advertisement for - The 2002 BLUE HERON. It has been sold locally. Thanks.

    Dean Fagan

    2002 BLUE HERON MARATHON • N60271 - Dual seat - For Sale (09-10-08)

    • 15 Enlarged Scrolled Views

    • Current Airworthiness Certificate and Annual Inspection
    • PPC Specifications:

    . Engine: Rotax 582 DC, 65HP, liquid cooled
    . Fuel: 10 gallon
    . Propeller: 3 Blade KievProp
    . Height 6’6”
    . Length 9’8”
    . Empty weight: 298 lbs
    . Gross Weight: 850lbs
    . Maximum Payload: 500 lbs
    . Powrachute: ELAN 500 Sq Ft 
    . Takeoff Distance: 150-200 ft.
    . Landing distance 150 ft.
    . Max Climb Rate: 900 fpm
    . Cruise Speed: 26-36 mph
    . Range 115 miles; Extras
    . Undercarriage Truss System
    . Rear Tundra Tires
    . Front Disk Brakes
    . Throttle Extension Bracket
    . (2) Strobes
    . Prop Spinner
    . Marathon/All American Saddle Bags
    . Landing Lights & Chute Lights
    . Canopy Line Socks
    . Lynx Radio Patch Cord w/PTT, and ICOM Aviation Radio 
    . Total time: 207 Hours (recently de-carboned and new seals)

    10,500 Or Best Offer

    Contact Dean Fagan at (614)348-4560(cell) in Marengo, Ohio
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer or for Additional Pictures to

    Listed 05-10-08 - Sold 07-01-08

    It's been sold.... Thanks for your help!!

    Ben Bell

    BEARCAT TAILDRAGGER - Single Seat Light Sport Aircraft - For Sale (05-10-08)


    • Built in 2003 Rotax 503 DCDI, C-box, Clutch, Electric Start
    • Electric Flaps
    • Disk Brakes
    • ALT, VSI, ASI, Certical Card Compass, Dual CHT and EGT
    • TTAE 37 Hours
    • Email For More Pics

    Price Slashed $8,500

    Contact Ben Bell Owner at (337)322-3154 - Located in Broussard, LA USA
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 07-14-06 - Sold 08-14-08

    Please remove my for sale ad under Power Parachute ... It has been sold. Thank you for your service.

    Ray Ching

    DESTINY XLT (2001) - Two Place Powered Parachute Trainer - For Sale (07-14-06)

    • Apco 500 Hybrid Chute - Just sent to Mojo's for its Annual Inspection
    • TTAE 38hrs (Total Time on Airframe and Engine)

    • Rotax 582, 2 cycle, 2 cylinder Engine with Oil-Injection w/ "E" Drive
    • Dual Magneto ("and all the Standard Gizmos included")
    • Dual Carburetor Covers
    • Exhaust Plug
    • Ceramic Coated Exhaust System
    • Electric and Manual Start
    • New Fuel Line System with Large Fuel Filter
    • Ten Gallon Tank

    • Power Fin 3 Blade Prop with 7" Aluminum Spinner

    • EIS Model 2000PP Engine Information System with GPS Interface
    • Includes a Pair of Comtronics Headsets/Helmets with Intercom System for Pilot and Passenger Communications

    • Chrome Blue Frame
    • Side Bags
    • Aluminum Foot Bars
    • Front Drum Brake
    • Strobe
    • Smooth Turf Tires installed with Spare Knobby Set included

    • Steel Frame Trailer with Aluminum Ramps and New Spare Tire Included

    • "Unit has more storage time than flight time - a major reason for selling."

    • "I am interested in selling this PPC to purchase a Yamaha Venture. Will consider used Venture in trade. Not interested in any other type of motorcycle."

    or Trade for Yamaha Venture Motorcycle - Located in Lakeland, FL

    Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 05-04-08 - Sold 06-15-08

    I sold my Airborne 2000 EdgeX red tryke. Thank you for your help!

    Christian Hulot Sage

    AIRBORNE 2000 EDGE X - Two Place Light Sport Aircraft - For Sale (05-04-08)

    • Enlarged Single View

    • Comptronics Set
    • Streak Wing
    • Rotax 582 Blue Head
    • Trailer with Two Wing Racks
    • FAA Registered N Number Experimental
    • 120 Hours TTAE


    Call (512)301-6330
    Or Email your Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 08-05-07 - Sold 05-13-08

    You can remove this ad, it was successful! Thank you for your service!!!

    Mike Sambuco

    PUDDLE JUMPER FLOATS - For Sale (08-05-07)

    • 14ft Amphib Set Up for Quicksilver MX II Two Seater
    • Used One Year with Approx 30 hrs
    • Located in Colerain, Ohio near Wheeling, WV

    $4,500 Negotiable

    Call (304)639-3927

    Listed 06-01-06 - Sold 03-27-08

    It has been SOLD!!

    Thanks, Ed

    BRAND NEW, KRUCKER AMPHIBIOUS - 2 Place Float Trikes - For Sale (06-01-06)

    • with Staggered Second Bucket Seat.
    • The Latest Features and Upgrades includes new Rotax 582 and your Choice of Wings.
    • Dual Strobes
    • Clutch for Easy taxiing on Water
    • Full EIS Electronic Instrument Panel
    • Quiet 3 Blade Carbon Fiber Prop with Stainless Edges
    • Dual Flight Controls including Throttle and Brakes
    • The Krucker floats are the only floats designed specifically for Trikes.
    • Don't need Spray Guards and does well in Salt and Fresh water!
    • We have a new aircraft just being finished now.
    • Call now to be just in time to add the options you want!
    • Yellow floats with Retractable Wheels suitable for the new Experimental Light Sport Aircraft (ELSA) category.
    • Price negotiable depending on Wings and Options
    • This is as Top of the Line as it gets!
    • Ready to Go!

    Contact Chesapeake Ultralights, Chip Wilson for additional details or pricing
    Cell phone (202)320-9700

    Contact Edward Wilson at Main Office - CHESAPEAKE ULTRALIGHTS

    Listed 08-05-07 - Sold 02-24-08

    Hello there!
    Please remove Bro-Rally Russian Part 103 Ultralight photo and plans and Soneria II plans are sold.

    Thank you, Richard

    • Russian Bro-11 -- Part 103 Ultralight plans for ..$100.00

    • Soneria II -- Plans with Manual and Instruction Handbook and Full Size Rib Template ..$85.00

    Listed 05-03-06 - Sold 01-13-08

    I listed a 1999 Sixchuter SR2cl on your site. With the above e mail address. The item has sold. Thank you for your service. I still receive calls on my sold plane. I recommend your site to my friends.

    Greg Rheeder

    1999 SIX-CHUTER SR2cl - Two Place Trainer Powered Parachute - For Sale (5-03-06)

    • Single View

    • Flown first in 2000
    • 503 Rotax
    • 500 sq. foot Elan Canopy
    • Red in color with Red, White and Black chute
    • 120 hours
    • Line Socks, Carb Covers, Prop Covers
    • K & N Filters, Large Stuffing Bag, Turf Tires and Landing Lights
    • Very clean
    • Never Wrecked or Rolled
    • Hanger Kept Year Round
    • Well Maintained with Records of work done
    • One Owner
    • I will also include training to solo(at my discretion) at Napoleon Airport in Jackson, Mich.
    • This machine could be made into a single seat plane, thereby avoiding sport pilot or other licensing.
    • Reason for Sale; Bought Another Plane


    Contact Greg Rheeder at (517)812-2105 Weekdays After 3:30pm or Anytime on Weekends
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 08-22-07 - Sold 11-11-07

    I no longer have that single seater for sale!


    2006 SPARTAN DFS - Single Place Trike - For Sale (08-22-07)

    • Enlarged Scrolled Views

    • 15.5 North wing
    • Rotax 503
    • 50 hrs
    • EIS
    • Very Nice Trike


    Please contact Mark D. (321)225-0234 On The Space Cost of FLA. ASAP!!!!!
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 09-18-07 - Sold 10-08-07

    I sold this plane this weekend. Thank you for your help. There were several calls from your site.


    1986 T-BIRD - Single Seat Light Sport Aircraft Project - For Sale (09-18-07)

    • Enlarged Scrolled Views

    • Incomplete Project includes Rotax 277 Engine(Engine was "Pickled" as per Rotax Instuctions)
    • Included are All Parts, Doors, Props, Manuals, etc.
    • Started Project and Changed Hobby to Horses (another expensive hobby !!)
    • Plenty of Photos Available
    • All PolyFiber Materials to cover($950 worth ) come with the project including How-to Manual and CD
    • Located in Northeast Florida


    Call Ed McKnight at (904)535-1058 - St. Augustine, FL
    Or Email your Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 08-06-06 - Unlisted 08-22-07

    Please remove the ad I posted for the Easyriser.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    EASYRISER without Motor - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight Aircraft - For Sale (08-06-07)

    • Has no Engine but has been Tested with Mini 2 Plus Motor
    • Trimmed Excellent for 18hp or Larger
    • Many Extras

    Contact John at

    Listed 08-06-06 - Sold 08-20-07

    Please cancel my ad for a Kolb Mk III project. It has been sold.

    Thank you!
    Jack Hinterberg

    KOLB MKIII - Two Place Sport Aircraft - For Sale (08-06-07)

    • Original Owner
    • 1992 Complete Airframe and Covering Kit
    • Airframe is 99% Complete but Not Covered
    • Steel Fuselage Cage is Epoxy Primed and Imron Painted
    • This kit at this Stage of Completion from Kolb Today is about $15,000
    • Outstanding Workmanship
    • Located in Port Charlotte, FL
    • All Plans, Bill of Sale and Documentation Included
    • Save Yourself a LOT of Work and Money with this Excellent Airplane Kit!


    Call Jack Hinterberg (941)258-4702
    Or Email your Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 02-17-07 - Sold 05-07-07

    Please remove the following ad, it's been sold since last may!


    KOLB FIREFLY - Single Place Sport Plane - For Sale (02-17-07)

    • Enlarged Scrolled Views

    • It was completed in January 07!
    • Only 10 hrs on Airframe
    • Just installed a Zero (0)Hr Rebuilt 447 Rotax with New Crank (A used running 447 SCPI spare is available)
    • IVO 60" 3-Blade Quick Ground Adjust
    • Gauges include: EGT, CHT, Tach, Altimeter, Airspeed and Hobbs
    • This little plane is very HIGH PERFORMANCE. Vertical Speed is 800-1000fpm , cruised 40-65mph.
    • This plane is AWSOME in looks and performance. Take a look at Scroll Views above.
    • Email me for More Pics


    Contact Aaron VanSchoiack at (605)520-0194
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 05-24-06 - Sold 04-24-07

    My Avid speedwing has been sold. Thanks for allowing me to advertise

    Gary Livesey

    AVID SPEEDWING - Two Place Sport Plane (N791SB) - For Sale (05-24-06)

    • Scroll Views

    • 320 hours Total Time
    • 3 hours SOH (by Lockwood) on Rotax 582
    • 3 blade Warp Drive Ground Adjustable Prop
    • Electric start
    • Bendix Hand-held, Intercom + 2 Headsets


    Contact Gary at (865)548-7643 - Located in East Tennessee

    Listed 07-25-05 - Sold 03-26-07

    Please remove my ad for the Minimax. The plane has been sold locally. Thanks for posting it.

    Jeff Shultz

    ISON MINIMAX 1500R - Experimental - For Sale (07-25-05)

    • Plans Built, Registered Experimental as N616JS
    • Fits Perfectly into Sport Plane/Pilot Category
    • Rotax 447 Single Carb with Pull Start and "B" Gear Box
    • 64" Two Blade Warp Drive Ground Adjustable Prop
    • 65 Hours SMOH
    • Handheld Icom A-5 Radio and Miracle Air Whip Antenna
    • Clean VFR Instrument Panel with ASI, ALT, Compass, CHT/EGT and Fuel Gauges
    • Dual 5 gal.Wing Tanks
    • Custom Sliding Canopy with "P-40 Style" Rear Windows for Excellent Rearward Visibility
    • Includes Enclosed Custom Baggage Compartment in the Turtledeck
    • Full Poly Fiber Process used with Poly Tone Top Coat
    • Equipped with Band Brakes, Flaprons and Droop Wing Tips
    • Cruises at 75mph, Gets off the Ground in 5-6 Secs and Climbs at 700fpm or Better
    • Average Fuel Burn has been 3.4gph at Cruise
    • Located in Central Missouri (LBO Airport)
    • Plane has always been Hangared!

    • "I have lots of pictures and videos available (over 1.2 GB!). Email me for details, but I will send you a CD or DVD with everything if you send me a padded, self addressed stamped envelope to mail the disk back to you in. As much as I love this plane, I am selling it to pay for my new Sonex project." (See click below)


    Contact Jeff after 6pm CDT at (573)337-1903

    Or Please Email me directly with any questions to

    Listed 01-18-06 - Sold 02-25-07

    My wings were sold!!! Thank you. SOLD!!!


    TWO MUSTANG 17.5 TRIKE WINGS - For Sale (01-18-06)

    • Scrolled Views

    • Two Northwing (North Wing) 17.5 Meter Mustang Trike wings with Kingposts
    • Low hours, Never Damaged and in Really Great Shape.
    • Always Hangared with Wings Open
    • 1 is Yellow, Black and White
    • 2 is Blue and White with a crank handle for one man setup

    $2,000 Or Best Offer (Plus Shipping)

    Contact Edward "Chip" Wilson located Annapolis, MD USA

    Listed 07-20-06 - Sold 01-14-07

    The Weston Air Bike is no longer for sale. It has not been sold. Thanks


    AIRBIKE (1998) - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (07-20-06)

    • 46hrs TT on Hirth 2702 Free Air 40hp 2 Cylinder Engine
    • Warp Drive Ground Adjustable Propeller
    • BRS 5 Emergency Chute
    • Wheel Brakes
    • Helmet with Headset
    • Airframe Red Powder Coat


    Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 12-10-06 - Sold 12-??-06

    Please delete the ad for a 2004 Antares trike listed for sale.
    This trike was sold about 5 years ago...
    Thanks, Dave Barlia

    2004 ANTARES MA582 TRIKE - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) - For Sale (12-10-06)

    • Stranger II Wing w/112 hrs
    • Always Hangared and in Excellent Condition Since New
    • Many extras include: BRS 900 Recovery Chute, Mixture Control, Strobe Light,
    • Large Windshield, Gas Struts, Dual Com Intercom + 2 Comtronics Helmets/Headsets,
    • Icom IC-A5 Radio, Bracket for Handheld GPS, Antares Cover, 2 Antares Side Saddlebags,
    • Instructor Bars, Prop Covers and IVO 3 Blade Prop
    • Log Books and Basic Maintenance up-to-date

    • See for Standard Features on this Model.

    (Also available, Triton Snowmobile Trailer (used for transport) $500.00)

    Call Dave at (760)387-2570
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 07-28-06 - Sold 11-25-06

    Hi Phil,

    This aircraft has sold! Thank you for your help! Please move it to your "sold" list.


    RANS S-17 STINGER (2004) - Single Place Experimental (N693SB) - For Sale (07-28-06)

    • 141 hrs TTSN (flown regularly)
    • Rotax 503UL DCDI 50hp Engine w/ "C" Gearbox - Pull Start
    • 3 Blade Warp Drive Prop with HPL Hub
    • No Damage History
    • Icom A21 Handheld Radio
    • PA 200IC Intercom with PTT on Stick
    • Instrumentation Include: VSI, ALT, ASI, Dual EGT, Dual CHT, Tiny-Tach, Stratomaster Fuel Flow, Garmin Pilot 3 GPS and Compass
    • Key West Regulator
    • In-Flight Elevator Trim
    • Ground Adjustable Rudder Trim Tab
    • New Tires and Tail Wheel
    • Tundra Tires Included with Sale
    • New Tires and Tail Wheel
    • Standard Cable Brakes
    • Dacron - Not Clear Coated
    • Climbs at 700 FPM full gross at 4500 DA
    • Annual - May 06
    • Construction Logs and Photos Complete
    • Detailed Maintenance Logs
    • The Building Experience was Once Posted on the Official Rans Site
    • Fun to Fly!


    Email your Inquiry/Offer to
    See Photos at

    Listed 08-06-06 - Sold 10-07-06

    Hi Phil,
    The plane is sold.


    HY-TEK HURRICANE 103 (1998) - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (08-06-06)

    • Single View

    • Rotax 447 Engine
    • Less than 50hrs TTAE (Total Time on Airframe and Engine)
    • Precision Wood Prop
    • 5" Wheels
    • Instrumentation Includes: ALT, ASI, CHT's, EGT's and Turn/Bank Indicator
    • Trim, Brakes and Windshield
    • Hangered in Yolo County, Calif

    $4,900 Now Reduced to $4,400

    Call (916)683-9678
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 09-23-06 - Sold 10-05-06

    Hi Phil,
    The trike sold yesterday. Please delete my ad. Thanks for your help.


    Airborne Edge X - Two Place Trike Sport Plane - For Sale (09-23-06)

    Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 06-29-06 - Sold 09-2006

    I was hoping you could remove the ads with (also the 510-508-8162 phone number) or move them to the sold folder because they're no longer on the market.


    NORTH WING COUNTOUR - 14.5 Strut-Braced Wing - For Sale (06-29-06)

    • Composite View

    • VERY Good Condition and has Extremely Low Time, only 12hrs TT
    • The Wing Looks Incredibly Nice and Flies Like New
    • On my Northwing Trike with a 582, I Can Cruise Anywhere from 50-75+mph and Reach Speeds of 85+ Straight and Level

    Asking Price $3,500 plus Shipping if not local

    Call (510)508-8162 - Located in Turlock, CA.
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 05-05-06 - Sold 09-23-06

    Hi Phil,
    I’d be grateful if you could remove the ad as the Hurricane has now sold.
    Many thanks and regards,

    Chris Harding

    HY-TEK HURRICANE 103 (1998) – Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale(05-05-06)

    • Scroll Views

    • Approx 65 hours TT
    • Rotax 447 with B box
    • Precision Wood Ground Adjustable Prop
    • BRS Recovery Chute
    • 7 gal Tank, Battery, Dual Elevator Cables, Brakes, Trim tab
    • Instrumentation Includes: Altimeter, Airspeed Ind., CHTs, EGT, Fuel Gauge, Tach/hour Meter
    • Strobes (needs new driver)
    • Excellent condition
    • Flies great! Always hangared!


    Contact Chris Harding: Tel. (713)992-7813
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 12-06-05 - Sold 09-02-06

    Hi Phil,
    Would you please remove the JDT Mini-max 1500R Sport with Custom Trailer – Single Place Experimental – Listed 12/6/05 by Jeff Klassen from your experimental listing please. It sold September 2nd. Thank you, sir.


    JDT MINIMAX 1500R "Sport" With Custom Trailer - Single Place Experimental - For Sale (12-06-05)

    • Scroll Views

    • Qualifies for Experimental Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) 2003 Plans Built
    • Airframe (less than 2 hours)
    • Poly Fiber Finish (Pontiac Red)
    • Rotax 447 (40 HP) Engine (less than 2 hours)
    • BRS 750 (Blastic Recovery System)
    • Leather Seat
    • Wheel Pants
    • Wing Tips
    • Tennessee Wood Propeller
    • Anti-collision Beacon
    • Instrumentation:

       	- Altimeter
      	- Airspeed Indicator
      	- Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge
     	- Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge
     	- Accelerometer (G-Meter)
      	- Slip Indicator
     	- Hobbs Meter 

    • Trailer 16.5 Ft Custom Built Enclosed Trailer
    	- Internal Mounting for Wings
    	- Designed for Anti-Shifting

    • Specifications:
    	- Engine: Rotax 447 
    	- Flight controls:  3-Axis 
    	- Wingspan:  25' - 0" 
    	- Wing area: 112.5 sq. ft. 
    	- Wings Removable 
    	- Length: 16' - 0" 
    	- Empty weight: 269 lbs. 
    	- Gross weight: 560 lbs. 
    	- Design load factors: +4.4 -1.8 

    • Performance:
    	- Top speed: 75 mph 
    	- Cruise speed: 65 mph 
    	- Stall speed: 28-31 mph 
    	- Climb rate: 1000 fpm 
    	- Vne (Never Exceed): 100 mph  
    	- Take-off roll: < 100 ft. 
    	- Landing roll: 210 ft.

    • “This plane is in excellent shape and is practically brand new with two hours on the engine and airframe. Please e-mail or call me with any questions that you might have. The plane and trailer are located in San Antonio, Texas.”

    $7,500 Or Best Offer

    Call Jeff @ (210)658-8337 Monday - Friday until 5pm CDT or (210)310-0329 after 5pm CDT
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 09-12-05 - Sold 07-12-06

    Yes my results were great. Thank you and keep up the good work.


    1964 CESSNA 150d - For Trade (09-12-05)

    • Lost Medical
    • Will Trade for Single Seat Part 103 Ultralight
    • Prefer Folding Wing
    • Must be Enclosed Cockpit

    Call Curtis at (254)583-4613
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 06-22-06 - Sold 07-06-06

    BRS 750 Recovery Chute - For Sale(06-22-06)

    • Newer BRS-750, Rocket Deployed Emergency Parachute.
    • Complete with Bridles and Ready to Mount on your aircraft.
    • Suitable for Single and Dual-Place Ultralight Aircraft up to 750 lbs gross weight.
    • Excellent Condition - Always been Stored Indoors.
    • Not due for a Repack until 2009
    • Because it's considered a hazardous material, I prefer local pickup, but will ship with buyer's arrangement.


    Call (510)508-8162
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 03-21-06 - Sold 07-05-06

    I sold the Kolb Ultralight you were so kind to list on 3/21/06. I appreciate your help. Thanks again.

    Joe Halsmer

    KOLB FIRESTAR - Single Place Sport Plane - For Sale (03-21-06)

    • Scroll Views

    • Rotax 377 Engine w/Solid State Ignition and Inflight Mixture Control
    • 150hrs SMOH on Engine and 450hrs TTA (Total Time on Airframe)
    • BRS Recovery Chute
    • Ground Adjustable Prop
    • Poly Fiber Covering
    • Legal Part 103 Ultralight: Weight: 248 LBS
    • Built by current owner in 1993
    • Good flying airplane!


    Call Joseph L.Halsmer in Mesa, AZ at(765)426-5299
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 05-15-06 - Sold 06-24-06

    Please remove my classified ad "Air Command Elite Gyrocopter" dated 5-15-2006. The aircraft sold today through a similar ad I ran in Barnstormers. I do appreciate the service that you render to folks like me and I will pass along my recommendations to anyone I know that is in the market to buy or sell. Thanks again for you help!

    Frank Alexander


    • Scroll View

    • Rotax 532 Engine - 65 HP - Dual Carb
    • Approximately 200 Hrs TT
    • Warp Drive Propeller
    • 23 ft Dragon Wings Rotor
    • Tall Redundant Mast
    • Wunderlich Pre-Rotator
    • Hydraulic Brakes
    • Rotor Brake
    • Fiberglass Enclosure
    • Wheel Pants
    • Seat Tank Cover
    • Auxiliary Fuel Tanks
    • Instrument Panel Includes: ASI, Engine Tach, Water Temp, Compass, Turn-Bank Indicator, Hobbs Meter, and Rotor Tach
    • Custom Tilt Trailer Included


    Contact Frank in Southern Maryland at(301)782-2308
    Or Email for additional pictures or information

    Listed 04-20-06 - Sold 06-09-06

    T-Bird has been sold!


    T_BIRD I - Single Place Sport Plane - For Sale (04-20-06)

    • Scroll Views

    • New Rotax 503 Engine - TT 75hrs since rebuild
    • PowerFin Prop
    • In-cockpit Trim
    • Toe Brakes (Hydraulic)
    • New Muffler and Engine Mounts
    • Upgraded Wings
    • Newer Sails
    • AN Hardware
    • Ready to Fly! Fun to Fly and Easy to Land


    Call Sierra Vista,AZ at (520)559-0979

    Listed 05-09-06 - Sold 06-05-06

    Thanks for placing my ad, the plane has been SOLD, thanks to your help. Please remove my ad at your earliest convenience. Thanks again!


    HYTEC HURRICANE II - Two Place Sport Plane - For Sale (05-09-06)

    • Single View

    • New Rotax 582 Engine w/Blue Heads - TT 10hrs
    • BRS Recovery Chute, Flaps, Trim Tab
    • Fully Aerobatic
    • Full Canvas Covers, Lots Of Extras


    Call Mike in Tampa, FL @ (727)455-6099
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 09-17-05 - Sold 02-07-06

    Thank you for running my ad for a 1996 CGS Hawk, single seat, on you website. It was a success and sold last month. The buyer informed me that he had located me through your site. Again thanks!


    1996 CGS Hawk - Single Place Sport Plane - For Sale (09-17-05)

    • Scroll Views

    • Rotax 503 Engine 50hp w/ Dual Carbs and CDI Ignition
    • Zero (0) hours on engine after CDI installation
    • 3-blade adjustable prop
    • Engine primer
    • Rotax transmission
    • After muffler for quiet operation
    • 30 ft. wing span, can be removed for storage
    • Lumbar insert in seat
    • 3-way seat belt harness
    • Holds 10 gallons of fuel, with 5gal on board, you can fly hands off - very well balanced
    • Polished aluminum wheels, struts, and other parts
    • Hydraulic brake system
    • Unique 4-way flap lever
    • Fiber axles
    • Full instrumentation
    • Fiber axles
    • Airframe has 102 hours
    • Removeable side windows for warmer days
    • Have flown to 8,300 ft
    • Specs:
    - Wing Area 135 sq. ft.
    - Rate of Climb 800-1000 fpm
    - Cruise Speed 55-75mph
    - Stall Speed 32mph
    - VNE 100mph


    Contact Robert Shetler - located Shelby, OH USA • Telephone: (419)347-2941
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 06-23-05 - Sold 01-14-06

    Hi Phil,
    The wing sold. Thanks for all your help.


    2001 AIRBORNE STREAK TRIKE WING - For Sale (06-23-05)

    • Scroll Views

    • Adjustable Trim
    • Blue and White
    • Looks Great and Flies Fast; Nice Flying Wing


    Call (419)589-0308
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 04-28-05 - Sold 01-05-06

    Thanks for your listing of my 2004 912 Clipper trike posted 4/2005 which has sold. I had several calls and all it takes is one!

    Thanks, Craig McMillan

    2004 AIR CREATIONS CLIPPER 912 IXESS WING - Two Place Sport Plane - For Sale (04-28-05)

    • Composite View

    • This trike only has 100 hours of Total Time flying with the fastest, smoothest, and easiest landing
    • wing I have ever flown.

    • I will provide tandem "type" training and local area orientation training for purchaser if required.*
    • Fully equipped with radios, intercoms, GPS, gauges and BRS Rocket Chute.
    • Includes Flight suits, parts and tools.

    • Total invested is over $60,000.
    • Receipts will be provided.

    • Call for complete info and specs. I will send you wing photo's and video you won't believe.

    • I have priced this aircraft to sell!
    • Total package with instruction if needed is only $35,995.
    • If you don't need some of the accessories, I will remove and discount fairly!

    • I have over 2000 hours hanggliding and 700 in trikes.
    • I am a certified instructor and Rotax mechanic.
    • My maintenance is meticulous.

    • Please, email serious inquiries only to

    • Or you may call me at (719)221-5992.

    • I will respond within 48 hours if possible.

    • Trike Available in Oakland, CA area until May 25th and in Denver, CO thereafter.

    * Aircraft type training for experienced pilots. Novice training negotiable based on needs.

    Listed 10-17-05 - Sold 11-05-05

    Thank you Phil for your help in selling my Rans S-12. I sold it to the first person who looked at it. I received many responses from people who saw it on A-Z. I will be mailing a ck/donation soon.

    Thanks again.

    RANS S12 - Two Place Sport Plane - For Sale (10-17-05)

    • Single View

    • Rotax 503 DCDI Engine
    • 203 Hours TTAE
    • Warp Drive Prop
    • Instruments Include: ASI, ALT, VSI, Tach, EGT, CHT and Hobbs Hour Meter
    • Elevator Trim Control
    • Strobe
    • BRS Recovery Chute
    • Helmet with Intercom
    • Radio with PTT (Push-to-Talk) on Stick
    • GPS
    • 12 Volt Outlet
    • Auxilary Electric Fuel Pump
    • Black and Yellow Colors
    • Always Hangared!


    Call Larry at (479)601-3412 cell or (479)456-7188 Home

    Listed 07-31-05 - Sold 10-02-05

    Plane is sold


    TITAN TORNADO II - Two Place Sport Plane - For Sale (07-31-05)

    • Single View

    • Jabiru 2200 85hp Engine with 300hrs TTE(Engine) and 750hrs TTA(Airframe)
    • Electric Flaps
    • EIS Instrumentation
    • Extra Sound Insulation
    • Tinted Windows
    • Extra Gear Legs
    • Axle Sockets
    • Front Wheel Gear and Wheels
    • Economy Cruise 90mph and 3gal./hr.(gph)
    • Fast Cruise 100mph and 4gph
    • Climbs at 1200 fpm at Gross and Normal Density Altitude
    • Light Plane at 540lbs Empty - Performs Well
    • I can provide Transitional Training--I am a BFI.
    • It could be a Light Sport, Experimental Homebuilt or Ultralight Trainer
    • I can email more pictures.

    $18,500 including Brand New Warranteed Rotax 582, IVO Prop and EIS
    Or $11,000 w/o Engine, Prop and EIS

    Listed 09-12-05 - Sold 09-29-05

    Thanks for all the help. Please remove the single place Gyro for 16,000.00 as it is gone.


    SINGLE PLACE DOMINATOR GYRO - For Sale (09-12-05)

    • Fully Instrumented with EIS
    • 18 Gal Fuel Tank
    • Sub-4 Engine


    Contact Roy at (813)997-4922 or Gary at (727)460-1095

    Listed 07-12-05 - Sold 09-23-05

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the reply. The Gyroplane was sold on Sept. 23,2005, and I must say that I have never received more positive response from any ad, any where. I really think that your website is a gem.

    Thanks again

    AIR COMMAND GYROPLANE - For Sale (07-12-05)

    • Single View

    • Rotax 532 Engine, Manual Start
    • Warp Drive Prop
    • Tall Redundant Mast
    • Pre-Rotator
    • Seat Tank Cover
    • Full Pod with Wheels
    • Instrument Panel Includes: ASI, Tach, Water Temp, Compass and Turn-Bank Indicator
    • Brand New Dragon Wings Rotor


    Contact Ron at (330)725-9941
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 07-31-05 - Sold 08-12-05

    Phil, Thanks!


    1993 Challenger II LW (Long Wing) & Flying Lessons W/CFI - Two Place Sport Plane
    For Sale (07-31-05)

    • Scroll Views

    • Rotax 503 DCDI w/New Electric Starter and 187hrs TT on Engine
    • New Three Blade Adjustable Prop
    • 10 Gallon Tank
    • New Fabric and Paint, Tundra Tires, Brakes, Doors and Strobe
    • Instruments Include: Compass, ASI, ALT, CHT, EGT, Tach, Fuel Gauge, Hobbs Hour Meter and Turn Coordinator
    • Nav/Com, GPS and Intercom Included in Sale
    • Mount for Radio or GPS External Antenna, Coax and Connector
    • Stored in Closed Hangar near Dothan, AL area
    • In Excellent Condition and Flies Perfect
    • Over $12,000 Invested
    • Serious Inquiries only Please!

    $11,000 Price Reduced

    Contact Russell Ragan at (334)596-3500
    Or Email to for more Information

    Listed 06-25-05 - Sold 07-31-05

    Phil, Thanks!



    • Single View

    • Excellent Condition
    • Never Mounted
    • Repack due February 2005
    • Rocket Good Until 2009
    • Includes Mounting Hardware for Hurricane Part 103 Ultralight or Similar Aircraft

    $1300 Or Best Offer

    Contact Russell Ragan at (334)596-3500
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 04-29-05 - Sold 07-12-05


    I just wanted to let you know that I finally sold my Falcon XP yesterday so you can remove my ad from your site. Lost money, but at least it's sold. Thank you for running my ad for me. I didn't get a lot of responses from it, but I did get a few.

    Thanks again,
    Tom Tompkins
    Lynchburg, VA

    FALCON XP and Factory Built Open Trailer - Two Place Sport Plane - For Sale (04-29-05)

    • Scroll Views

    • 100hrs TTAE
    • All Tedlar about 30 hours ago
    • Equipped with ELT, Emergency Chute, Radio, Intercom and External Antenna
    • Instrumentation includes: ALT, VSI, ASI, Compass, Turn and Bank(Slip) Indicator
    • Plus Stratomaster Smart Single EMS 503 with Electric Start
    • Located in Lynchburg, VA

    $11,250 Or Best Offer Must Sell!!

    Contact Tom at (434)832-0140
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 03-06-05 - Unlisted 06-22-05

    Hello Phil:

    "Thanks for posting my add. Please unlist my add."

    Thanks Bob

    WANTED - Propeller - (03-06-05)

    • I need a wood propeller for a 340 kawasaki engine
    • Propeller needs to be RH 60x30
    • 75mm bolt circle, 6 - 5/16bolts 1" center

    Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 04-24-05 - Sold 06-13-05

    Hello Phil:

    "I have just closed a deal on the Maxair drifter that you kindly advertised for me. The contact is a Broker who asked me to remove the advertising of the airplane since he was buying it for resale.
    Thank you very much for your help."

    Charles Boccaccio

    MAXAIR SUPERDRIFTER - For Sale (04-25-05)

    • Single View

    • Fully Restored (see photo)
    • Rotax 912U 80hp Engine
    • New Paint, New Sails and Recently Assembled
    • Equipped for Banner Towing (3 lines)
    • Includes Full Lotus Floats for Amphib Operations and Complete Other Drifter (no engine) for Parts


    Contact Charlie Boccaccio at 52-322-429-4709 (In Puerto Vallarta Mexico)
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 05-23-05 - Sold 06-08-05


    "Just wanted to let you know that my plane has sold! I had the 2003 Quicksilver MXII Sprint on full lotus floats for sale. Thanks for your support!"


    2003 QUICKSILVER SPRINT MXII on Full Lotus Floats - Two Place Sport Plane - For Sale (05-23-05)

    • Scroll Views

    • Blue Head Rotax 582 Oil Injected w/ 4 Blade Warp Drive Prop
    • Updated Mechanical Retract System and Elevator Trim
    • Equipped with BRS Emergency Chute, ELT, Radio, Helmet, 2 Headsets, Splash Guards, Paddles, Spare Air and Overnight Pilot Seat Pack
    • Instrumentation includes: EIS, ALT, ASI and GPS
    • Maticuliously cared for and always hangered. Perfect Condition. None other like it!!!!!!!!!.
    • Must see to believe!
    • Located in Beaufort, SC

    $21,500 - Serious Offers Considered

    Contact Tim at (843)575-8811
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 04-29-05 - Sold 05-27-05


    "This engine sold shortly after it appeared on your site. Great Site. Thanks Phil"


    Complete Kawasaki 340 Power Pack for Sabre Trike - For Sale (04-29-05)


    Please Call (419)589-0308
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 04-23-05 - Sold 05-24-05


    "Thanks to the response I got from your ad, I no longer need the reduction gear for the cuyuna engine. Many thanks."


    WANTED - Planetary Gear Drive - (04-23-05)

    • Planetary Gear Drive for a Cuyuna 430
    • Also would be interested in a Gear Drive for a Rotax 447 if reasonable, (I guess a b-drive)

    Contact Terry at (217)245-6464
    Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 06-02-04 - Sold 02-15-05

    Hey Phil,
    I sold the buggy Feb of 05. Do me a favor and pull the ad. I still get calls from Mexico and every where else wanting the buggy..

    Ron (3-19-06)

    2000 AIR CREATION "Buggy" Two Place Sport Plane - For Sale (06-02-04)

    • Full Trike View

    This buggy is loaded with options!

    • 13 meter In-Flight Adjustable Wing
    • Rotax 582 Blue Head
    • 10 gallon Fuel Tank
    • Jet Hot Ceramic Coated Exhaust
    • Arplast 3 Blade Prop tied to a 3.37 Gearbox
    • Top of the Line Lynx Intercom System with Cell Phone and MP-3 Connection
    • with MP-3 Player Included
    • Lynx headset with Airzone Helmets and Airzone Intercom Included
    • Garmin 195 GPS with Remote Antenna
    • Icom A-5 Radio with Preditor Antenna
    • Strobe Lights
    • 12 volt Battery Installed
    • Instruments Installed: Altimeter, Air Speed Indicator, Water Temp, Battery Volt Meter, EGT, RPM, Hour Meter.
    • This package also comes with a Trailer and Wing Storage Tube
    • and 3 Six Gallon Fuel Jugs

    Price is $16,900 Or Best Offer

    To buy this new is well over $25 K. This Buggy has spent its life in a
    hanger and has been well taken care of.
    Contact : Ron Douglass (623)326-8780 Glendale, AZ.

    Listed 09-21-04 - Sold 11-07-04


    "I got a lot of replies; and 3 or 4 who were very interested. I even heard from a man in Holland who works for an European Airline and was going to ship to Holland! I did sell it this weekend, so please remove the ad. A man from Elsinore, Ca drove up here, flew it and left with it hitched to his car within 3 hours.

    Thank you for putting the trike on your website!"
    Bill Farrell

    For Sale (09-21-04)

    • Scroll Views

    • Antares Trike MA33
    • Rotax 582 65hp with Quiet Package: Intake Silencer, Second Muffler,
    6 Blade Prop and "E" Gearbox
    • 152 hrs TT on Engine and Airframe (TTAE)
    • Northwing Mustang 15 Strutted Wing (No Kingpost and Trim 45mph so can be easily hangared)
    • Includes Helmets, Intercon, Radio and Side Storage Bags
    • Instrumentation includes: Tach, ALT, VSI, ASI, EGT, Water Temp,
    Hour Meter and Fuel Gauge
    • Ballistic Recovery Chute and Strobe
    • Custom Trailer Serves as a Hangar with a pull-in Wench
    • Bearcat 20 ft Trailer on inside for Storing Second Wing
    • Tie Downs for Trike and Wing
    • Mustang Wing Stays on Trike to Greatly Reduce Setup Time
    • Always kept in hanger or trailer for its entire life!
    • Trike and Trailer/Hangar can be seen at Jefferson County Int'l Airport,
    Port Townsend, WA 98368


    Contact Bill Farrell (360)379-3074
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 03-12-03 - Sold 09-26-04


    "You can remove the ad in powered parachute about airframe for sale $1000 contact Scott (989)874-5568"

    Thanks alot,

    POWERED PARACHUTE AIRFRAME - For Sale (03-12-03)

    $1000 Or Best Offer

    Call Scott at (989)874-5568

    Listed 04-22-04 - Sold 06-14-04


    "Just to let you know that I sold my trike. Thanks for letting me use your website."

    Bill Robison

    2003 - Two Place Ultralight Trainer - For Sale (04-22-04)

    • Trike, Trailer and Wing View

    • Rotax 503 Engine
    • Instruments Include: ALT, ASI, Tach, Dual EGT
    • New Trailer Included


    Contact Bill at (559)299-3981
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 05-26-03 - Sold ??-??-??

    AIRBORNE EDGE - Two Seat Trike Trainer - For Sale (05-26-03)

    • Full Dress with Trimable Streak Wing
    • Rotax 582 Engine w/"E" Box Electric and Manual Start
    • 3 Blade IVO Prop
    • All Gauges, Dual Throttles and Exhaust Silencer
    • BRS Chute
    • New Tires
    • Matching Comtronics Intercom and Helmet/Headsets
    • Always Hangared and Flown Regularly
    • Will Train by 30 year Experienced Hanglider/Trike Veteran
    • Selling to buy the New 912 Powered XP by Airborne


    Call Louis at (979)561-8334 Evenings and Nights
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 04-15-03 - Sold ??-??-??

    1990 BUCCANEER SX AMPHIBIAN - Single Seat Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (03-01-03)(04-15-03)

    • Engine and Airframe Well Maintained and in Good Flyable Condition
    • Rotax 582 Liquid Cooled Engine
    • BRS 900 Recovery Chute Installed 8/9/00
    • Red and White Colors
    • Includes Covers for Temporary Outdoor Storage

    Was $14,500 ....... Now $13,000 Or Best Offer

    Contact Steve Lagergren at (320)693-5961
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 10-31-02 - Sold ??-??-??


    "This is to inform you the Carrera aircraft was sold. Thank you for the Ad".

    CARRERA - by Advanced Aviation - Single Seat Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (10-31-02)

    • Approx 170 hrs Engine and Airframe
    • Rotax 447 Engine w/ Electric Start
    • IVO Prop
    • Flaps
    • Trim Control
    • 12 Gal.Tank
    • Aircraft Currently Flying

    $7500 Or Best Offer

    Call (321)385-1581
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 04-06-04 - Sold 04-20-04


    "I sold the 2000 airborne classic with Wizard Wing in April 2004. Thanks for the help!"


    2000 AIRBORNE CLASSIC - Two Place Sport Plane - For Sale (04-06-04)

    • Rotax 582 Engine w/ Electric Start and "E"-Box
    • Wizard 2 Wing - 103hrs TT
    • BRS-900 Recovery Chute
    • Includes Training Bars, ASI, ALT, Tach, Dual EGT, Water Temp, Hobbs Hour Meter and Strobe
    • Price Includes Custom Trailer for Trike and Wing

    Will Take Best Offer

    Contact Steve Larson at (775)230-2357
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 02-11-03 - Sold 04-09-04


    "Please change my add to sold. Thanks!"

    Curtis Miller

    COMTRONICS ULTRA-PRO 2000 HELMETS - For Sale (02-11-04)

    • Cheap Make Offer

    Contact Curtis at (254)583-4613

    Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 03-29-04 - Sold 04-06-04


    I've sold the MX. You can remove the ad. Thank You.


    QUICKSILVER MX - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (03-29-05)

    • Scroll Views

    • Rotax 377 Air Cooled Engine
    • Equipped with: Pod, Strobe, BRS, Steerable Nosewheel, Drum Brakes, Large Windshield and 4 Point Harness
    • Flies Great!
    • Located at Pleasant Valley Airport, AZ (near Lake Pleasant North of Phoenix)


    Call (623)974-0663
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 03-12-04 - Sold 03-30-04


    I sold my trike to a local guy, but still have my motor. Thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience.



    SABRE 15 TRIKE - Two Place Sport Plane - For Sale (03-12-05)

    • Scroll Views

    • Stranger 15 Wing
    • Rotax 503 Dual Carb Engine with "C"-Drive w/ 3 Blade Warp Drive Prop
    • BRS Chute, Strobe, ASI, ALT, Tach, CHT/EGT, Compass and Hour Meter

    $8,500 - Also Complete Kawasaki 340 Power Pack for Sabre Trike - $750

    Please Call (419)589-0308
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 03-09-04 - Sold 03-23-04


    It sold about this time last year. It only lasted a couple of weeks in the "For Sale" listing before I received a call from Phoenix. The guy bought it sight unseen. I delivered it to Phoenix in a two-day marathon flight that I don't want to repeat soon. I now have a Rans S6, a little quicker and I can take the significant other as ballast. Thanks for the exposure, as I still get mail asking about the plane.



    RANS-S14 AIRAILE - Single Place - For Sale (03-09-04)

    • Scroll Views

    • Airplane Completely Rebuilt in 2003 by A&P except for Cockpit Cage and Tail Boom

    • Airframe:
    - TTAE 52hrs (Total Time on Airframe and Engine)
    - New sails, blue and white, w/UV clearcoat
    - New smoked lexan cockpit & doors w/dual air vents
    - New aluminum exterior
    - New wing spars, tail frame, landing gear
    - New tires & tubes
    - Carpeted baggage compartment
    - Hydraulic brakes
    - Elevator trim
    - 2X 6.5 gal. wing tanks (13 gal total fuel)
    - Always hangared, beautiful condition!

    • Powerplant:
    - Rotax 582 DCDI w/Oil Injection w/52 hrs SMOH (2003)
    - Belly scoop radiator
    - Electric ignition, backup rope starter
    - Primer
    - Electric backup fuel pump
    - 3-blade Hot Prop w/brass leading edges, new 1/2004

    • Instruments:
    - Airspeed
    - Altimeter w/Kollsman window
    - Tachometer
    - Water Temperature
    - Dual EGT
    - VSI
    - Voltmeter
    - Hobbs Hour Meter

    • Avionics:
    - ICOM A3 COM (New 2003) w/ powered bracket mount and headset connections
    - External aircraft belly antenna
    - PTT on control stick
    - Garmin GPS/COM 190 w/powered bracket mount


    Contact Don Johnson at (916) 852-6149 (home) (916) 677-1912 (work) Sacramento, CA 95670
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 06-27-03 - Sold 03-12-04


    "Thank you for your website. I honestly I believe that the buyer of my 1998 US Light Aircraft Hornet found it on this website. Please remove my ad to clear space for others."

    Dave Ridgway

    1998 U.S.LIGHT AIRCRAFT "HORNET" - 2 Place Ultralight Trainer - For Sale (12-26-02)(06-27-03)

    • 140 TT hours since New
    • 65HP Hirth Engine
    • Factory Options: Doors, Strobe/Nav Lights, Landing Light, Dual 9 Gallon Tanks and Tail Stand
    • Instrumentation: Dual EGT, Dual CHT, Tach, Compass, Hobbs Meter, Dual Fuel Gauges
    • Extras Include: Radio, External Antenna, Intercom and Two Headsets
    • Always Hangared and Well Maintained!
    • Must Sell..Partner Needs his Half of investment in Plane!

    $18,000 or Reasonable Offer

    Please Call Dave Ridgway at (928)855-2462
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 12-29-03 - Sold 03-07-04


    "I have sold my 1997 Buckeye PPC. Thanks for your help!!! Ad placed 12-29-03."

    Tom Doerr

    1997 BUCKEYE Powered Parachute - Two Place Trainer - For Sale (12-29-03)

    • 2003 Seat and Fuel Tank Upgrade
    • Rotax 582 with "B" Box w/Oil Injector, after Muffler Silencer and Electric Start
    • PD Rainbow Colored Chute
    • 3 Blade IVO Ground Adjustable Prop
    • Instruments Include: Tach, EGT, Water Temp, Hour Meter and Taskem Digital Altimeter
    • Also Included: Oversized Chute Bag and Line Socks, Two Helmets with Intercom and Radio
    • Front Brake and Rock Guard on Prop Cage
    • Airframe and Engine 114 hours TT
    • Excellent Condition and Always Stored Inside or In Covered Trailer


    Call Tom at (541)390-8990
    Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 07-23-03 - Sold 01-15-04


    "Thank you very much for running my ad for my Kolb Ultrastar. After several emails of interest a buyer made it easy by coming and taking delivery here."

    Joseph Melancon

    KOLB ULTRASTAR KIT - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (07-23-03)

    • Rated Best Ultralight at Oshkosh in 1982
    • Kit 3/4 Completed
    • Folding Wings for Trailering and Storage (Quick Setup)
    • Tail Dragger
    • 3 Axis Control
    • High Performance
    • Stalls at 25mph
    • Top Speed 63mph
    • G-Load 4+ 2-
    • Most of the Assembly Work is Done!
    • Wings, Tail, Elevators and Ailerons Assembled
    • Chromology Steel Fuselage Assembled (Kolb Factory Welded)
    • Cuyuna 430 UL-II-02 Engine 35hp still in Box
    • Includes Tires, Seat, Tank, Hardware, Cables, Prop, Covering Materials etc. in Box
    • Everything to complete the Plane
    • All Components have been Garage Stored
    • Complete Plans and Instruction Manual with Photos and Diagrams

    $4000 (does not include shipping)

    Call Joseph at (941)924-9889 Sarasota, FL
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 08-11-03 - Sold 12-01-03


    "Airborne Trike has been sold."

    AIRBORNE EDGE X - Two Seat Trike Trainer - For Sale (08-11-03)

    • 77 hrs on Frame and Engine
    • Wizard and Streak Wing
    • Airzone Strobes
    • BRS 900 Recovery Chute
    • • Optional Equipment:
    • Airzone Helmets and Headsets
    • ICOM A3 Radio
    • Airzone Penetrator Antenna
    • Custom Trailer with Second Wing

    $16,500 (Optional Equipment is Extra)

    Contact Terre Bohman at (803)642-0491 or (803)224-8912 (Day) - Aiken, SC
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 02-02-03 - Sold 11-27-03


    "Please cancel my ad, as the gyro has been sold. thanks Bob"

    SOMA - Kit Built Gyro - Single Place - For Sale (02-02-03)

    • This is a Sportcopter Clone
    • Rebuilt 618 Rotax Engine with New "E" Box with Electric Start
    • Includes Full Set of Engine/Flight Instruments
    • Lights
    • Differential Hydraulic Brakes
    • Large Tires
    • Two Sets of Blades
    • Van Craft Pre-Rotator

    $10,250 ......reduced from $11,250

    Please Call Robert at (509)943-1301
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 05-22-03 - Sold 10-06-03


    "Please remove this ad. I have sold the ultralight. Thanks for the great site."

    1985 AVID FLYER - 2 Place Ultralight Trainer - For Sale (05-22-03)

    • Completely Restored in 2003
    • Side by Side Seating
    • New (not rebuilt) 503 Rotax Engine w/ 14hrs TT
    • New 3 Blade Composite Prop
    • Hydraulic Brakes
    • Full Instrumentation
    • Pictures Available


    Call Clyde Williams at (870)425-0759 - 2909 Buford Road, Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 06-02-03 - Sold 09-15-03

    Hi Phil

    "Please remove or place my ad in your sold colum. The "Sharpe Looking" Challenger (06-02-03) has been sold."
    Thanks for your help!

    Steve Pettyjohn

    "SHARP LOOKING" CHALLENGER - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (06-02-03)

    • 1992 kit, originally completed in 1996
    • Recovered in the summer of 2000 with Stits and Poly Tone paint.
    • Performed all new mods under guidance of dealer
    • Rotax 503 dual carb/dual ignition bought new in September 2001, currently with 65 hours TT.
    • New tall (2.6:1) redrive and 60" TPI wood prop
    • Jet Hot ceramic coated exhaust
    • New EIS with altimeter and VSI function purchased Sept 2001
    • 3-1/4" ASI, ALT, aircraft compass, mounted in an aluminum black crinkle powdercoated panel
    • New tinted windshield, doors, and front fiberglass gap cover section.
    • Rear gap cover is aluminum. Nose storage locker.
    • KeyWest regulator with 3-amp gel cell battery for radio and GPS (no electric starter).
    • Streamline strut and gear leg covers
    • Hagar aluminum wheels & new tubeless tires.
    • Back Forty nose wheel suspension.
    • 10 gallon fuel tank.
    • Turbulence Aviation fabric cushions and Full Covers
    • The plane flies wonderful and easily cruises 70mph IAS at 5100 rpm, with a 3 gph fuel burn.


    Call Steve at (480)314-1935 home - Glendale, AZ
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to
    See Photos at

    Listed 07-12-03 - Unlisted 09-07-03


    "We are not selling this Rally. Please remove as soon as possible."

    1982 Rotec Rally 2B - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (07-12-03)

    • Built by Rotec Engineering
    • 340-2AX Engine
    • Rear Engine Belt Reduction Drive
    • Stick Converted from Upper to Lower
    • New Tires and Most Updates
    • Have all Oringinal Books, Manuals and Flying Tape
    • Have New Nose Cone the would fit this plane very well
    • Pictures Available thru U.S.Letter Mail
    • Sails(Fabric) are very good

    $2400 without Nose Cone...$2500 with Nose Cone

    Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 10-29-02 - Sold 07-24-03


    "Your classifieds did the trick. Please remove or place my ad on the "Sold" list. It is the 1997 Harmening's PPC; ad date 10-29-02. Thanks for your successful site and free ad."

    Best Regards, Thomas J. Sata


    • Gold Metalflake Finish on Black Frame with 9 Gallon Tank
    • 525 Rainbow Chute, Line Socks, Oversize Chute Bag and Custom Prop Bra
    • 2SI-460F45 Engine w/22 hrs flight time
    • Instruments Include dual EGT/CHT, Tiny Tach/Hour Meter and Strobe
    • Ground Adjustable IVO 3 Blade Prop
    • Custom One Man Load/Unload Trailer Available
    • Delivery Possible (Terms Negotiable) or will meet within 300 miles of Detroit
    • Like New...Assembled but NOT flown 1997, 2001 or 2002 to date

    Was $8000... Now Reduced to $7000 Or Best Offer

    ..LET'S Deal..."Everything is Negotiable"

    Call Tom Sata at (734)-591-6425 in Livonia, MI
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to
    See Photo Slide Show at

    Listed 05-05-03 - Sold 06-23-03


    "Please put my N-3 PUP on the sold list. Thank you very much for listing it."

    J.D. Molstad (

    N-3 PUP - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (05-05-03)

    • 1996 Airframe 70 hrs
    • Rotax 447 Engine
    • Artic Sparrow Carb. Adj.
    • GSC Ground Adjust Prop
    • Full Removable Doors
    • Cabin Heat
    • Folding Wings (1 person 15 min.)
    • Custom Open Trailer
    • Snow Skis

    $10,500 Or Best Offer

    Contact J.D. Molstad at (608)839-3762
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 12-29-02 - Sold 05-22-03


    "Please remove this ad. The plane has been sold."

    Thank You

    1996 LONG WING CHALLENGER II - Two Place Ultralight Trainer - For Sale (12-29-02)

    • 38 Hrs TT on Airframe and Engine
    • 503 Dual Carburetor 52 horsepower Rotax engine with electric start
    • Dual Strobes, Full Instrumentation, Bungee Suspension and Hydraulic Brakes
    • Health Forces Sale

    $14,000 Firm

    Call Clyde Williams at (870)425-0759 - Location Mountain Home Arkansas
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 09-13-02 - Sold 03-28-03


    "Please remove my ad for the Tundra 2000 (9-13-02). The plane has been sold."


    TUNDRA 2000 Laron Aviation (now Joplin) - 2 Place Ultralight Trainer Type Experimental - For Sale (09-13-02)

    • Beautiful Airplane Professionally Built by A&P
    • Rotax 582 Engine with custom Prince P-Tip Prop and Electric Starter
    • BRS VLS Recovery Chute
    • Fully Enclosed (air/water tight) with Removable Doors and Fully Finished and Floor
    • Full Instrument Panel with Electric Start, Electric Primer, Electric Trim and Electric Backup Fuel Pump
    • Full Controls and Panel in Rear
    • Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes
    • Super EIS
    • Trailer Available


    Contact Jeff Lawrence at (916)952-1966 - Located in Shingle Springs, CA
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 03-25-03 - Sold - unknown date

    Date of ad 3-25-03 quicksilver mx 1983 has been sold.

    Thanks, Tom Peters

    1983 QUICKSILVER MX - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (03-25-03)

    • 430 Cayuna Engine
    • 3 Blade Composite Prop
    • 2 Year Old Sails and in Very Good Condition
    • Flex Shaft Drive
    • New Main Wheel Brakes
    • 3 Point Harness
    • Very Good Flier and Well Maintained!

    $3500 Or Best Offer

    Contact Tom Peters at (716)685-5418
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 09-02-02 - Sold 03-26-03


    .... Thank You... It has been SOLD!

    RAGWING "Special" Bi-Wing - Single Seat Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (09-02-02)

    • New Pitts Replica Ultralight
    • New Kawasaki 440 Engine (Single Carb Electronic Ignition)
    • Stits Covering over Spruce and Birch
    • Fiberglass Nose Bowl / Aluminum Cowling
    • 3-Blade IVO Prop (Ground Adjustable)
    • Instrumentation: Altimeter, EGT, CHT, Tach, ASI

    $6000 Or Best Offer

    Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 02-22-03 - Sold 03-14-03


    "My Twinstar sold today. Thanks for posting my ad for the 1986 Kolb Twinstar."

    Bill Hocker

    KOLB TWINSTAR - Two Place Ultralight Trainer - For Sale (02-22-03)

    • Rotax 503 Air Cooled SCSI Engine w/Electric Start
    • 45 Hours TT on Airframe and Engine
    • Culver Wood Prop
    • 10 Gallon Tank
    • Green with Yellow Wings/Tail
    • Stits Wing Covering
    • Extras Include: Landing Lights, 12V Power Source, Fuse Box 5.2 joules Strobe and In-Flight Trim
    • Instrumentation Includes: EGT, CHT, ASI, ALT, Tach, Hobbs, Bank Indicator
    • This Plane has Folding Wings and Tail.
    • Trailerable in 15 Minutes.
    • Plane has Excellent STOL Capability.
    • Specs Include: 65mph Cruise at 5200rpm and 33mph Stall Solo, 38mph Stall Dual

    $11,900 - Located in Florida

    Call Bill at (941)792-4291
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 12-07-02 - Unlisted 02-22-03

    WANTED - BRS Ballistic Chute (12-07-02)

    • Used BRS 750 or 900 Ballistic Chute for a Kolb Twinstar
    • Used but in Good Condition
    • May be out of Repack Date if Recent

    Email Inquiry/Offer to Bill at

    Listed 01/04/03 - Sold 01/25/03


    "The Titan I listed with you on 01-04-03 has been sold as of today, 25 Jan 03. Thanks very much for publishing my ad. The response was phenominal. Keep up the good work--your site is tops."

    Bill Walters

    TITAN TORNADO (2000) - Single Seat Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (01-04-03)

    • Rotax 503 DCDI w/Oil Injection and Electric Start
    • 3 Blade GA Warp Drive Prop
    • 15 Gallon Tank
    • Ballistic Chute
    • Extras Include: Electric Flaps, Strobes, Nav Lights and In-Flight Trim
    • Instrumentation Includes: ASI, ALT, Advanced EIS and Slip Indicator
    • Cruises +75mph with VNE 150mph
    • Excellent Condition!

    Must Sacrifice @ $12,500

    Contact Bill Walters at (870)246-7357
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 12/19/02 - Bought 01/18/03


    "Thanks, the following ad worked and I safely received shipment of a Quicksilver Ultralight."

    Thank You
    Glenn Mengason

    WANTED - Two Place Ultralight Trainer (12-19-02)

    • I'm a former CFI, currently teaching Navajo 5th grade Elementary students
    • in Kayenta, AZ, and ministering to Navajo children at a local church and
    • in the community. I want to train people in Ultralights in the Monument
    • Valley area, and also plan to use the ultralight to minister to Navajo
    • children and adults in remote areas where I can fly in the ultralight; I
    • only have $3,000 saved up, but could afford between $100 and $200 a month
    • in the school year months, and more during the summer (double dipping with
    • instruction pay and school pay), with possible collateral of a 30 foot RV
    • that is worth about $6000 (you hold lein on owner's title slip, I can
    • videotape interior and exterior which is very good). Also, tax write-off
    • for partial or full donation (references available).

    Call me at home (928)697-3294
    Or my work (Kayenta Community School) at (928)697-3454
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to Glenn Mengason at

    Listed 03/17/02 - Sold 12/29/02


    "This has been sold. Thanks for listing it for me."

    Thank You
    Clyde Williams

    QUICKSILVER MX - Single Seat Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (03-17-02)

    • TSI 440 Engine w/ 12hrs TT
    • Electric Start
    • Hydraulic Brakes
    • Full Instrumentation
    • Sails in Excellent Condition
    • 10 inch Tundra Tires
    • Fairing and Windshield
    • Alway Kept Hangared!
    • I'm Selling MX because I just bought a Challenger. "Nothing is lost that Love Remembers."


    Please Call Clyde Williams at (870)425-0759
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 07/29/02 - Sold 10/24/02


    "The above Kolb has been sold"

    Thank You
    Jerry Herring

    1989 KOLB FIRESTAR - Single Seat Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (04-03-02)(07-29-02)

    • Rotax 377 Engine w/"B" Box
    • IVO 2 Blade Prop
    • Instrumentation Includes: EGT, Alt, ASI, Tach, Fuel Gauge, Hour Meter
    • Brakes
    • 5 Gallon Tank
    • "We lost our Field to Fly..Now in Storage"
    • Plane located in Cave Creek, AZ

    Reduced to $5500

    Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 07/26/02 - Sold 10/11/02


    "Please remove my want ad for Rotax carbs for a 582. One of your readers in Iowa filled my need at a good price. Carbs appear excellent."

    Many thanks for your services.
    Ray Chidester
    Houston, TX

    WANTED - Used Bing Carburetor (07-26-02)

    • Used Bing Carburetor for Rotax 582 (Dual Carb Application)
    • Existing Carb was Damaged in Prop-Strike and Requires Few Parts Only
    • Less-than-perfect condition may be acceptable
    • Please Advise on Condition and Price
    • Would not Rule Out a Carb in New-to-Excellent Condition to keep for Spare Parts

    Call Ray at (281)495-4258
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to Ray at

    Listed 09/17/02 - Sold 10/11/02


    "Motor is sold. Thanks!"


    CUYUNA 430 ENGINE - For Sale (09-17-02)

    • Crated and Ready to Ship
    • Pictures and Details Available

    $250 Or Best Offer

    Email Inquiry/Offer to Dave at

    Listed 09/15/02 - Sold 09/20/02


    "Would you please delete my add for the Mitchell Wing B10? I sold it last week."

    Tom Tompkins

    MITCHELL WING B-10 - Single Seat Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (09-15-02)

    "This plane has a long and complicated history but I will attempt to make it short. It was built by a retired airline pilot back in the late 80's, and health forced him to sell it to Purdue University, where it hung in the Aviation Dept. as a static display for something like 14 years. When I bought it almost 2 years ago, it had a Lloyd Powerhawk 152 (20hp) engine on it. I elected to put a Rotax 377 (35hp) on it for more power with the same weight. The plane has less than 20 hours total (taxi and flight) time on it. The Rotax 377 is mounted but it hasn't been fired up. I can't figure out the wiring and there isn't anyone in the area that can help me out. So what you get is this:"

    • Full Instrumentation: Tach, ALT, CHT, New EGT, New ASI, New VSI, New Compass and New Turn and Bank Indicator
    • 2 Rotax 377 and the Lloyd Powerhawk 152 Engines
    • CGS 4 Belt Redrive
    • New 4 point Safety Harness
    • Factory Trailer for A-10 Altered to fit the B-10
    • 4 Gallon Gas Tank
    • New 4 point Safety Harness
    • New Tires and Tubes
    • This Plane is Absolutely Beautiful with more than $6000 invested!
    • Some Pictures Available

    $5,000 - "My loss your gain"

    Contact Tom Tompkins at (434)832-0140 after 5pm EST

    Listed 07/02/02 - Sold 08/26/02

    1986 CHALLENGER II - For Sale (07-02-02)

    • Recovered 2 years ago with Stits Fabric
    • Rotax 503 Engine (Dual Carbs Electronic Ignition) w/Gearbox
    • Engine Mounted on Top with 4hrs since Top End Overhaul
    • Fiberglass Nose and Gaps
    • Minor tail damage while parked (parts on order)



    • Only Stits Covered
    • Never Flown


    Call Gordon for both planes at (903)758-4948

    Listed 08/09/02 - Sold 08/11/02

    Hi Phil,

    "I sold my Kolb Firestar on the second day it was listed. Thanks for the service of allowing me to list it at your site. It can now be removed. Thanks again."

    Bill Hocker

    1987 KOLB FIRESTAR - Single Seat Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (08-09-02)

    • Rotax 447 Engine SCDI w/Electric Start - TT 469 hrs on motor and airframe
    • Engine has been very good to me!
    • 2 Blade Wood Prop
    • Instrumentation Includes: EGT, Alt, ASI, Hour Meter and Compass
    • BRS Ballistic Chute (Needs Recharge)
    • 5 Gallon Tank along with extra 3 gallon fuel tank
    • Foldable Wings and Tail (takes about 15-20 min to fold)
    • Custom Enclosed Trailer Included
    • New Tundra Tires
    • New Paint
    • Stits Wing Covering (Not Dacron)
    • Drum Brakes
    • Cockpit Adjustable Elevator Trim
    • Plane Cruises at 60mph with VNE of 90mph and Stalls at 30mph
    • Firestar has Excellent STOL Characteristics
    • Located in Bradenton, FL about 40 miles South of Tampa
    • I have new plane being delivered and can't keep both planes


    Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 06/06/02 - Unlisted 07/26/02

    Hi Phil,

    "Note my "Wanted" ad for prop for a 582 rotax is still running. Recently gave up & ordered a new wood prop, so needs to come out next revision."

    Ray Chidester
    Houston, TX

    WANTED - Prop for Rotax 582 Engine (06-06-02)

    • Wood or Composite 3-Blade, Ground Adjustable for Rotax 582
    • This is a Tractor Application (Prop Mounted on Front)
    • Rotation is Counterclockwise while looking in front of plane to Cockpit
    • Will Consider Diameters 68-72" Props

    Email Inquiry/Offer to Ray at

    Listed 07/01/02 - Sold 07/22/02


    Thanks for your help in selling my 440B Kawasaki power unit today. Put it
    on a truck bound for Denver, CO this afternoon.

    Ray Chidester
    Houston, TX

    KAWASAKI POWER UNIT - For Sale (07-01-02)

    • 440B Kawasaki Engine w/ New 5-Belt Redrive, Rebuilt Carbs and New Fuel Pump
    • Dual Carbs Single Ignition (DCSI)
    • Includes 4-Bladed, 57" Ultraprop and Electric Start (less Battery)
    • This represents Vitually a "Firewall Foreward" Installation
    • Runs Excellent and is ready mounted on Airframe for Demo until July 8, 2002
    • "Great running little engine but just not enough power with 'high lift' wing section
    and my 250lbs to provide enough margin between top speed and stall speed"
    • Replacing with larger engine and prop

    $600 firm (you pay freight and we crate)

    Call Ray Chidester at (281)495-4258 Houston, TX
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer at

    Listed 06/07/02 - Sold 06/11/02

    "Hello Phil, Please remove the GT-500 Ad from your website.. Thank You!!!"


    QUICKSILVER GT-500 - Two Place Ultralight Trainer - For Sale (06-07-02)

    • Plane has 206 hours of TT on Airframe and Engine
    • Engine is a Rotax 582 DCDI with Electric Start w/ Gearbox and Warp Drive Prop
    • Plane has Brand New - less than 8 hours - Matco Hydraulic Disk Brakes
    • Also has the Optional Zip-on Plastic Doors
    • Sails (fabric) have been Punch Tested and are Fine!
    • Plane has True in-flight adjustable Trim (not a bungee cord system)
    • Instrumentation Includes: VSI, ASI, GPS, Temp, Alt and Tach
    • It has Always been Hangared since New!
    • This Plane can be registered as Experimental or still flown as a Two Place Ultralight Trainer
    • This is a Two Place Plane that Flies Great!!

    $12,500 or $13,900 if you want the BRS Recovery Chute still in Date

    Email Inquiry/Offer to
    See Photos at

    Listed 03/07/02 - Sold 05/11/02

    Phil, "Thank you for listing my Tierra2 Ultralight. It is sold now. I would like to get it removed off your page. I really do enjoy looking threw your listings. I am in the market for a Trike now, and you have one of the best sites on the net. Thanks again."

    Ted Repella

    TIERRA II - Two Place Ultralight Trainer - For Sale (03-07-02)

    • Rotax 532 Water Cooled Engine w/New Carbs
    • Electric Start
    • Outdated Second Chanz Recovery Chute
    • Removable Doors
    • Fairly New Fabric
    • 11 Gallon Fuel Tank


    Call Ted at (302)322-1633
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer and to request Pics to

    Listed 05/02/01 - Sold 05/05/02

    Phil, "I just sold it! Thanks for your time. Great website by the way."


    SORRELL HIPERLIGHT - Single Place Biplane Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (05-02-02)

    • Only 2 year old Dacron Fabric and Always Hangared!
    • Brand New Hydraulic Brakes with stick mounted brake lever
    • Second Chantz Ballistic Recovery Chute
    • Rotax 277 Engine Single Carb with Cockpit Pull Start and Choke - Zero Hrs SMOH
    • Second Rotax 277 Engine Single Carb Included in sale with only 6 hours TT
    • 60" Prop and Spinner
    • Instruments Include:ALT,EGT,CHT,ASI,Turn/Bank Indicator,Tiny Tach and Digital Tach
    • The Part 103 Ultralight is Legal weighing in at 246 lbs

    • This ultralight needs nothing at all. It is a get-in-and-go ultralight. It also has a full cowling in great shape. This plane stalls at 24 mph and has a top speed around 70-75 mph. The bi-wing, low weight, and long prop make this bipe leap off the ground and land very slow. It is also very maneuverable and has a light stick pressure so it's fun to fly. The cockpit is really roomy and wide so the larger, taller pilot does not feel cramped at all. I am 6'2" and weigh 200 lbs. and I fit with plenty of room to spare. I am putting this for sale for an older pilot friend as a favor to him. The ONLY reason he decided to sell it is because of a recent medical condition. Otherwise, he loves it too much. I'm sure this will make a nice home in a new hanger somewhere soon. Please email or call if you request bigger pictures or have any questions. I will respond quickly and make sure your questions are answered. Serious buyers preferred please. Delivery is also available in California.

    $7500 Or Best Offer

    Call Matt Potter (831)214-3381 Cell - Fresno, CA
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 05/16/01 - Unlisted 05/01/02


    "Hi there: Please remove the add . Thanks"

    MURPHY MAVERICK - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale (05-16-01)

    • Rotax 582 w/190 hrs TT
    • 800x6 Tires
    • 14us Gal Wing Tank
    • 3 Blade Warpdrive Prop
    • Based in Ontario Canada

    $22000 Canadian Dollars

    Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 11/10/01 - Unlisted 05/01/02

    WANTED - QUICKSILVER GT-400 (11-10-01)

    • Looking for a Good GT400 Quicksilver
    • I live Near Sacramento, CA

    Email Inquiry/Offer to Wally at

    Listed 08/19/01 - Sold 04/24/02


    "The Challenger kit has been sold. Please remove the ad for the Challenger I kit. Thanks"

    Mike Harrison

    CHALLENGER I - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • Less Engine
    • Tail Section Covered and Poly-Sprayed
    • 10 gal.Tank Installed
    • Flaperons Installed
    • Nose Cone Fitted and Custom Glassed
    • Aluminum Wheels w/ Brakes
    • Aluminum Instrumentation Panel and Wrap around Windshield

    Will Take Best Offer

    Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 09/23/01 - Sold 04/06/02

    Hi Phil,

    "As a result of running the Challenger ad for me, it finally sold! A gentleman from Phoenix bought it yesterday 4-6-2 ! Many many thanks!!!"

    Best Regards

    1987 CHALLENGER II - Two Place Ultralight Trainer - For Sale

    • Clean and Basic and Located in California
    • Instrumentation Includes ASI, ALT, EGT/CHT. Tach, Hobbs and Electric Compass
    • Rotax 503 Single Carb w/Points and Pull Start
    • Manual Brakes
    • Flapperons
    • Other Options not Installed but Included: Fiber Nose, Wheel Pants and Top Farring
    • Total Weight of Plane is 355lbs

    Asking Now $6300 from $7000 -- $700 reduction!

    Email for Pictures and More Info to

    Listed 01/14/01 - Unlisted 03/29/02

    "hi i had one inquirie. and yes you can take the ad out."



    • Will Trade for Two Seat Kitplane

    Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 01/23/01 - Sold 03/27/02

    "Hi Phil, I sorry that I missed your classifieds somehow however, the Sabre has been sold. You can clean my off your list."

    Tim Berglund

    2000 SABRE 340 - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • 16ss Wing
    • Instrument Pod with ASI, ALT, TACH, EGT, Hour Meter
    • Total Time on Trike is 2.5 hrs..."I'm not kidding!"
    • Bought Another Trike and Can't Hanger Both
    • Have $8100 invested

    $6500 firm

    Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 12/11/00 - Sold 03/27/02

    "The trike has been sold, thanks."

    AIRBORNE EDGE TRIKE - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • Rotax 582
    • Less than 100 hours Total Time
    • Includes Almost Every Option
    • Will Accept Best Reasonable Offer


    Call Allan at (509)520-2464
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to
    See Details and Photos at

    Listed 05/10/01 - Sold 03/27/02

    "Phil take my unit off the site. I sold it locally to one of my students. thanks."


    DESTINY 2000 - For Sale

    • Demo Unit used at Sun'n Fun with only 27 hrs TT
    • Rotax 582 Engine with E-Drive
    • Apco 500 sq.Ft. Rainbow Colored Chute
    • Fully Loaded
    • Located in Albuquerque, NM with Training Included


    Call Mike at (505)459-5543 Albuquerque, NM
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to Eagle Aviation at

    Listed 03/04/01 - Sold 03/27/02

    "The Rans S-4 has been sold"

    Joseph Shelton

    1992 RANS S-4 Coyote - Single Seat UL Type Aircraft - For Sale

    • New Rotax 503 DCDI(Dual Carb w/Ducati Ignition)
    • 90 hours TT on Plane Airframe and Engine
    • Extra Instruments
    • 2 Fuel Tanks
    • Flaps
    • Doors
    • Radio Hookup
    • No Damage, Yellow Color and Registered Experimental

    Will Take Best Offer

    Please Call Joe Shelton at (520)757-5799 in Arizona
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 03/03/02 - Sold 03/19/02

    "I have sold the engine I have posted - Rotax 503 DCDI"

    Kevin Johnson

    ROTAX 503 DCDI(Dual Carb Ducati Ignition) ENGINE - For Sale

    • With 280 hrs TT in Excellent Condition
    • Comes with Muffler and Quicksilver Mount
    • Includes New Air Filter, New Fuel Pump and New Dual CHT Sensors


    Email Inquiry/Offer and/or pictures to Kevin Johnson at

    Listed 12/09/00 - Unlisted 03/04/02

    T-BIRD II - Two Place Ultralight Trainer - For Sale

    • Electric Start, Rotax 582 Engine w/200 hrs TT
    • Trike Gear w/Tundra Tires
    • 2 place Intercom
    • 3 Blade Warpdrive Prop
    • Includes Instruments


    Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 09/10/01 - Unlisted 03/04/02

    BEAVER - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • Rotax 503 Single Carb Engine w/Dual CDI
    • Instrumentation Includes Dual EGT, Dual CHT. Tach, ALT and Slip Indicator
    • Cruises 65-70 mph and Climbs 1000 ft per minute (fpm)
    • It's in Real Good Condition and Ready to Fly!


    Email for Pictures and More Info to

    Listed 12/03/00 - Unlisted 03/04/02

    QUICKSILVER GT-400 - Single Seat Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • Rotax 583 with 40hrs Total Time
    • 3 Blade IVO Ground Adjustable Pitch Prop
    • Matco Hydro Brakes
    • Flaperons
    • New Sails
    • Includes EIS and Aviation Antenna
    • Always Hangered


    Please Call Allan at (310)635-9916
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to
    Also See Photos at

    Listed 01/29/01 - Unlisted 03/04/02

    AVENGER/HURRICANE - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • Rotax 532 DCSI Engine, low hours
    • Custom Radiator and Air Scoop
    • New 3 Blade Ground Adjust IVO prop with spinner
    • Second Chanz Chute
    • Radio Mount (Icom A-22)
    • Flown Regularly, Flies Great!

    Inquire for Price

    Call (909)270-0501
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to
    See Photos at

    Listed 12/31/00 - Unlisted 03/04/02

    1994 ADVANCED AVIATION BUCCANEER II - 2 Place Ultralight Amphibious Trainer - For Sale

    • Amphibious 350 TTAE
    • Rotax 582 Water Cooled Engine w/Electric Start
    • Engine includes "c" Drive and Lightweight Radiator
    • Basic VFR
    • Intercom
    • Includes Instruments, Strobe, Nav Lights, Landing Lights and Doors
    • Warp Drive nickel LE Prop
    • No Damage, No Salt! Nice Clean Pampered Airplane!
    • Always Hangared and comes with Covers!

    $17,000 Or Best Offer

    Call (863)299-6778
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to
    See Pictures at

    Listed 05/16/01 - Sold 02/25/02

    J & J TUKAN - Single Place Trike - For Sale (05-16-01) (02-18-02)

    • 122hrs TT
    • BRS 750 Recovery Chute
    • 4 Blade Ultra Prop
    • Rotax 503 SCDI Engine
    • Instrumentation Includes EGT, CHT, Tach and Hobbs Hour Meter
    • Strobe
    • Wheel Pants


    Call (708)383-7397 Chicago Area
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 05/23/01 - Sold 02/17/02

    1999 KOLB Firestar II - Two Place Ultralight Trainer - For Sale

    • Beautiful and Professionally Built
    • Factory Powder-Coated
    • Aerothane Paint
    • Streamlined Struts
    • Clear Roof
    • Short and Long Windshields with Full Enclosure
    • Rotax 447 Engine with 103hrs TT
    • Full Instruments
    • Dual Strobes
    • Heel Brakes
    • IVO Prop
    • Folding Wings
    • Health Forces this Sale

    $12,600 Or Best Offer

    Call Gordon Krunnfusz at (608)356-1722
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 05/19/01 - Sold 02/12/02

    "Thanks for helping us sell our plane! Just sold it yesterday."

    Matt and Ross

    QUICKSILVER SPRINT II - Two Place Ultralight Trainer - For Sale

    • Purple and Fluorescent Yellow
    • Rotax 503 Bombadier Engine with Dual Carb and Electric Start
    • Engine is Top Mount with only 36 hrs on Airframe and Engine
    • BRS 5 Recovery Chute (needs repacking)
    • New Warp Drive 3 Blade Composite Prop (C-7496)
    • Instrument Pod with Altimeter, Airspeed, Tach and Dual EGT
    • Ultra Com Intercom
    • Last Flown in '95
    • Needs TLC
    • Located in Las Vegas Area and Always Hangared!

    Will Take Best Offer

    Please Call Matt Farmer at (702)210-0675 in NV
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer Matt at
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer Ross Anfuso at

    Listed --/--/01 - Sold 01/26/02

    "Hello there Phil.
    I just wanted to let you know that the Eipper Doublequick Quicksilver and trailer that we had listed on your site HAS BEEN SOLD. Thanks for letting us use the space. It was greatly appreciated. We had it listed for $4500 and the contact was Again thank you very much-------"

    Jim Vowell

    EIPPER DOUBLEQUICK QUICKSILVER - Weight Shift - Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • This Ultralight was Factory Made for Heavier Pilot
    • Tequila Sunrise Sail Pattern
    • Powered by 430cc Cuyuna w/Gear Reduction w/less than 30 hrs TT
    • Includes 20ft Enclosed Trailer
    • Plane is in Very Good Shape!
    • Located in Phoenix, AZ

    $4500 for Plane and Trailer

    If interested call Wayne Elliott at (602)272-4885
    For Pictures and Email Inquiry/Offer to Jim Vowell at

    Listed 01/10/01 - Sold 01/23/02

    "Please remove the supercat ad as it has been sold. Thanks"

    Brian Henneman

    SUPERCAT TAILDRAGGER - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • Rotax 447 DCDI Engine 150 hrs TT
    • Wood and Fabric Construction
    • Completed in the Early 1990's w/150 TT
    • Has Slight Belly Damage from off field landing
    • Easy to Repair...could be flying in a month
    • No Engine or Prop Damage
    • Totally Enclosed 16' Metal Trailer
    • Must Sell Because have no time to work on it
    • Pictures Available
    • Flew Great!

    $1800 for Plane, $2500 For Trailer Or Best Offer

    Call Brian at (317)729-5588 in Indiana
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 05/04/01 - Sold 01/22/02

    1998 SABRE TRIKE - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • Rotax 447 with intake Silencer - 30hrs TT
    • "E" Drive with IVO 6 Blade Prop w/quick adjust
    • Good as New, Save over $3000!
    • Complete with Many Extras!


    Call Robert at (520)282-9294 in AZ
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 10/08/01 - Unlisted 01/01/02

    WANTED - RANS S-12 (10-08-01)

    • With Full Enclosure
    • with Rotax 582 Engine(used)

    Call Tommy Savoy at (337)855-2701 weekdays after 5pm Central Time
    or Call (337)583-6818 weekends before 4:30 pm Central Time
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 03/24/01 - Sold --/--/02


    "The trike and wing have been sold!!. Thanks for the ad space as it was very effective."


    2000 Airborne Wizard II - Trike Wing - For Sale

    • Like New Dealer Assembled in Sept.2000
    • Always Hangared
    • Has Never Been Brokened Down and Bagged
    • No Blemishes
    • 42 hrs Total Time
    • Hot White with Yellow/Black color scheme
    • Training Bars Available
    • Save Big on Newest Version
    • Pictures available on request
    • Must Sell!!!

    $3000 Or Best Offer

    Email Inquiry/Offer to Andrew Slack at

    Listed 06/05/01 - Sold 12/28/01

    "Hi Phil,
    I sold my Hurricane today 12/28/01 it went to Leroys in Wilcox. Thanks for all your help. I will be looking for a Kolb Firestar with a 503 engine, some time after January."

    John Tobin

    HURRICANE - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • Rotax 447 Single Carb Ducati Ignition
    • 10 Gallon Tank
    • Hegar Brakes
    • Well Maintained and Always Hangared!
    • Good Reliable Ultralight!

    Asking Now $5800 from $6800 -- $1000 reduction!

    Call (505)536-3228 located in Mimbres, NM
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 04/30/01 - Sold 12/01/01

    1993 QUICKSILVER GT-400 - Single Seat Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • White with red, orange and yellow accent Stripes
    • Wheel Pants
    • Rotax 503 DC Engine w/electric Start
    • 2 blade Warp Drive Prop
    • 10 Gallon Fuel Tank
    • Includes GPS 90, CB Radio with Comtronics Helmet
    • Stobes and Landing Light
    • Instrumentation Includes ASI, ALT, VSI, Dual EGT and CHT
    • 160 hours TT
    • Always Hangared and Clean and in Excellent Condition!


    Email Inquiry/Offer to Bill at

    Listed 04/24/01 - Sold 11/18/01

    1984 Eipper Quicksilver MX - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • Completely Overhauled 377 Rotax Engine with a fresh Tune-up from a Rotax Authorized Service Center
    • Always Hangared
    • New exhaust from exhaust manifold to muffler
    • Digital CHT & Tachometer
    • Brand new, unused wheelpants.
    • Flex-drive coupler
    • Original owners manual & assembly manual
    • Plane is ready to Fly!
    • Selling for health reasons, (although I am only 45!)
    • Plane is located in Western Illinois

    Will Take Best Offer

    Call Chuck senior at (309)734-3566 in Ill.
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 08/31/01 - Sold 11/02/01

    ROSSI 1+1 - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight Trike - For Sale

    • Pegasus Bandit 13 Meter Wing, Fast and Smooth
    • Rotax 503 Air Cooled w/ 25hrs TT and Electric Start, Intake and Exhaust Silencer
    • Quiet Arplast 3-Blade Prop
    • DigiFly Electronic Instrument Panel including Moving Map GPS!
    • Located in Houston, TX


    Call Robert at (713)503-2949
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to
    See More Details and Photos at

    Listed 06/27/01 - Sold 11/01/01

    QUICKSILVER MX - Single Seat Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • Rotax 377 Engine TT of 60hrs, w/New Fuel Pump, Hoses and Plugs
    • 6 Gallon Fuel Tank
    • New Fabric - Blue and White with Stits Coating
    • Plane Includes:
    - Aileron Kit
    - Steerable Nose Gear
    - New Tennessee Prop
    - New Belts
    - New Cables
    • Strobe
    • He-man Bar
    • Boom Tube Kit
    • Balloon Tires
    • A Nice Seat
    • Instruments Include: Tiny Tach, CHT, EGT, ALT, and ASI
    • Always Hangared, in Great Condition and Ready to fly!


    Please Call Bruce Wade at (408)243-7230
    Or Call Mike Anderson at (209)886-5108
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 08/07/01 - Unlisted 10/23/01

    "Please remove the ad I have for the Quicksilver Sprint II. I have decided to keep it....Thank You."


    QUICKSILVER SPRINT II - Two Place Ultralight Trainer - For Sale

    • Fabric is in Excellent Condition
    • Rotax 503 Dual Carb Completely Rebuilt
    • BRS Chute
    • Instrumentation includes CHT, EGT and Tach
    • Less than 10 hrs TT on complete rebuilt
    • This plane is ready to Fly and for Instruction!
    • This plane is located Murrieta, CA
    • "The MXII SPRINT is ideal for the recreational flyer and flight schools. Its high lift partial double surfaced wings give it an exceptionally short take off roll and predictable handling at very low flight speeds. These characteristics make the MXII SPRINT easier to learn to fly than anything in its class."


    Or Email Inquiry/Offer Alan Hagen at

    Listed 06/14/01 - Sold 10/10/01

    1992 PHANTOM X-1 - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale/Trade

    • Rotax 503 Dual Carb, Dual CDI Ignition
    • Flaps
    • Trim Control
    • Full Instrumentation
    • Heavy Duty Gear and Flying Wires
    • New BRS-5
    • Custom Sails
    • Hard Seat(not sling)
    • Flies Excellent!

    $7500 or $6500 w/o BRS Chute
    Or Trade for Taildragger(max, fisher, newport etc.)

    Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 06/11/01 - Unlisted 10/10/01

    "Please remove wanted to buy chute and manifold I have bought new. Thank you."



    • Need Ballistic Chute for Quicksilver.
    • Also need an Intake Manifold for a Rotax 503 w/Single Bing Carb

    Email Inquiry/Offer to Ellis at

    Listed 07/11/01 - Sold 10/06/01

    I sold my Titan. Thanks for putting it on the website."


    TITAN TORNADO - Two Place Ultralight Trainer - For Sale

    • Factory Stretched Fuselage
    • Brand New Plane in the Fast Build Stage
    • Completed 26' Wing
    • Tail Section is complete and Installed
    • All Controls are installed and working
    • Have both 912 and 2 stroke Engine Mounts whichever is desired
    • Large Fuselage and Long Wing make for a Good UL Trainer Aircraft
    • Approach Speeds with this Wing are alot slower

    Now at Half Price as of 07/11/01!

    Please Call Guy Truex at (440)466-0659
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 09/23/01 - Unlisted 09/26/01

    "I have had a response from a reader directing me to "J-Bird" as a source for this item. Have placed an order for UPS shipment."


    WANTED - Electric Starter

    • Need Immediately!
    • Electric Starter in Good Condition for Kawasaki 440 Engine

    Call Ray at (281)495-4258
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to Ray at

    Listed 02/01/99 - Sold 09/26/01

    "Thanks for allowing me to advertise on your site. Can you please remove my Ad"


    RANS S-9 - Single Place UL Type Experimental Aircraft - For Sale

    • Rans S-9 Chaos blue with red stripe
    • Single place tail wheel aerobatic aircraft
    • 200 TT 15 SMOH good condition
    • Rotax 447 with electric starter
    • Full instruments, hangared
    • Need cash for new project

    Will Sell for $7,500

    Call (317)972-6877 in Indiana
    Email for pictures and info to
    Check out Rans Website for S-9 specs

    Listed 08/27/01 - Sold 09/23/01

    "Phil, it already sold!"


    1991 BUCKEYE EAGLE - Single Seat - For Sale

    • Rotax 503 Engine
    • Ultraprop 3-Blade Composite Prop
    • 500 sq.ft. 1996 Quantum Red, Black, White Chute w/Oversized Bag
    • Excellent Craft for someone wanting to get into PPC Flying
    • No-Frills Craft at a Great Price!
    • Located in Lincoln, NE


    Email Inquiry/Offer to Paul at
    See Pictures and More Details at

    Listed 04/22/01 - Unlisted 09/19/01

    "Please stop the ad I placed for "Kolb Firestar"

    David Storm

    KOLB Firestar - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • Rotax 377 Engine
    • New Ballistic BRS Recovery Chute w/warranty
    • Gauges
    • Tundra Tires
    • Folding Wings and Tail (15 min one person)
    • Includes Fully Enclosed Custom Trailer w/New Tires and Spare


    Call David Storm at (979)567-3956
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 07/03/01 - Sold 08/25/01

    "My Spitfire has been sold. Thanks for allowing me to place my ad on your site."


    SPITFIRE - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • Airframe Completely Rebuilt from Ground Up!
    • Just needs engine mounted and final details to be ready to fly
    • New Fabric
    • New Pod
    • New Control Cables
    • New Brakes
    • Includes Instruments
    • Kawasaki 440A Engine ... not rebuilt and has yet to be mounted.
    • Pictures Available


    Call Brad at (580)762-7478
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 08/11/01 - Sold 08/25/01

    My plane sold in about 2 weeks, from your ad. Please remove it - and thanks!"


    AVENGER/HURRICANE - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • Rotax 503 DCDI Engine w/ less than 150hrs TT
    • 10 Gallon Tank
    • ALT, ASI, VSI, Dual EGT/CHT, Tach, Compass, G-Meter
    • 60-75 Cruise Speed
    • BRS Chute
    • ATV Tires for off-field landings
    • Stressed to +/- 9G's
    • Very Responsive and Easy to Fly and Land!
    • Meticulously built and maintained and Always hangared. A real Gem!


    Call Bruce at (909)600-7698 or (909)833-7698 cell
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 07/03/01 - Unlisted 08/19/01

    "I have found the Rotax engine-mounted radiator in my want ad. Please cancel the ad listing. Thanks for the help."

    Ray Chidester

    WANTED - ROTAX Radiator

    • Engine Mounted Radiator for Rotax 582 Engine

    Call Ray for Price and Condition at (281)495-4258
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 04/25/01 - Sold 08/04/01

    1998 TEAM Airbike - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • 300 hours TT on Airframe and 31 hrs TT on New Rotax 447 Engine
    • Instrumentation Includes: Airspeed Indicator (ASI), Altimeter (ALT), Tiny Tach, and Turn & Bank (Slip) Indicator
    • Extras Include: Brakes, Wing Fuel Tank, Wheel Pants, Fiberglass Spinner, Fiberglass Cowl and Wingtips
    • Excellent Condition and is Flown Regularly
    • Priced to Sell!

    $7500 or Will Take Best Offer

    Call Charles Radford at (913)727-6726
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to
    See Picture at

    Listed 07/11/01 - Sold 07/27/01

    "Well, you did it! You sold the full lotus Floats in less that 2 weeks! Many, Many Thanks!!"

    Doug Hall


    • Full Lotus Floats with Retract System
    • All set up for MaxAir Drifter w/ 4 gear legs in place
    • Red Color and in Good Condition!


    Call Doug Hall at (804)693-3600 work or (804)693-7427 home
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 05/27/98 - Sold 07/27/01

    "Just wanted to let you know that Sadler Vampire #008 is no longer for sale. I bought her from Geoff Barnett a couple of weeks ago. Just don't want anyone getting their hopes up or wasting their time about a plane that is no longer available. Thanks."

    Tom Baker

    File Picture

    SADLER VAMPIRE #008 - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight Aircraft - For Sale

    • This plane was kept by Mr.Sadler himself until about 2 years ago
    • Powered by Rotax 447 engine
    • Including Factory Trailer


    Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 03/27/01 - Sold 07/06/01

    "Hello, Thanks for the use of your bulletin board. My trike sold. I don't know where the buyer saw the ad, but thanks."


    LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN SKYCYCLE - Light Trike - For Sale

    • Less than 100lbs
    • Zenoah 22hp Engine
    • Includes: CHT, EGT, Tach, Hourmeter
    • Folds for Storage
    • Suitable to Power Hang Gliders
    • • Also Available for separate price:
    • Wills Wing Falcon 225 with outstanding docile performance with Trike

    $3500 for SkyCycle

    Call Duane at (559)855-4826
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to Duane at

    Listed 06/06/01 - Sold 07/04/01

    RANS S-12XL - Two Place UL Type Aircraft/Trainer - For Sale

    • 2SI 690-L70 Engine (have mounts for Rotax 582)
    • Partial Enclosure
    • Tinted Lexan
    • Adjustable Flaps
    • Main Gear Brakes
    • Full Instrumentation
    • Dual 9 Gallon Wing Tanks (18 Gallons total)
    • Bush Tires
    • 24amp Gel Battery
    • Baham Color Scheme (Green and Yellow)
    • Pictures Available on Request
    • Kit is about 90% Complete

    $13,000 Or Best Offer - $10,500 without engine

    Call (801)442-6763 in UT
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 06/06/00 - Unlisted 07/03/01

    "Please remove me from your want ad. After almost a month of thinking about it, I broke down and purchased a Forest River 24' Toy Hauler. Much more then I plan on spending but the wife said it's worth it. Camping and flying what an ideal. Thank you for your free service!"

    Byron T.


    • Looking for Fully, Enclosed Trailer for my CGS Hawk still under Construction
    • Minimum Measurements are 8'x24'x8'

    Call (520)744-4010 in AZ
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 05/16/01 - Unlisted 07/03/01

    "I have a want ad for 503 or 582 Rotax engine in your "Wanted" section and have now purchased the engine I was seeking. Please delete my ad from your webpage. Many thanks for your services!"

    Ray Chidester

    WANTED - ROTAX 503 OR 582

    • Low to Midtime with "C" gaerbox
    • DCDI and Electric Start

    Call Ray at (281)495-4258
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 01/23/01 - Sold 06/21/01

    "This airplane was sold, Thanks!"


    AVENGER - Single Seat Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • New Rotax 477 with 10hrs Total Time
    • New Wood Prop
    • Flaperons
    • New 10 Gal Tank
    • Instruments include: Altimeter, VSI(Vertical Speed Indicator), EGT, CHT and Hobbs Hour Meter
    • New Covers


    Please Call Tom at (714)827-6272 and leave message
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to
    Also See Photos at

    Listed 12/26-31/00 - Sold 06/19/01

    "Sir, I have sold the 532 rotax engine listed on your site. Also sold the n-3 pup project.thanks for all your help.. I am with the southwest louisiana ultralight club. We are also listed on the net.. Look us up...The 532 went to a young man near branson mo. for a powered paraplane project.. The little pup went to a local..If we can be of help to you let us know.. Again, thank you very much!"

    J W Marso

    N-3 PUP TAILDRAGGER PROJECT - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • Minor Damage to Nose Area
    • New Plane and Engine with less than 2 Hrs on Engine
    • All Aluminum Wings
    • Have All Materials and Paint to Finish!
    • Lots of Extras!

    $5000 Firm

    Call J.W. at (337)474-6615 in Louisiana afer 5pm CST
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    ROTAX 532 - For Sale

    • Dependable 532 with "b" Box
    • Includes Carbs, Trombone Muffler and Geo Metro Radiator
    • All Mounted for Pusher Configuration
    • Has New Crank and Top End in Good Shape


    Call J.W. at (337)474-6615 in Louisiana afer 5pm CST
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 12/31/00 - Traded 06/09/01

    I have traded my bike for a Mitchell Wing B10. So please remove my ad under the "trade" portion of your ads."
    "Thank you!"

    Tom Tompkins

    I NEED TO FLY!! - 1983 Yamaha Venture Royale 1200cc - For Trade

    • 1983 Yamaha Venture Royale 1200cc Full Dress Motorcycle in Very Good Condition
    • For Sale or Trade for a Quicksilver or similar Ultralight for a beginning Pilot

    $3500 for motorcycle Or Best Offer - I have Pictures to E-mail if Interested

    Call Tom Tompkins at (804)832-0140
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 02/01/01 - Unlisted 06/07/01

    "Please Remove this Ad. I decided to keep the trike."

    Bob Reedy

    SABRE TRIKE - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • SS16 Wing
    • Instrument Pod with Dual EGT, Dual CHT, Airspeed, Tach and Hour Meter
    • Rotax 447 Engine TT 340 every 50 hrs, Rings replaced at last de-carbonization.
    • 10 gallon Fuel Tank
    • Upgraded Front Suspension
    • Rear Landing Gear is Custom Chormemolly Fabricated
    • Toss Safety Parachute
    • Includes Custom Built Hangar Cart

    $6300 - Serious Inquiries Only

    Email Inquiry/Offer to
    See Photos at

    Listed 05/15/01 - Sold 05/28/01

    POLARIS FLYING BOAT - Two Place Trike Trainer - For Sale (05-15-01)

    • F.I.B. - Flying Inflatable Boat
    • Only 10 hours Flying Time!
    • Flys Excellent!
    • Rotax 582 Engine Blue Head with 3-1 Gear Box
    • Electric Start
    • Lots of Instrumentation
    • Galvanized Trailer
    • 1050 BRS Recovery Chute
    • 3 Blade IVO Prop
    • Therma-Coated Exhaust
    • 30 Min. Setup and Take Down
    • Garages Easily and is in IMMACULATE CONDITION!
    • Paid $23,500 plus BRS and other Extras! $27,000 Invested
    • Selling for Personal Financial Reasons Only

    Sacrafice at $18,000

    Call Mike Owens at (800)841-7359 / (214)882-1173 Cell 24 hrs/day
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to
    See More at Manufactures Website

    Listed 05/21/01 - Sold 05/25/01

    "Plane is sold. Good Job! Thanks!"

    QUICKSILVER GT-500 - Two Place Tandem Seat Ultralight Trainer - For Sale

    • Rotax 582 Engine
    • 170 hrs
    • Warp Drive Prop
    • Garmin GP 55 - GPS Unit
    • Icom A21 Handheld Radio
    • Intercom and 2 Headsets
    • Plane is Located in Las Vegas, NV Area


    Call Thomas Miller at (775)751-2482 in NV
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 04/10/01 - Sold 05/08/01

    N3 PUP Perceptor - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • Mosler Engine w/55hrs TTAE (Total Time after Engine Overhaul)
    • Color is "Cub Yellow"
    • Instrumentation Including Oil Pressure & Temp, CHT, Airspeed, Altimeter, Tach
    • Starts on First Flip
    • More Pictures are available upon request via E-mail

    Will Take Best Offer

    Call Robert at (864)379-2082 in S.C.
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 02/25/01 - Sold 05/01/01

    "Please delete the ad for the rally 3B has been sold. Thanks!"

    James Long

    RALLY 3B Heavy Hauler - 2 Place Ultralight Trainer - For Sale

    • Two Seat Side by Side
    • Cuyuna 43 hp Engine
    • Sails in Fair Condition

    Will Take Best Offer

    Email Inquiry/Offer to James Long at

    Listed 04/03/01 - Sold 04/12/01

    2001 CGS Hawk Arrow II - Two Place Ultralight Trainer - For Sale

    • Rotax 503 w/ Dual Carb Ducati Ignition(DCDI) w/ 5hrs TT on Engine and Airframe
    • Electric Start
    • Instrumentation Including Dual EGT/CHT, Airspeed, Altimeter, Rate of Climb, Tach,
    Compass and Turn & Bank(Slip) Indicator
    • Hydraulic Brakes
    • 68" IVO Ground Adjustable Prop
    • Climbs at 700-800 feet/minute with 190lb Pilot and Passenger
    • Cruises at 60-65mph @ 5200rpm
    • Colors are Green and Yellow
    • Pictures are available upon request via E-mail


    Call Jim Kaylor's Cell Phone at (602)527-2624 Peoria, AZ (Phoenix Area)
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 02/27/01 - Sold 04/05/01

    "I received a deposit on the plane within 48 hrs of listing it on your sight. The purchaser picked it up about five weeks later and paid the balance. The price was $9,000. Thanks!"


    1997 QUICKSILVER SPORT II - Two Place Ultralight Trainer - For Sale

    • Newly Rebuilt by LEAF, Rotax 582 Liquid Cooled Engine
    • Engine Includes Electric Start, Oil Injection, Dual Carbs, after Muffler and Intake Silencer
    • EIS with Altimeter and Vertical Speed
    • BRS Recovery Chute (needs repacking)
    • Warp Drive Prop
    • Always Hangared!
    • Last Flown in '99 and located in Colorado.


    Please Call Harry at (719)590-9009
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 03/14/01 - Sold 03/24/01

    "My Kolb Firestar has sold. You can delete it from the classifieds.
    It is the one that was located in Prescott, AZ by Josh Coggins.
    Thanks for the classifieds!"
    Josh Coggins

    1996 KOLB FIRESTAR I - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • Rotax 447 SCDI Engine w/ 30hrs TTAE
    • Covered with Orange/Yellow Stits
    • Matco Hydraulic Disc Brakes
    • Tundra Tires
    • Instruments Include: ASI, Tach, EGT, CHT, Slip/Skid Indicator
    • Remote Choke
    • Always Hangared and Well Maintained!
    • Photos Available
    • Plane is based in Prescott, AZ

    $8000 Or Best Offer

    Email Inquiry/Offer to Josh Coggins at

    Listed 03/02/00 - Sold 02/18/01

    "I have sold my Air Creation 2 seat trike and would like to have the ad
    removed from the Arizona Ultralights classifieds. Thanks so much!"

    AIR CREATION 2-SEAT TRIKE - Two Place Trainer for Instructional Use - For Sale

    • Rotax 582S(w/silence kit, C gearbox, 4 blade prop)
    • Mild 16 wing
    • Full body 'speed fairing'
    • Instruments: a/s, alt, compass, tach
    • Built-in Intercom w/Two Helmets
    • Great condition-flies beautifully!


    Call Alex at (423)318-0688 or (303)674-6707
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 02/06/00 - Sold 02/17/01

    QUICKSILVER MX - 2 Axis Control - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • One year old sails (fabric)
    • 60 hrs on Rebuilt Rotax 377 Engine
    • Includes Pod, Hall Airspeed, CHT, EGT, TACH, Strobe, flex drive, Altimeter
    • Fixed Nose Wheel
    • Two Axis Contorls with Spoilers
    • Nice plane that runs and flies great!
    • Plane Located in Western PA
    • Photo's on Request

    $3000 Or Best Offer

    Please Call Phil at (724)775-4707 in Western PA
    Email Inquiry/Offer to or

    Listed 02/03/00 - Sold 02/17/01

    MAXAIR HUMMER - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • Low time in Rebuilt Cuyuna 215
    • Includes Hall Airspeed Indicator, CHT, EGT, TACH and Altimeter
    • Brand New Sails(Fabric) still in Box.
    • Good Cruise and Great Fuel Economy
    • Two Axis Aircraft with "V" tail
    • Great Flyer!
    • Photo's on Request

    $2300 Or Best Offer

    Please Call Phil at (724)775-4707 in Western PA
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 11/25/00 - Sold 01/31/01

    1984 T-BIRD I - STOL - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • New Paint with Completely Covered Aerodynamic Cowl
    • Includes Vortex Generators
    • Rotax 503 engine
    • 3 Blade IVO Prop
    • Includes Instruments: ALT, ASI, CHT, EGT, Tach, Slip Indicator
    • Email for recent Pictures of Ceconite Covered Cowl!
    • See History at

    $4000 - Located in Lawrenceburg, TN

    Email Inquiry/Offer to Jay Dewberry at

    Listed 11/01/98 - Sold 12/20/00

    "I lost my list of classified sites that I used to sell my Kolb MKII, 503, BRS & just found out it is still on your list. Could you please remove it or send me info on how to remove it. Thank you for the wonderful service you are providing the UL community!"

    Richard Swiderski
    Ocala, FL

    KOLB MkII - Two Place Ultralight Trainer for Instructional Use - For Sale

    • Built by a Certified A&P Mechanic
    • Fully Enclosed 2-place Cockpit with White & Blue Trim
    • Full complement of Instruments includes:
    - Airspeed Indicator, CHT, EGT, Tach, Compass and Hobbs Hour Meter
    • Rotax 503 - rebuilt to include CDI Ignition - TT 15 hrs
    • Culver Prop
    • Mechcanical Brakes
    • Shoulder Harness
    • 10 Gallons with 5 gal reserve

    • It's a Great Flying Airplane waiting for a new owner to fall in love with her!

    Priced to Sell - $7,000 firm

    Call Richard Swiderski at (352)622-4064
    Or Write to: Richard Swiderski - 2204 SE Lake Weir Rd. - Ocala, FL 34471

    Or Email Inquiry/Offer

    Decided not to Sell as of 12-13-00

    "Hello I would like to unlist my ad for the Fisher FP 202 Koala. My friend decided not to sell it at this time. But just to let you know I got MANY HITS on it. One guy was very serious.

    Robert Hall

    FISHER FP-202 - Single Seat Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • Built approximately 85 low time
    • Fresh Rotax 277 w/Electronic Ignition
    • Ivo Prop with spare Wood Prop
    • Ballistic Chute
    • Hangared

    $4500 Or Best Offer

    Call Bob at (209)862-4708 in Central California
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer

    Listed --/--/-- - Sold --/--/00


    • PD Windjammer 500 flourescent rainbow chute
    • Rotax 503 SCDI Engine w/20 hrs flight time
    • Includes instrument pod, altimeter, dual EGT, dual CHT, tach, strobe, oversize Chute Bag
    • Ground Adjustable IVO 3 Blade Prop
    • 12 Volt Battery Rectifier
    • Electric Remote Controlled Camera/Video Mount

    Will Take Best Offer

    Email Inquiry/Offer to Brian Schmid at

    Listed 6/11/98 - Sold 12/22/99

    RANS S-14 1993 - Single Place Light Aircraft - For Sale

    • Fully Enclosed Tinted Single seat Cockpit
    • Instrumentation Includes: Airspeed Indicator, Altimeter, Water Temp, EGT, Tach, and Hobbs Hour Meter
    • Rotax 582 water cooled engine - TT 20 hrs
    • Plenty of Gas Capacity
    • Warp Drive 3 blade Prop
    • Mechanical Toe Brakes
    • High Wing with Manual Flaps - Short Wing Version
    • Shoulder Harness and Belt
    • Built in Heater for Winter Flying
    • Colors are BLue and Black
    • Strobe Beacon on Tail
    • Very Fast Cruise - 90mph

    • Always Hangared!


    Call Reldon at (515)457-7300 in Iowa
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to:

    Listed 6/20/98 - Sold 11/08/99

    "Phil. Thanks for putting the add for the Kolb Firestar on your site. I have sold the Kolb, but the trailer is still for sale."

    KOLB FIRESTAR I - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight Aircraft - For Sale

    • Rotax 503 dual carbs with CDI ignition
    • Wood Prop
    • BRS Ballistic Chute
    • Full Enclosure
    • Toe Brakes
    • Heavy Duty Landing Gear
    • New Tires
    • 5 gal Tank - plus 5 gal Reserve Tank with In-Flight Fuel Transfer capability
    • Instrumentation includes: Tach, Altimeter, Airspeed Indicator, Compass and CHT
    • Enclosed Trailer with Hydraulics for easy loading/unloading


    Call Mike at (209)332-2064
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer

    Listed 9/23/99 - Sold 10/01/99

    "I sold my MX today. Thank you!!"

    QUICKSILVER MX - Single Seat Part 103 Ultralight - For Sale

    • This UL Aircraft is hangared at McGill Air Field, Phoenix, AZ
    • 430 Cuyuna Engine with only 100 hrs on it since Last Overhaul
    • Includes Flex Drive with 2:1 Cogbelt Reduction
    • 2 Blade Ground Adjustable IVO prop with extra prop blade.
    • Instruments include Hall Airspeed Indicator, CHT(cylinder heat temp gauge) and Tach
    • 6 Gallon Fuel Tank


    Call Tim Allen at (623)561-5281 evenings
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to Tim

    Listed 9/16/99 - Sold 9/20/99

    "Thanks to you, it sold! Mark.."

    Damaged 1981 EIPER QUICKSILVER - For Sale - Cheap

    • Damaged in wind storm in 1988 and still in storage
    • Parts Damaged: 3 of the 4 main wing spars (one leading edge OK), king post, maybe one or two wing struts, slight damage to sails where posts kinked (sails were only a few weeks old when damage occurred).
    • Yamaha 100 cc engine needs rings
    • Also have old sails for covers and 2 sets of prop covers
    • No instruments or ballistic chute

    Best offer takes it!

    Call Mark Miracle at (623)842-1102 home or (602)436-5654 work
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to Mark

    Listed 4/5/99 - Sold 8/21/99

    RANS S-12 - Two Place Ultralight Trainer for Instructional Use - For Sale

    • Fully Enclosed 2-place side by side Cockpit
    • Full complement of Instruments includes: Airspeed Indicator, Altimeter, Water Temp, EGT, Tach, Garmin GPS, Gas Gauges and Hobbs Hour Meter
    • Rotax 582 water cooled engine - Low Time
    • Oil Injection - which means you can pour straight gas in tanks - NO PREMIX
    • Warp Drive 3 blade Prop
    • Mechanical Toe Brakes
    • High Wing with Manual Flaps
    • Shoulder Harness and Belt
    • Built in Heater for Winter Flying
    • Plenty of Gas Capacity

    • It's a Great Flying Airplane with the smoothest controls that I have ever felt!

    Call Dale or Tom at (402)879-4707
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer

    Listed 5/23/99 - Sold 7/15/99

    TEAM MINI-MAX - Single Place Part 103 Ultralight Aircraft - For Sale

    • 40 HP Zenoah Engine - 40 hours Total Time (T.T.A.F.E.)
    • Includes Electric Start, Electric Fuel Gauge, Electric Elevator Trim, Altimeter, Airspeed Indicator, Hobbs Hour Meter, Dual CHT Gauge and Second Chantz Ballistic Recovery Chute.
    • Colors are Red & White
    • All this... Plus.. water proof Custom Built Aluminum Trailer

    $6,950 firm

    Call Jack (864)379-2084 or Bob (864)379-2082
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer

    Listed --/--/-- - Sold 06/--/99

    QUAD CITY CHALLENGER II - Two Place Ultralight Trainer - For Sale

    • Rotax 503 DCDI with 15TTSN
    • Instrumentation includes: ASI, ALT, CHT. EGT
    • Wheel Pants
    • Red Wings with White Fuselage and Red Stripes
    • Dual Controls
    • Aircraft is in Perfect Condition with almost all options included

    $14,000 or Trade

    Please Call (317)972-6877 or (931)362-2418
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer to

    Listed 2/15/99 - Sold 4/29/99

    RANS S-6 - Two Place Ultralight Trainer for Instructional Use - For Sale

    • Only 12 hrs on the plane and Engine
    • Fully Enclosed 2-place side by side Cockpit
    • Full complement of Instruments includes: Airspeed Indicator, CHT, EGT, Tach, and Hobbs Hour Meter
    • Rotax 503 Dual Carb
    • Tractor Wood Prop
    • Tricycle Landing Gear with Mechcanical Brakes
    • High Wing - "Big Wings" Version

    Priced to Sell - $15,500

    Call Dave Allsup at (515)343-7928 evenings after 7pm CST

    Listed 3/8/99 - Sold 4/21/99

    FLIGHTSTAR II SL - Two Place Ultralight Trainer for Instructional Use - For Sale

    • Fully Enclosed 2-place side by side Cockpit
    • Instruments includes: EIS Digital Panel
    • Rotax 582 water cooled engine w/E-Gear Box - TT 50 hrs
    • IVO 3-blade Prop
    • Mechanical Brakes
    • High Wing with in-flight Elevator Trim and Flaps

    Price Reduced - First $15,500 takes it

    Call Richard Webb (302)422-3741 in Milford, Delaware
    Or Email Inquiry/Offer

    Listed 1/9/99 - Bought 3/17/99

    Wanted - Wood 2 blade Propeller

    • 52x32 Wood Prop for Rotax 377 with Belt Rotation
    • Will pay Cash around $200

    Email Inquiry/Offer to Kelly

    Listed 7/31/98 - Sold 11/15/98

    "Please allow me to thank you for placing my add on your Website.
    Today my 1996 Hurricane Hauler was sold! It had several inquiries
    during the time that you allowed it to be listed.
    Again, Thank you very much. It was painless and the hoped for results occurred!"

    Dave Ridgway
    Blythe, CA

    Listed 8/6/98 - Sold 10/8/98

    1998 Flightstar Spider 503, SC, DI, B BOX, 3 Blade quick adjust IVO, 750
    BSR Chute, Electric Start, Instruments, Trim Tab, Drum Brakes, Strobe,
    10 Gal Tank, Wing Fold System, Red and Blue Stitts Covering, Clear
    Coated, Professionally Built, First Flown 5/98, 17 HRS TTSN, Always
    Hangered. This Plane Is A REAL beauty..
    $17,500 Or Best Offer (209)522-4623 California. E-MAIL